The Silent Circus review by Between the Buried and Me

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  • Released: Oct 21, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (73 votes)
Between the Buried and Me: The Silent Circus

Sound — 10
The sound of this band throughout the entire is never the same. It's an awesome mix of so many different types of genres of music. You could probably be a fan of any type of music and enjoy at least one part of this album. Very refreshing to hear a band take the lead like this. The lead guitarist, Paul Waggoner, is one very talented musician. Sweeps and all, even without the sweeps, still one very awesome guitarist. Highlight songs for this album would be all of them. They are all very good.

Lyrics — 10
These are some of the best lyrics that I've heard. They can be very emotional yet oh so full of anger. Topics that are go from the love of someone then taking a 360* turn and going to full on Cannibal Corpse-uber gore-kill-and-rape-your-dead-body type lyrics. The singer Tommy damn son. That's all I can say. This cat can sing and can growl like a soombitch.

Overall Impression — 10
This album totally tops other bands over in almost every aspect of music. From straight musicianship-Dream-Theatre-type breaks to straight, out loud, blast beating, polyrythmic riffs (ex: 'Aesthetic'). And here is pretty much a musically summary of the album: 01. Lost Perfection: Coulrophobia - awesome creepy ass intro, straight into a death metal style vocals and riffs. Then at 1:12 it goes really emotional, screamo if you will. Then at 1:49 guitars and bass take a small break and go into a hardcore type riff. Then at 3:11 a surf beat break, followed by Pantera like riff at 3:2. Then back to the hardcore type at 3:57. - 5 02. Lost Perfection: Anablephobia - continuation of the 1st song. awesome drum intro. Death metal type stuff until 1:02. Then hardcore until 2:19. Awesome trading the guitars and basses do then pretty much it's a revisitation of pt. I but with guitars playing solos and a bunch of distorted screaming 03. Camilla Rhodes - awesome intro. Very technical. Then death metal at: .35 then hardcore at: .43. The lyrics are also very good. Still hardcore at the moment. Then the hook comes out at around 1:43. Effects go until 1:56. Followed by some more hardcore. Awesome part at around 2:20. Death metal at 3:07 about there. Continued on until 3:28 then it's hardcore. Awesome ending too. Pretty good song - 4 1/2 04. Mordecai - awesome ass intro followed by extreme death metal part then a Dream Theatre break at: .33. Followed by awesome leads by paul. Awesome chromatics at: .48. Bass slide at 1:08. Followed by Emperor type part until 1:41. Then cool little break. The 1st hook of the song is at 1:45 - 2:07 then straight into the infamous clean part (main hook). Awesome clean vocals done by Tommy as well as the keyboards he plays. Clean guitar solo starts at 3:15. One of the best damn solo in clean I've heard. Ends at 3:33 then commences the 3rd and final hook until 4:12 when the distorted solo starts. Great great song. It doesn't matter that it's their hit song. Greatest song I've heard in a long time. I'd give it a damn 100 if I could, But I give it a five plus instead. - 5+ 05. Reaction - strange song. Very ethreal. Awesome ambient keyboards done by Tommy and great background noises to. Very awesome. This song is more like an interlude so it's good for what it is. - 4 3/4 06. Shevanel, Take 2 - The best and only soft song on the album with only clean vocals and only clean guitars. Very emotional. It calms you down. great leads too. But it's only a false cover of what is yet to come. - 5+ 07. Ad A Dglgmut - possibly the heaviest song on here, yet it still has a soft, melodious break in it. Awesome clean vocals. The only thing I didn't like was that even reading the lyric book I couldn't understand what he was saying until the clean part, but it was still good. Very, very rude awakening of what you were starting to get into with Shevanel. Awesome death metal intro. Blast beating death until about: .59 then a hardcore break until 1:28. Straight into a death/hardcore type at 1:30 then small solo at 1:53. Back to hardcore break at 2:04. Dream Theatre break at 2:18. Then black metal part at 2:23 until the melody at 3:05. The solo at the beggining of it is really awesome. Very very good. Singing starts at around 4:28. The melody continues until around 5: 51 then straight back into hardcore/death metal. Awesome leads. Then cool break at 6:27 then into hardcore. Death metal at 7:00 andstays that way until the end. - 5+ 08. Destructo Spin - great creepy intro followed by metalcore/death metal type riff until: .50. Then hardcore break after that until 1:19 into black metal at 1:21. Jazz piano chord at 1:41 into hardcore/death metal again. Mainly death metal afterwards until 2:57 then into metalcore riff until 3:13 then back to black/death metal until 3:29. Then 3:37 Black metal/emo/hardcore break afterwards until the end. - 5 09. Aesthetic - awesome intro. The song has a break that is very Meshuggah like. I'll let you hear the song yerself so you can hear its awesomeness. - 5++ 10. The Need For Repetition - I won't describe these last 2 songs because you need to hear them that's how awesome they are. This song has a probably one the best ending themes I've ever heard. Secret track. 10. I Ain't No Goddamn Woman! - not really sure if that's the title of the song but it's at the ver end of track 10, at around 11:16 to be exact. Very ridiculous, hilarious vocals but it's also serious because of the shred work of Paul Waggoner. Great great track to jam out to or to just have a good laugh. I love the whole album itself. Excellently written songs by greatly trained musicians who also have a sense of humor and a sensibility of making music chaotic and creates confusion while still making great hooks and melodic parts. The only thing I hated about this album it that there were only 10 tracks (well 11 if you count Goddamn Woman), but nuntheless, great album. If someone stole it I would find them, beat them senseless then take a nail covered baseball bat and sodomize them with it and tell them to buy their own damn copy.

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    mordecai is one of the best songs ive ever heard, its one of my favorite songs ever and is a ****n masterpiece, i love this band
    BTBAM kicks so much ass. Aesthetic, Ad a Dglgmut and Mordecai are the best songs on here.