A Call To Arms review by Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution

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  • Released: Mar 23, 2002
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (3 votes)

Sound — 9
Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution is a musical collective of 15 members from Streetlight Manifesto, Catch 22, one cool guy, and other various musicians. They play strictly acoustic instruments including a string section and brass section. The EP consists of 5 songs including a cover of Catch 22's dear sergio and an early version of here's to life that would soon be redone by Tomas Kalnoky's (the mastermind of Gimp, Catch 22, Botar, and Streetlight) next and best known band Streetlight Manifesto. This is a Call To Arms: an overature, prelude if you will, to the rest of the CD. Consisting of reworked parts of here's to life it ties directly into it. Here's To Life: a briliantly written song, with insightful and intellectual lyrics. This version has a slightly better chorus than the streetlight version, however the bridge of the sm version is a lot more enjoyable than the botar one. Dear Sergio: a Catch 22 cover that has been reworked to work with a string section, and has an added second verse. It's A Wonderful Life: my personal favorite song off the ep. A joyus upbeat song that is sure to brighten your day any time you hear it. They will provide the paint for the picture perfect masterpiece that you will paint on the insides of Your Eyelids: this song is as epic and nariating as it's beheme title. Heavily influenced by the eastern european/gypsy music that Kalnoky grew up on in prague.

Lyrics — 10
Tomas Kalnoky is by far my favorite song writer ever. All of his works are insightful and perplexing. And it is obvious that he is well read by the lyrics of Here's to life referencing Camus, Salinger, and Van Gough. Most of the lyrics pertain to war, and living life to the fullest. As well as outstanding writing skills Kalnoky's signature extremely fast singing style also makes an apearence on this cd.

Overall Impression — 10
Unfortuantly, Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution has been put on hiatus as of 2003 due to the extensive touring that streetlight manifesto has been doing. However, plans are in place to release a full length CD by the end of the decade rumored to be titled 99 songs of revolution, that will consist of covers of various world/folk songs. The best songs are most definatly It's a wonderful life and They will provide the paint which both are played live by streetlight manifesto. This EP is most definatly worth buying or downloading!

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