Sea Change Review

artist: Beck date: 06/14/2012 category: compact discs
Beck: Sea Change
Released: Sep 24, 2002
Genre: Alternative Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Country Rock, Folk Rock, Indie Folk
Label: Geffen
Number Of Tracks: 12
As "Sea Change" is playing, it feels as if Beck singing to you alone, revealing painful, intimate secrets that mirror your own. It's a genuine masterpiece in an era with too damn few of them.
 Sound: 9.7
 Lyrics: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 9.3
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overall: 8.7
Sea Change Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 09, 2005
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Sound: Beck has always been know for his ever changing style, and his shape-shifting ways still apply to his 2002 release, Sea Change. The album is exactly what the name suggests, a complete 180 turn from his past projects. Right away, the mood of the album is gloomy and depressing, with songs of heartbreak and hopelessness. The mood of the album is further complimented by brilliant string arrangements that pack a lot of emotion. // 10

Lyrics: All of the lyrics on the album speak of Beck's broken heart and how hopeless life is. The lyrics show a maturity and growth than those of this past albums. The album was inspired by a pain breakup Beck went through, hence the depressing tone. But at times it's almost too depressing. But Beck still does a hell of a job singing and putting out his feelings. // 8

Overall Impression: Sea Change is a breath of fresh air from earlier Beck albums. It shows the growth that Beck has gone through during his musical career. Songs like The Golden Age and Lost Cause stand out on the CD. This is great for any Beck fan or someone looking for a great breakup album. // 8

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overall: 10
Sea Change Reviewed by: ticktickboom, on may 05, 2008
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Sound: More like Mutations, but still completely different than anything he's ever done, this album is his most straight-forward yet complicated yet. His use of strings to accompany his sometimes simple guitar is beautiful, but it is on songs like Paper Tiger, Round the Bend and Lonesome Tears where the music fully comes together, building up then slowing down again. The music sometimes speaks louder than the words, showing a man trying his best to become stronger and get over his lost love, but ultimately (when the music becomes slow again) failing, and falling back into the harsh reality. But even with all these strings and build ups, it is never too much or too melodramatic. Beck knows exactly when to start and exactly when to stop, and just what amount of strings/harmonica/guitar to use at any given time. He's a musical genius, that's pretty much it. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics of this album, in my opinion, are better than any Beck has written before. Although it has been said his witty lyrics have been thrown away for more conventional ones, it cannot be denied that these are lyrics completely sincere and true. This is a break up album, so what can be expected? The Golden Age, Paper Tiger and Round the Bend are stand-outs for me. The first is a simple, slow, incredible song chronicling the ups and downs of love, and the Paper Tiger is amazing in it's depth, which the music adds so much to, with the slow bass starting it off, and slowly building up and up. The last four lines are enough to leave you numb with amazement. Round the Bend is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, in all honesty. // 10

Overall Impression: That said some may find this album hard to listen to as it is so different than his other earlier work, and some do find it too depressing but, if it is given a chance, it can be said that this is ultimately an uplifting album and not just made to show a man's sadness. If this was true the listener would feel isolated from the lyrics and music and find it contrived (like a lot of music these days), but this not the case. It truly feels like Beck is singing to you alone, and in doing so, sounds like he is telling you how to deal with heartbreak and sadness over lost love and ultimately to overcome it to find new love (maybe in Little One?) Don't listen to people who say it is too depressing, don't let them turn you off it, because this is truly a masterpiece of an album. // 10

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overall: 9.7
Sea Change Reviewed by: DaPhishGuy, on june 14, 2012
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Sound: Beck has never been one to choose one sound and stick with it. Every album is different, but maybe not perhaps as different as "Sea Change", his 2002 album. The sound for this album, melancholy folk with an orchestra, was a bit of a shock after his last album, "Midnite Vultures". But this is, as many critics have called it, Beck's magnum opus. His best album, and one of the best albums of all time. Each song is beautifully crafted and shows off Beck's singer/songwriter side. // 9

Lyrics: Also known as "the quintessential breakup album", "Sea Change"'s lyrics are obviously about a breakup. The album is terribly sad, with many songs about loneliness and solitude. Beck is really singing his heart out here, both in emotion and in the power of his voice. The lyrics are both depressing and hopeful; sad and speaking of a new beginning. They are, to say the least, captivating. // 10

Overall Impression: It is very hard to compare Beck albums, as they are all different, but this one has to be the best. The pure emotion coming through the speakers engages you to the very end. There are really no stand out songs, as they all stand out, but my personal favorites have to be "The Golden Age", a hopeful song to start the album; "Guess I'm Doing Fine", a country-esque song about going into denial after a breakup; and Lonesome Tears, a song driven by a beautiful, yet somber orchestra. Definitely one of my favorite albums of all time, "Sea Change" is and will remain a classic. Get this album if you have any interest in Beck at all. Get this album if you want to hear an album with lyrics untouched by modern mainstream trash. Get this album if you want to truly experience an album, not just listen to it. // 10

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