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  • Released: Aug 23, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (17 votes)
Bayside: Bayside

Sound — 9
On Bayside's fourth album, Bayside, their sound becomes more defined, to the point someone could say "hey, that's Bayside". The vocals of Anthony Raneri are long and broady, and are given a little chime when lead guitarist Jack O'Shea comes in. These guys have some cool melodies, like on "Devotion And Desire". That song as well as "Half A Life" have cool solos, thanks to Jack O'Shea. Deceased drummer John "Beatz" Holohan's beats are really cool. They set the mood sometimes, instead of the guitar or the vocals. They sort of sound like My Chemical Romance meets, no one. They sound like Bayside, and nothing else.

Lyrics — 8
Anthont Reneri's lyrics are despairful and hate filled, but have some lyrically bright spots. They fit real good with the rest of the song; if the words are hate sopping, the guitars are in a slow chugging minor chord progression; and the same theory if words are happy, mad, or what ever.

Overall Impression — 9
Bayside sounds like Bayside. The sound is so unique that even the it's somesort of alternative rock, thing, the vocals will make you think opera sometimes, and the drums make you think Fall Out Boy. The best song are definetely "Devotion And Desire", "Tortures Of The Damned", "Don't Call Me Peanut" and "Half A Life". If you want to hear a song to get a sample of their sound, try those on for size. I love all the guitar melodies and solos, as well as John's awesome beat and Anthony's vocal work. I love this CD. If you want a unique break from screaming, shredding, and crap like Fall Out Boy, try Bayside. It kicks.

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    This was actually their second album. I can't wait for "The Walking Wounded" to come out!! R.I.P. Beatz
    They sound nothing like my chemical romance, which is a GREAT thing because mcr sucks. Bayside is amazing. I can't wait for The Walking Wounded.
    They've had the Split EP, Long Stories Short EP, Sirens and Condolences and then Bayside. Technically their second album but fourth release.
    Great CD, great band.
    Derykk88 wrote: bayside blows thank god beats dead
    burn in hell.
    paperthin462 wrote: UG Or sumone should review sirens and condolences 'cause that's an excellent cd!
    my thoughts exactly.
    actually fourth 2 on Death WishRecords(names escape me) Sirens and Condolences Selftitled
    finally a review for a bayside cd they're such an underground band but they kickass i wish i would have saw them with unwritten law last year that would have been a kickass concert!
    even if you don't like bayside, you don't have to be thankful a dear friend of a lot of people die tragically, you sadist
    Derykk88 wrote: bayside blows thank god beats dead
    bayside are such an amazing band, and they sound exactly the same live as on the cd becuase they are truly talented. i really like montauk. and i have tabbed out there smoking popes cover Megan. R.I.P beats. and theres no real point saying such harsh things about a band if ur gunna take it out on someone who died.
    Derykk88 and Hardcoretevo are both idiots, but I do think Bayside is an extremely boring band to try to listen to. I couldn't make it past the first track... Guitar, Bass, Drums, singing about flawed relationships... gahh, haven't we heard this 10,000 times before?
    Beatz died last october in a car accident. I met some of his family at a Bayside concert. R.I.P Beatz. Oh and Jack O'Shea is a ****ing awesome guitarist.
    Technically 3rd album, they had a Demo cd with Synonym for Asqueince (hard to spell title, cool guitar part) then after Beatz died they broke out the acoustic album, which is good too.