Satanica review by Behemoth

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  • Released: Oct 25, 1999
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (23 votes)
Behemoth: Satanica

Sound — 10
Satanica is the fourth studio album released in 1999 by Polish Blackened Death metal band Behemoth. This album is Behemoth's first true Blackened Death Metal album and follows up the critically acclaimed 'Pandemonic Incantations'. The track listing is as follows; 01. Decade of Therion: if you were ever any doubt exactly how Behemoth sounds, this should set your mind to rest. Brutal, fast, slightly Satanic lyrics (We deny normality, trample morality. We destroy angels with sound. We destroy angels with silence), what more could you want? 9/10 02. LAM: Immense drumming from the deity we mere mere mortals know as Inferno kicks off this track. Very solid song. 8/10 03. Ceremony of Shiva: best song on the album, begins with Inferno demonstrating his drumming skills. Personally among my favourite Behemoth songs. You must hear it. 10/10 04. Of Sephirotic Transformation and Carnality: try saying that with a mouthful of peas. Whole band kicks in straight away. Good stuff. 8/10 05. The Sermon To The Hypocrites: Oozes evil from start to finish. 8/10 06. Starspawn: typical Behemoth affair which means it's a very good song if not a stand out one. 7/10 07. The Alchemists Dream: longest song on the album and for good reason. Slightly addictive even though it could maybe have had about a minute shaved off from the end. Flows into the next song very nicely. 9/10 08. Chant For Eschaton 2000: quite a catchy song and it must be one of the only times I've ever actually heard Nergal sing properly instead of growl (don't worry, it's only a few lines). Simple but effective. 9/10

Lyrics — 8
It's Nergal. Which means powerful growling. Always. Nergals's voice is distinctly different for all the albums but the one you hear in Satanica is one of the best. Lyrically, it's typical Behemoth; you need a degree in mythology and the little booklet from the album telling you what he's singing to understand what's going on. This isn't a problem because, let's be honest, death metal's all about the music not the lyrics.

Overall Impression — 9
Satanica is a big step forward for Behemoth. Many bands begin to tail off after a few efforts (cough Guns N' Roses cough) but Behemoth just gets better. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say their Blackened Death metal stuff of late is better than their first few albums. This is a great album for drummers - Inferno really flexes his drumming muscles. It isn't their best abum though. I think that accolade goes to either Demigod or Evangelion. If you listen to one song off this album, listen to Ceremony of Shiva. It is one of the first Death metal songs I ever heard and I still love it to this day.

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    Behemoth is one of the very,very few bands/artists that have great albums throughout their carrier,I like the old black metal stuff and the blackened death metal stuff Evengelion is excellent
    03. Ceremony of Shiva: best song on the album, begins with Inferno demonstrating his drumming skills. Personally among my favourite Behemoth songs. You must hear it. 10/10 is my favourite too...awesome tappings. plus i am a Hindu, and Lord Shiva is the God of Destruction in our mythology...seriously Behemoth are very studious when it comes to history and mythologies.
    not there best album but ima behemoth fan till i die, seen em twice, met em and got my guitar signed by them, good dudes epicly awesome band
    Hand Of Stone
    ScorianVaseras wrote: Behemoth are legit. Evangelion was decent. Fixed.
    Good job being an ass.
    I love me some Behemoth. I saw them live last month and it was a great show. Nergal is the man.
    They played Decade of Therion, LAM, and Chant for Eschaton when I saw them. Twas great.
    Hand Of Stone wrote: Good job being an ass.
    Hey, I'm not saying it was a bad album by any means, but it was by no means an epic album. I thought there were some awesome moments, but I felt at times there was something missing from pushing it into awesome territory. My personal favorite of 2009 is Those Whom the Gods Detest, hands down.
    This was my first Behemoth record. I saw them play Chant for Eschaton live- thought the crowd was gonna suffocate me. =P I think it's a great album, but as xicetraex said, it seemed slightly lacking at points. An enjoyable listen overall.