Before Their Eyes review by Before Their Eyes

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  • Released: May 15, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.4 (14 votes)
Before Their Eyes: Before Their Eyes

Sound — 8
This is their first CD release, self-titled 'Before Their Eyes'. What I noticed front-out was the fact that music doesn't have to be very complex to be very emotional. The guitars follow similar patterns throughout the 10 Tracks of this record. It's nothing to 'Wow! ' at if you're a technical freak, but the guitars speak a language of themselves. Phenomenal job to the boys. They dot heavy breakdowns throughout their catchy and melodious songs, which is another cool bonus. I'm positive they are a Christian band; they managed to weave positivity into the lyrics seamlessly. They also have 1 or 2 great 'in-between' instrumental tracks, which I personally find very beautiful-sounding. All in all, one of the best new bands out there.

Lyrics — 7
The singer does a good job. A little pitch-corrected sounding though (only in some songs), which threw me off a tad. He is a great screamer, he does lows and highs without any problems. His lyrics are kind of hard to describe in a few words. They're very natural and relatable. Interpretations would list themselves wide and far. The singer is GREAT live I must note. If I had to chose one word to describe the lyrics overall in this album, it would be 'powerful'.

Overall Impression — 8
It is noticeable that they are new artists. Even though the album sounds professional as far as audio quality and performance, there is room for improvement. I know these guys will explode at some point. I personally think 'This Is Redemption, This is Our Lives Washed Clean' and 'Shotguns Speak Louder Than Words' are my favorites. I can't get enough of these songs. 'Crawling Towards Forgiveness' and 'City In A Snowglobe' are also pretty epic. Some of the dislikes is the pitch-correction on the singer. And I think the clash-chords are a bit overused in the breakdowns. What I really like are the singing/lyrics in themselves, the great sense of melody/simplicity. Also, the drummer does an amazing job of not sounding out of place, but not standing-out either. As far as I'm concerned it's some of the best drumming in musical terms.

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    This album's alright for what it is. I saw them live and they were not bad at all, actually quite good, but the album was a disappointment for me.
    I also started listening to em, quite cool.. but i must say, they lack creativity in the instruments, like it was said in this review the everythings very basic and simple.. I'm not one for saying simplicity is equal to bad.. but theres just nothing surprising really..
    I don't agree with the comments on the pitch. The singer has a very unique voice and I don't think he has pitch problems.
    lyrics are pretty bland and sound like an 11th graders earnest attempt at getting an A on his poetry portion of English class. other than that, they're catchy as hell. i've met them before, they're pretty honest people
    also, does anyone think their album art is too Silverstein looking?
    okay Nataku, on the writing, Couldn't agree with you more. the silverstein looking art, agreed as well. They lack a certain hmm how to put it. Oh that's it *originality* i've had the displeasure of knowing a few of these gentlemen,I've seen these guys live a few times back when Nick was still in "The Drama Summer" These fellas aren't christian, not to burst you're holy bubble. They aren't about the music as much as the money, IDK how much Nick has changed in the sense that, He most likely still has a "holy-er then thou" attitude to spite his bands escapades, and ALWAYS seems more interested in leading you like cattle to the merch table then playing the damn songs. I'm not "bashing to bash" I just think it's BS that they try to sell themselves as a christian band, The ex bassist Nate, is a prime example, Peddling and snorting pills, as well as sleeping with numerous 15-16 year olds (he's 23) while claiming a christian title. Brandon, well he's also a drinking/drug user who enjoys trying to upset marriges and being a sleeze in general. That is while he's not "preaching the gospel" ha. Any way I'm on a rant. These guys as long as I have been around them, and gotten messed up with a few of them, It's never been about the music or doing god's work, It's about lining their pockets, and doing anything that they think will sell. If they put half as much work in their music as they do in trying to make a commercial image. It could be something good, or slightly original. But no, that's the reason you hear the same timing for 10 tracks, and the lyrics don't make any sense to you? it's not because it's cryptic, or meaningful, it's because its hollow and recycled clique's chewed up and spit out in some sad attempt at depth. I'm never one to bash bands, especially if i know them. But if you're looking for a real christian act, you've barked up the wrong tree tiger. If you're looking for a bunch of fake hollow commercialized garbage that idealizes the scene band "get the getting while the gettings good, regardless of depth or content" mindset then by all means. But if you know these people, and you still listen to this garbage, Then the terrorists have won.
    woah FindlaySucks whats your problem. i dont really care what the band are like, its just about the music for me really. and they have some catchy tunes.
    Joshua Garcia
    I agree with guyalexanderr, it's not about the lyrics or what the band members aim to be, its about the music itself. If it's catchy then that's a good enough reason to pick it up. While I agree this isn't their best album (but still pretty good), I don't think its fair to judge music by character. I think their latest album (The Dawn of My Death) is alot better. They have somewhat more of a different approach then on their older music. The best songs on that album would probably be "Life Was All A Dream", "The Way We Operate", and "The Things We Stood Against" (which I tabbed). Just give it a try.