The Silent Circus review by Between the Buried and Me

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  • Released: Oct 21, 2003
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (73 votes)
Between the Buried and Me: The Silent Circus

Sound — 9
The sound of BTBAM is a combination of hard metalcore chaotic rhythm complemented with soft and jazzy sequences and musical innovations not only for the metal genre but many others. When I first heard their music it didn't click with me at first. I didn't know what to think because I had never really heard any thing like it. This was one of those albums that grows on you (or at least for me). It is so technical and harsh at times but so simple and beautiful enough to make your mother cry. The opening song Lost Perfection: Coulrophobia starts out with a screaching high note on the under lots of distortion. Then the riff comes to hault and a huge growl is let out followed by some extreme snare tapping. Riffs are exchanged throughout song guitar and bass alike. The song keeps a steady fast past untill it is interupted by a "chuga chuga" type breakdown with underlieing doulbe bass beats. The next song Lost Perfection: Anablephobia is just a continuation of the previous song. The 3rd song is camilla rhodes. Despite the pretty name this brootal song is littered with insanely fast parts as well as excruciating breakdowns decerated with pinch harmonics and other neat things. Mordecai. Some people say just about sums up BTBAM and I couldn't really agree more, being mordecai is my favorite song of the album. The song begins with a peculiar drum intro lasting about a second or two. Immediately following the intro comes a deathly growl lead by some extremely fast drums. Different chord variations come and go for about 2 minutes. All the "hard" stuff fades out and welcomes in a pleasant clean guitar riff, similar to what song might find in a prog. Rock which is definitely one of there infulences. Then comes in a sweet singing voice almost alien to the previous songs. Surprisingly it is all the same volcalist doing the singing and growling. The soothing solo is amplified and then comes in distorted chords under the now distorded guitar solo. The solo follows the same riff untill all is faded out into the next song, reaction which is an odd humming sound with people whispering queitly. The next notable song ad a dglgmut interupts a quiet acoustic song called shevanel, take 2 (which is a continuation of shevanel cut a flip, a song from their debut album self titled). Ad a Dglgmut Kils the mood with devastating screams and chuga chuga style breadowns followed by a quick sweeping solo and finally finished by a calm outro of singing once again. After aesthetic which has a nice little palm muted guitar under sweeping guitar tapping intro and interesing time signatures and rhythms comes the need for repetition. I think it's one of the stranger songs of the album and not very happy at all to to say the least. It starts with slow, grudgey chords and keeps slow whirling rhythm which is just plain heavy. Repeated lyrics like "f--king whore, f--king whore of disgust" add to the unpleasant mood. After about five or six minutes of silence a hidden comical song with guitar sweeping and some guy oddly shouting "I'm a man, not a goddamn woman." Come on. I guess in the midsts of all the hatred and disgust there is a comical ending.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics as a whole I guess (I'm not a lyrical expert) are just exploiting the corruptions in society and and and how this "countries turning to shit." And as for the volcalist and instruments alike I think there are superb. The volcalist, Tommy Rogers has amazing range and a great voice, I think. You can also check out his tech-no side project, Giles. And the guitar, bass, druming are all great as well. I have seen BTBAM twice thus far and I cound'nt be more pleased.

Overall Impression — 9
BTBAM is definitely one of the best or infact the best band in their genre. They are for fans of bands such as Every time a die, the number 12 looks like you, and norma jean. Key songs from the album I would have to say are the lost perfection songs, mordecai, and ad a dglgmut. But they are all good in there own respects. BTBAM is definitely one of those bands you may not instantly like but you will evenually like. But you down even have to be into metalcore and death metal to even like BTBAM, they attract all styles of music and all kinds of people. But then again it's all about personal perference, right? Be sure to check out BTBAM's other albums too, Between The Buried And Me, and Alaska.

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    Aesthetic IS one of the best songs I've ever heard. Genre being Godlike is amazing. That's what I think. In your iTunes ladies and Gentlemen, edit the Genre of BTBAM and change it from Metal or w/e it is and change it too GODLIKE!