Different Gear, Still Speeding review by Beady Eye

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  • Released: Feb 28, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (24 votes)
Beady Eye: Different Gear, Still Speeding

Sound — 9
I was upset to hear that Oasis had split up and hearing Oasis haters commenting on it with joy didn't help. With this said I was happy to hear that most of the oasis boys were getting back in the studio to make some more music under the name Beady Eye. Hate him or love him Liam Gallagher does make me laugh with his antics. Yet is he competent enough to make an album without Noel. Well the answer is yes, he and Andy, Gem and Chris work well together. The good news is that they didn't create an oasis clone, of course you can pick out the similarities but overall they got their own thing going. ITunes says that there alternative but there not, they're Brit pop mixed with various rock influences for example John Lennon, Jerry Lee Lewis etc. You can tell by the sound of the album that there not just trying to sell out and write top 40 fake pop rock radio songs, these songs are written from the heart and that's what I like to see. I'm going to run through each track and tell a little about em without trying to write too much or bore you. Also I will go over the bonus ITunes/special edition etc, tracks not on the basic cd. 01. Four Letter Word: interesting intro with a middle eastern influence, up tempo, has a pretty good solo in it very rockin, finishes strong, cool wah-soaked outro. 02. Millionaire: bluesy intro, Liam sings very melodically comes out really nice, great sounding acoustics, catchy simple chorus, feel good vibe, 03. The Roller: this one sounds like Lennon's Instant Karma, which is a good thing, catchy chorus, dominant piano chords in verses, simple solo, great drum work 04. Beatles And Stones: starts fast up, tempo, cool riffs, fitting chorus, Liam shines on this one 05. Wind Up Dream: clean guitar intro, has a nice bass groove, cool harmonica licks, 06. Bring The Light: up tempo, piano driven, seems like a Jerry Lee Lewis inspired song with some female backing singers that fit nicely in this song, great guitar licks, 07. For Anyone: Ballady, Liam sings in a higher voice sounds great, good lyrical work, nice work with clean guitars, has a good instrumental bridge, 08. Kill For A Dream: another slower song, nice bass work, honestly sung chorus, guitar comes in strong at the right times, some nice harmonies 09. Standing On The Edge Of The Noise: up-tempo, vocals are distorted slightly, rockin chorus, nice guitar n piano work, 10. Wigwam: mid tempo, nice drum work, I can hear some Beatles influence from the yellow submarine soundtrack sounds, some good harmony vocals at the end 11. Three Ring Circus: up temp, nice bass work, cool guitar riff, strong vocals, nice steady pounding drums, great guitar solo, 12. The Beat Goes On: mid temp, has some beatles influence, nice lyrics, Liam sings really nice on this song, strong chorus 13. The Morning Son: slow tempo, vocals have an echo, has a pleasant drone, suddenly picks up a lil, has a very nice warm toned bridge, finishes strong The next five are on special editions etc, you can find them on youtube. Goin Off Big Time: up tempo, rockin vocals, nice guitar work, simple solo fits well, has some nice bass work Sons of the Stage: strong cover song, nice guitar and bass in the intro, drums are the driving force, Liam sings well, World Outside My Room: has a country/blues feel, the vocals are delivered soft and smooth, has voices and speech in the background at parts like some Beatles songs, Man Of Misery: strong intro, distorted bass, up-tempo, nice solo, some cool drum fills, picks at the end Two Of A Kind: drums are the driving force here, vocals are delivered smooth in a 50s style rock song, some good piano work on this one.

Lyrics — 8
I was skeptical about lyrics without Noel's touch but Liam and the band members come up with some original lyrics, original meaning non oasis like if you get what I mean. Here are a few examples of some lyrics. I see no point in what you're thinking, I'm going out I'm talking you drinking simple and to the point. Another example So you been crawling through a maze, an alcohol lemon haze again easy rhyming but not just simple thought out words matching for just a rhyme. These are just two small examples that I found randomly but there's tons of good stuff lyrically on here that I think is respectable. Liam to me has been known to either have a strong voice or a weak voice. Iv seen many videos of him and he has his ups and downs live, usually I'm very satisfied with his singing in the studio. This time around I was blown away, Liam's voice seems stronger than ever, you can tell he was really putting his all into this record and into each song. His sneer like singing if present and fits in well along with him singing higher up on a track, which took getting used to but after a few listens really hit home with me. Now I wont go and say Liam is the greatest singer and what not but it works here as it does with oasis and sounds great. I do like that he tries different singing styles in some songs that were a welcome change.

Overall Impression — 9
I say I really enjoy this album. It gets better with each listening. I like how they try to keep it as original as possible in terms of not trying to be an oasis clone. The members of Beady Eye have proved to be competent songwriters who have given us a good rock album. Each song is different from the last with twists and different styles that all come together nicely. They grab influences from all the greats and it shows in their songs, which is great I love to hear that. The songs are not overly complicated or too simple and that's what makes them generally likable. I think many oasis fans will welcome Beady Eye and will love Different Gear, Still Speeding. It compares pretty well with oasis. I'd say the top three songs of the album are The Roller, Millionaire, and Bring The Light. If it were stolen or lost I would definitely get it again.

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