The Apostasy review by Behemoth

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  • Released: Jul 17, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.9 (450 votes)
Behemoth: The Apostasy

Sound — 10
Demigod was said to be the greatest album Behemoth came up with until The Apostasy, that was correct. The Apostasy took Demigod, and wiped the floor with it and Demigod is an A+ album! There is so much on this album, I can't keep up with it. Behemoth stayed with the Behemoth style of music. Blcak metal without the keyboardist, while having a lot of death metal influence. It is incredible. I've owned this album for quite some time. I haven't stopped listening to it. If someone is in my car and complaining I listen to this too much, they can get the f--k out! Nergal's guitar work is incredible, Inferno is doing better on the drums now than ever, Orion is doing great on bass, despite having some problems throughout the recording. And might I add, the solos on this album have beatin the ever living shit out of the ones on Demigod. I wasn't that into the solos from Demigod, there were a few I liked, but not a huge fan of those. The solos from The Apostasy are amazing. I love them. Nergal and Seth (guitarists) really pushed themselves on this album.

Lyrics — 10
Behemoth did it again Nergal (vocalist, lead guitarist, lyricist), wrote lyrics which are very intellectual. Lyrics involving history, completely away from the norm of death metal. In addition to the lyrics I really like the fact that Nergal's growl is not as muffled as it was on Demigod. On Demigod, it sounds like Nergal's voice had distortion haha! On The Apostasy, his voice is much more clear. There are still times when I can't understand what he's saying, but it's still amazing to listen to.

Overall Impression — 10
With every Behemoth CD I've heard, which all but one or two there are a few songs I like on it. They blew me away with Demigod, thus becoming my favorite band hands down. With some bands, it takes time before their best stuff comes out. So I thought this of Demigod. I thought Behemoth was at that point of being able to do anything with instruments. Inferno (drummer) pushed his limits beyond what people can hear, Orion (bass) did a fantastic job, and Nergal (main guitarist, vocalist), wrote even better than before. So when I heard The Apostasy was due up, I had high expectations. And I guess they passed, because they surpassed everything I expected it to be. This is their best album by far! Prometherion is the number one single off of the album much like the song Demigod off of Demigod, Proemtherion introduces the world to the album, and blows you away. At the Left Hand ov God has an amazing acoustic intro, and the rest of the song carries you to the end of the song. Inner Sanctum has some great guest work, Arcana Hereticae has an outro which will make you wet yourself. And My personal favorite from the album, Be Without Fear. A very heavy song, I love this album so much. All the songs however are amazing, these are the best to me. I love the fact that the album is so good naturally. I can't describe how much I love this album. I was waiting for this shit in the mail a month, and it finally came, I listened to it and it met every expectation and then some. The music is so original yet stays with the Behemoth style of playing. Unlike Demigod, this album is not 24/7 blast beats. There is blast beating (its a f--kin death metal album, of course there is), but not excessive. There really isnt a part of it that I hate. I listen to the album nonstop, and still, I can't come with anything which I should dislike about it. it's sucha a great album. I strongly recommend this album to anyone out there who is into really good music that being death metal. Later all!

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    duncang wrote: I think there's one very good reason why that's not a good reason to spell the word with a v. HE'S SPEAKING IN FUCKING ENGLISH.
    Hey calm down, If you can't take the critism of Behemoth fans don't review their stuff. Plus that's like getting mad at Amon Amarth for spelling it "Oden" instead of "Odin"
    i liked demigod musically, although i agree on the vocals being VERY overdone with the 239482348230 tracks per vocals But overall a return to their black metal roots wouldn't go a miss. Or even something similair to Satanica (good balance of black and death)
    they are gods to me....they must conquer all with the war machine....that is all.