Code B review by Bela B.

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  • Released: Oct 2, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 4
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.3 (3 votes)
Bela B.: Code B

Sound — 9
The 2nd solo album of the drummer of the German punk rock band Die Ärzte is way better than his first called "Bingo." Of course it sounds a little bit like Die Ärzte, but a bit more in a "cowboy-manner." Mainly it's well-arranged punk rock with a touch of country music. It has grooving drums and an ambient guitar sound.

01. "Rockula" - the album starts with drums and the fanchorus of the HumanBoss. The guitars, bass and vocals enter and praise the return of the "count."

02. "Geburtstagsleid" - an ordinary rock song with a calm chorus, typical punk rock riff in the verse and moderate lyrics.

03. "In Diesem Leben" - the first kick-ass song of the CD; the drum intro is pushing and the guitar riff makes you feel good and free, and I love banging part in the bridge. Listen to this song, dance through the streets and be conscious: you only live once!

04. "Altes Arschloch Liebe" - this is the fist single and big hit on the album, but to me it's not he best. The drums are once again very good with sidestick and driving cowbell. The singer curses at love as it's a person, but to me the lyrics are too predictable.

05. "Schwarz/Weiss" - my absolute favourite song on this album. The drums are grooving than never before and the lyrics critizises black-and-white-thinking via antithesis.

06. "Onenightstand" - a bad song: the country sound prevails and the rhymes are bad and too easy.

07. "Ninjababypowpow" - thank god, the punk rock is back! Drums are rousing and vocals and guitars are gloomy, the song is more bassy than the others. Bang your head!

08. "Hilf Dir Selbst" - musical good, reminds me a little bit of music Ennio Morricone would do, but the lyrics are the baddest on the album, this really butchers the song.

09. "Der Bobotanz" - Really? What is this? Definitely no punk rock! Lyrics are senseless, drums just doing a disco beat and guitars are replaced by ukulele in the verse. A song that gets only good if you're hyped up, I suppose.

10. "Liebe und Benzin" - a wonderful, romantic, bilingual (German, English) duetted lovesong that unfolds his full atmosphere under the starry sky.

11. "Als Wir Unsterblich Waren" - it starts with a strange drum-machine intro but soon becomes a rousing and catchy rock song with good lyrics about the own youth.

12. "Nein!" - punk rock with oriental sounds and acoustic guitars, a very interesting combination. The lyrics about interfering people complete this very good song, unfortunately the last one on this CD.

13. "Dein Schlaflied" - What a disaster of a song! The instrumentation is good, but the cello is really a pain in the neck and the really bad lyrics are mainly spoken.

14. "Der Wahrheit" - song the world do not need... sadly this overall good album ends with these two ignoble bad songs! Musically it starts once again like a soundtrack of Mr. Morricone, but as soon as the lyrics begin you'd wish it stops. And soon drums, guitars and bass get banal and boring. A absolutely unnecessary song, no honorable ending of this album!

Lyrics — 4
This is the big problem of this album: The lyrics are too often too bad. Sometimes Bela has got really good ideas and creates lines like "Sie wird mich berühren, schmerzgewordene Frau, ich werd' ihre eiskalte Hitze spüren - Ninjababypowpowpow" ("Ninjababypowpow") or "We take the money and run, to the end of the world, to the end of the sun, nothing can stop us, nobody, no one, and that's forever" ("Liebe und Benzin"), and it's really genius how he shrouds the sentence "Die Sonne bräunt ihr Hologramm auf meinen Penis" in the banging part of "In Diesem Leben," but too often the lyrics are shallow-brained and unpretentious like in "Onenightstand" ("Wir wissen gut wie man das Umgangsprachlich nennt: Onenightstand"), "Hilf Dir Selbst" ("Das Gras ist grün, Urin ist gelb, bevor du dich auf mehr verlässt nimm meinen Rat und hilf dir selbst"), "Dein Schlaflied," "Der Wahrheit."

Overall Impression — 8
As a conclusion, this album is very good musically, but the lyrics leave much to be desired. But the other instruments are chosen and played very good and the musical ideas are mainly brilliant. Also the other two albums of Bela B, "Bingo" and "Bye," are way worse than this stuff. The best songs are "Schwarz/Weiss," "Ninjababypowpow," "Liebe und Benzin," "Als Wir Unsterblich Waren" and "Nein!" For everybody who loves Die Ärzte, I can definitely recommend this album to you! Overall, the music is able to settle the lyrics and so it's a good, straightforward piece of (punk) rock.

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