Alaska review by Between the Buried and Me

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  • Released: Sep 6, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (107 votes)
Between the Buried and Me: Alaska

Sound — 10
The instrumentals are flawless. Every note played to perfection, every riff is blistering. Every scale is played elegantly. I absolutely could die for the hardcore screams, they're brutal, effective, and not hard t understand. I like how they use death grunts every once and a while, it brings the songs alive. The transitions from soft to hard and vice versa are perfect. The beautiful sweeps of Paul Wagner and the solid rhythm of Dusty. It very good. The intricate time signature changes are stellar, they're endless, some change after 2-4 seconds, it's quite breath taking. Amazing sound.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are great and range from insomnia, to bashing the modern day media. The singing is top notch, not to mention the great screams and grunts. Take a song like Selkies, it's anything from melodic singing, to spoken words, and hardcore screaming. it's amazing that the vocals can be technical, that's a first for me. A vocalsist that's complex, it's amazing. He really compliments the instruments perfectly.

Overall Impression — 10
This is above most other artists out there, the only people I can think of who can compete with these guys are the Dillinger Escape Plan and Dragonforce. My personal favorite song on the album is Selkies: The Endless Obsession. The complex instrumentals and the sometimes brutal, sometimes soft vocals are all pluses. The only complaint is that some of the songs can drag on a bit, but other than that it's perfect. If this were stolen or lost, I would cry, then I would buy ten thousand copies.

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    Big jake guy who wrote the review "Selkies" are a mythological creatures that are seals that can transform into humans in Irish/scottish mythology, but a lot of the song from looking at the lyrics which are ****ing amazing by the way dont really have much to do with them, best album best band and best song 99999/10
    Great Band, however at times it sounds like they just threw a bunch of riffs together, but it makes it all the more interesting. lol selkies wtf great song though. ^ that Big Huge Jake guy listens to awesome music. I VOTE THEM PROG METAL
    Between the Buried and Me is definately one of my favorite bands. Alaska is just so well composed and technical at the same time. Paul's and Dusty's guitar playing, Dan's bass playing, Blake's ridiculous drumming, and Tommy's vocals/keyboard playing are always complimenting each other throughout the entire Album. I can't until these guys come out with another CD.
    this has been mny favorite band for 3 years now, and i don't think it will ever change. i loved the silent circus, and then i bought this the day it came out, and i was blown away. i still listen to this album, i don't think i've ever taken it out of my CD player (no joke), and it's in constant play on my iPod. Paul Waggoner is good enough to be called a guitar virtuoso (in my book, now i know someone is gonna bash me for that. but look at the riffs and solos he writes, they're wonderful. and pretty technical i might add). Tommy Giles is a vocal genius in both writing and how he uses his vocal cords. Dan Briggs makes the bass his bitch. Blake Richardson can keep the beat with some technical drum fills, and I love the brutalness of his drumming. Dusty is a powerful guitarist, and compliments Paul to his full extent. meh, i'm talking to much. just i can't get over how awesome this band is, it's no wonder they're my favorite band. alaska is a must buy though.