Evangelion Review

artist: Behemoth date: 09/08/2009 category: compact discs
Behemoth: Evangelion
Released: Aug 11, 2009
Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Number Of Tracks: 9
Behemoth has risen to the top with Evangelion, and has crafted their strongest release to date.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
Evangelion Reviewed by: UG Team, on september 08, 2009
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Sound: Poland's Behemoth plays a style of blackened death metal, though that term is really starting to be overused. To sum it up better for their latest Metal Blade release, Evangelion, Behemoth plays extreme blackened death metal at its maximum performance. Evangelion is the most technical release by Behemoth, and the band has made sure to keep the Satanism, thrash riffs, and pounding brutality that has enjoyed success on their previous releases. Like a band should, Behemoth keeps getting better and better. Evangelion opens with Daimomos and completely annihilates all in sight! From the song's opening black metal melodies to Inferno's insane blast beats, this song really sets the pace for Evangelion. Key in Nergal with chants of All hail Dionysis!! in the chorus, and you've got this driving force that isn't slowing down for anybody. Songs such as the current single, Ov Fire And The Void display excellent black metal riffs counter attacked with brutality and blast beats in the intro, and like expected, the song expands into a giant. Those satanic touches the band adds with their guitar tones are incredible, and the sound on Ov Fire And The Void seriously unleashes the beast in many ways! The Seed Ov I is another beast of its own, where the intro I can see a Gojira influence (knowing the 2 bands are close, and have toured together before), giving those chugging low end extreme tones and high pick scrapes, but not to copycat Behemoth also add on their black metal tones to the assault. The band's technicality sure shines on this one, for the guitar solo rips faces apart, the drumming is everywhere, and the way The Seed Ov I is structured is pure evil brilliance. With all of Evangelion's extreme tactics, Behemoth can and will still slay you slowly with the blasphemous and doomy album closer, Lucifer. What a brilliant way to end the album, and Lucifer truly leaves listeners hungry for more. Do give a lot of credit to Colin Richardson for his ace production, for the sound on Evangelion makes it a trve masterpiece. // 9

Lyrics: Nergal and the authority he unleashes to the masses have always been incredible from both a studio and live perspective. His command continues to grow stronger, and with the growth of Evangelion, Nergal's signature attack will be known. The man makes sure Behemoth's message gets across, and he [Nergal] shines in songs such as Ov Fire And The Void, which recently the music video was banned from youtube, but thanks courtesy of Metal Blade Records, the uncensored version can still be spread to the masses. Evangelion is Nergal at his purest, nastiest, evilest, and best. // 8

Overall Impression: Through strong consistency, dedication, and force, I had very high expectations for Behemoth's latest, Evangelion, as I'm sure many others did, too. With already a high reputation in the metal scene and Evangelion being the band's ninth studio album, the release does not stop once with its epic, face ripping, and blasphemous attack! I know Evangelion is Behemoth at their best, and in the words of Nergal, I've never been happy with any of our albums before, which is kind of weird, but it's very hard for me to achieve any kind of fulfillment or satisfaction. This time, I have no problems putting this album in the car stereo and just banging my head and enjoying it as if I was a fan. And oh yes, fans from all over will be banging their heads to this one. From Behemoth's previous works, Evangelion is faster, heavier, and more sadistic. Even newcomers to the Behemoth realm will thoroughly enjoy this release, as I'm positive the recent Mayhem Fest 2009 they are on has exposed the band to the masses even more. Well, with the commercial success of Mayhem or not, Behemoth is still keeping it real, and as evil as possible. // 9

- Alex Gilbert (c) 2009

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overall: 9.3
Evangelion Reviewed by: Tad_Eats_People, on september 08, 2009
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Sound: Just awesome really. It starts with the eerie intro with Nergal shouting something at us. This then goes into the blast beats and mix of distorted guitar with something acoustic that leads to one of the best songs on the CD - Daimonos. Sounds like your typical Behemoth CD with the guitar riffs and blast beats but is still somehow original. Songs like Ov Fire And The Void, Shemhamforash and He Who Breeds Pestilence are just filled with energy while songs like Alas, Lord Is Upon Me, Defiling Morality Ov Black God and (especially) Lucifer are just full of rage and sound so powerful. Ov Fire And The Void probably sticks out the most for the guitar riff and blast beats - especially after seeing the video and being able to picture it while listening to the song. Songs have a mix of heavy riffs with Nergal's amazing vocal work intertwined with instrumental sections reminiscent of Nile. The incorporation of orchestral parts (Lucifer) mixed with slow, destructive sounding riffs make this album great. The only reason this didn't get a 10 is that I think Demigod sounded a bit better overall. The technicality in the riffs stands out but no more than it did in Demigod (which I think had more memorable songs/moments). // 9

Lyrics: Recently I've been getting into ancient culture/religion/mythology and different belief systems so I've been drawn to Behemoths lyrics (among others). I think that interest has helped me to appreciate Behemoth on a different level which definitely made this CD more significant to me. The lyrics in this are full of references to religion and mythology. I have little knowledge of Thelema but I'm pretty sure that's where a lot of the inspiration came from. A bonus in this CD was the booklet came with explanations for the songs and an insight to the meanings of them. The lyrics in this fit perfectly with the instruments and tone of the album. One of the highlights of this is Nergal declaring "At my command, Let the blood of the infants flood the streets of Bethlehem." The lyrics in Ov Fire And The Void are especially memorable and I frequently get them stuck in my head. Nergal's vocals sound similar to those on their previous songs but this isn't a bad thing. He sounds perfect with this type of music so it makes sense for him to keep his style. Definite 10 - probably for my interest in the themes but I just think Behemoth manages to write some of the best lyrics with meaning and intelligence. // 10

Overall Impression: I'd say this is one of Behemoths greatest CDs. I like both their "blackened death metal" they play now and their old black metal and I say this is up there as one of the best CDs of the genre. The most impressive songs to me were Ov Fire And The Void and Lucifer. OFATV because of the video I think and it just sounds great anyway. The riff will stay in my mind for a good long time. If I had to compare it to another of their songs it'd probably have to be Conquer All, just for the power in it. Lucifer was great because of the mix of orchestral sounds with the slower riff. This was just enhanced by Nergal singing the words of Tadeusz Miciski's poem. I've always prefered the slower heavy songs so this became a favourite. I have no complaints about this. Maybe the guitar breaks where it's sounding like a miniature solo. But that's minor and forgivable. I don't know if all versions have this but the DVD it came with was a good bonus - especially watching the drummer do his thing in a practice. Epic. If I lost this or it was lost (with no chance of getting it back) I'd wait for it to come down in price and then buy it again. // 9

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