Colors review by Between the Buried and Me

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  • Released: Sep 18, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (337 votes)
Between the Buried and Me: Colors

Sound — 9
If you haven't heard Between The Buried And Me Before, and you're a fan of the metalcore genre, you're missing out. If you're a fan of heavy music at all, and you haven't heard the genius that is BTBAM, you're missing out, actually. Not just tremolo riffs or breakdowns, BTBAM is an amalmagation of progressive music, hardcore, metalcore, jazz, and rock. You will definitely hear bits and pieces of Pink Floyd or Queen sticking out on this record, sense some Mike Patton influence, and recognize the boys going back to their North Carolinian roots on one particular track. Listening to their albums on a chronological time-line, the band's progression is undeniable, and was supremely expected on Colors. That said, this amount was hard to believe, and indefinitely sets the bar for this genre (if it is a single genre). The band's last album, Alaska, was very much chastised for it's production. The guitars, drums, everything, seemed to be done wrong. With Colors, these problems have ultimately been resolved. The mix, once again by North Carolina's Jamie King, is fantastic, and gives all parts of the record their rightful displays among the others. Paul Waggoner's technical guitar work is untouched, once again, and the "wankery" has been toned down a bit to fit the more mature sound of Colors. It seems that rhythm guitarist, if you'd like to belittle him like that, Dusty Waring, has had a larger role in every aspect of playing and writing material. Blake Richardson has solidified his place in the band at the helm of percussion, and any doubts that were had at the release of Alaska are gone. Myself being a bassist, I'd like to go off on a tangent and exclaim to everyone about the talent of the group's bassist, Dan Briggs from Erie. But I'll keep the ass-kissing to a minimum and just say that to ignore the complete package he offers as a metal bass player is to not see the group in it's whole light. And then we have Tommy Rogers, the powerful, full-fledged vocalist and pianist of the band. His keyboarding stands out more on this album than on any other, and complements the music in subtle undertones that go un-noticed even after a large number of listens. His vocals, hard to believe when you see his frame, have evolved with the band's music, and not only his familiar growl, but his singing. Obviously trying to channel his idol, Freddie Mercury, in both aspects of his musicianship, the front-man rounds out this incredibly solid line-up particularly well. Crushing, uplifting, and all-powerful, Between the Buried and Me's sound has changed in all the necessary places, and risen to new heights.

Lyrics — 9
Tommy's piano playing and varied vocals often over-shadow his lyrical ability, which isn't surprising, especially in this type of music when lyrics are hardly audible. His lyrics have never really been written in a traditional narrative sense, rather in first-person, giving details and such, and describing the situations the listener is in. I won't go into too much detail as I'm going by ear on this, but to sit with the lyrics and the CD turned up to 11 doesn't disappoint. What would sound cheesy on paper turns into an uplifting melody, or a melancholy chorus, ala old school hardcore.

Overall Impression — 10
To go through this in a song by song manner is to ruin the experience, in a way, for those who haven't listened yet. The album fleshes itself out through it's eight tracks, and is one large, hour-long song. The length is appropriate for the amount of diversity on the disc, and isn't surprising for this band. The opening is clear and ringing, as is the ending, and what happens between the intro and outro is a chaotic blend of progressive metal that needs to be heard by any fan of heavy music. I was certainly surprised with the first chord, but when the familiar mix chimed in, I was taken to the familiarity I'd been waiting for since 2005. If this album was stolen or lost, I wouldn't beat the one who took it, but simply encourage them to listen to it as I have, and I'd most certainly purchase another copy. This is nothing short of the band's magnum opus, and is what fans wanted and more. As much as I love this album, to give it a straight ten seems un-fair to other albums that are great in their own right, so I leave you with this.

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    I love the 10 seconds of wankery in the last song. Sounds like it was put there just to show Dragonforce fans that other people can do it too. This is my favorite album of the year so far, only thing that comes close in my mind is the Dethalbum.
    By far Between the Buried and Me's best album. I haven't been addicted to an album lke this in a while; since the release of Symphony X' Paradise Lost actually. Seriously superlative, breathtaking stuff.
    ^ Hell yeah! that part is technical. But yes, after school on tuesday, i headed straight for the next CD store and bought it. amazing CD. i actually believe it tops Alaska. BTBAM, no better.
    That ****ing part in Decade of Statues at the end from like 4:24 - 4:48; INCREDIBLE. The whole album is excellent.
    mr. riff
    I got it last night and I've been listening to it ever since. Best album of 2007 for me.
    This is probably my new favorite cd. Its just plain amazing. And I had got it the sunday before it came out
    album of the year baby. couldn't get it yet though because i can't drive and i have no ride for the next week or so. downloaded the tracks a while ago and it was ridickalous.
    oh yea...and GO BUY THIS YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED i wish more people appreciated BTBAM not many people have even heard of them its disappointing
    troyponce wrote: I love the 10 seconds of wankery in the last song. Sounds like it was put there just to show Dragonforce fans that other people can do it too. This is my favorite album of the year so far, only thing that comes close in my mind is the Dethalbum.
    Yeah that does sound like dragonforce i love it
    jpgilbert701 wrote: yeah BTBAM, Protest The Hero, and The Human Abstrt are probably the best bands in this genre.
    Haha protest the hero is ****in good...but not anywhere near btbam they dont even sound the same at all....but your right about the human abstract...guitar-wise at least...these 3 bands are defintely in my top five. I would say that Human Abstract has some BTBAM influence in their music, but they are very different at the same time.
    i bought it but havent had time to listen to it. regardless i already kno its amazing. i mean come on its Between the Buried and Me. why wouldnt it be?
    indeed a brilliant piece of art... it's not just music... and as for best song... i'd have to say the entire cd... since it is almost one giant song
    saw these guys two years ago with chiodos and august burns red. AMAZING. can't wait to hear this cd.
    i do consider BTBAM metalcore....but they are their own genre IMO. This cd shows that bands now a days can evolve and change but stay close to the original idea.
    yeah BTBAM, Protest The Hero, and The Human Abstrt are probably the best bands in this genre.
    i ****ing love this cd.... honestly, even people who don't like metalcore should get this cause i like it and i generally dont listen to metalcore
    man I liked Silent Circus a lot...but this album definately made my jaw drop to the floor and beyond...