Colors review by Between the Buried and Me

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  • Released: Sep 18, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (336 votes)
Between the Buried and Me: Colors

Sound — 10
Colors is one of the best progressive metal albums I own. There are flaws-like any album, but none of it takes away from this band's incredible self-described 'pummeling beautiful music'. But it took time for me to really get into this album, because even though many people would classify it as a 'metalcore' album, one listen to the brutal breakdowns and screams in a track such as 'Foam Born (B) The Decade Of Statues' shows that this band's heavy moments are far more extreme than the pop-metal sounds associated with most metalcore. It took time for me to be able to appreciate the extreme sections, but if you are used to heavy music than there is nothing stopping you from sinking your teeth into this amazing metal record. Between The Buried And Me's sound has really evolved from their previous effort 'Alaska' which featured shorter songs and overly less mature songwriting. Their prog influence has taken center stage on Colors, and they are now a prog band with metalcore influences, rather than a metalcore band with prog influences. The music is unlike what you will have heard in many other bands-the songs are exciting and versatile, taking you on an epic journey, with each track showing the band's amazing talent. A great example of this is on album highlight 'Ants Of The Sky', which starts with a guttural scream and terrifying sweep arpeggios, and then progresses through acoustic, jazz, flamenco and blues styles with a country hoe-down thrown in for good measure. If you're a fan of metal you need this album, the only thing I can really criticize is that the vocals won't be for everyone.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics on this album are quite strange on paper with lines such as 'My teeth taste funny today... they seem more jagged than normal. I've been told that I have been grinding them like gears during my dream hours... 'but they fit perfectly with the music. Tommy's lyrics are a breath of fresh air from the emo crap that owns the radio. Tommy's is a great vocalist, and although it took time for me to get used to his growls the way he can switch from clean falsetto to death growls is incredible.

Overall Impression — 9
This is an album that you can listen to again and again as the music unravels like a gift each time you listen. The album is almost like one continuous song, as there are no gaps between each song. Sun Of Nothing, White Walls and Ants Of The Sky are the album's most impressive songs of epic length (White Walls being 15 minutes) but there's plenty of brilliance to be found in Foam Born's chromatic breakdowns, Viridian's amazing bass solo and the Eastern-inspired intro to Informal Gluttony. This album introduces to us a much more mature and progressive Between The Buried And Me, and if this album is just a sign of things to come than this band are going to be the next Dream Theater.

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    Amuro Jay
    ive had this for a while, but i just now listened to it uninterrupted from front to back, and its a way different experience than just listening to indivudal tracks at a time
    right now as i write this, tommy is screaming WHITE WALLS in the background. best album i've ever owned. its an awesome concept album (musically conceptual), and i love it from start to finish.
    06. Prequel To The Sequel - probably my least favorite song on the whole album
    Are you retarded?
    Gave this album a try after hearing how good it was on this site... wow! Great all the way through. The transitions between tempos and sounds are flawless. Would recommend it to any metal fan.
    wow this was the first time ive heard (read) people calling them metalcore. >_> Im not sure if im stupid or everyone else is. This is my fav album/band and possibly the best band around right now.
    Best album. Ever. I've bought it three times. Two of the CDs were broken/scratched from me playing them too much. I'm not kidding. By the way, for those of you who like this album/band, check out Opeth. Blackwater Park is really good, they're Prog Death Metal like BTBAM is. And what the hell with the lyrics?? 10/10
    a6l6e6x1 : wildchild6660 wrote: actually the first track reminds me more of muse more pink floyd for me
    Actually their main influence in that song is queen. If you listen to it and pretend Freddy Mercury is singing then you'll know what i'm talking about. Plus that's pretty much Queens style all the way (except for the sweeping riff)
    pinkfloydfish wrote: I really don't like the growling vocals, but for this album I will get over it and listen anyway. The band has extreme talent. Long-live prog metal!
    Same for me. The sheer awesomeness of the band as a whole overcomes my complaint about vocal style.