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artist: Biffy Clyro date: 09/07/2016 category: compact discs
Biffy Clyro: Ellipsis
Released: Jul 8, 2016
Genre: Alternative Rock, Electronic Rock
Label: 14th Floor
Number Of Tracks: 11
"Ellipsis" feels like a slightly "pop-ier" version of "Opposites." Because of this, it is a great follow up to "Opposites," stepping in a new direction and sounding fresh. Though it is definitely not the best Biffy Clyro album.
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 Overall Impression: 7
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Ellipsis Reviewed by: evanharte123, on september 07, 2016
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Sound: "Ellipsis" is the follow up to the Scottish alt rock band Biffy Clyro's 2013 double album, "Opposites." Speaking to Lowe, singer Simon Neil said: "We're saying something new with our seventh album... We're trying to feel like it's our first album again. We've still got balls. We're still here to get in your face."

I consider this to be a fairly accurate description of the album. While some songs still are classic "in-your-face" Biffy Clyro (heavily distorted guitars, combining alt rock/pop with hints of metal, high energy, fast tempo's, epic vocals, etc.), there is a feeling of stepping off in a new direction with "Ellipsis," as if it were their first album all over again. The only problem I have with this is that it feels at times as if it is their first album as a different band.

Simon Neil's vocal effort on this album is just as strong as on "Puzzle," "Only Revolutions," and "Opposites." In fact, I feel that the focus on this album is primarily on melody/vocals; there is also a large contribution of backup vocals from Ben and James Johnston. Because of this, the instrumentals are not as strong as on past albums. Although still being guitar driven, these songs feel more folk and sometimes pop-influenced ("Friends and Enemies," "Re-Arrange," "Medicine," "Flammable," "Small Wishes," "People"), often making use of acoustic guitars and synthesizers.

Also, any fan of Biffy Clyro's previous three studio albums ("Puzzle," "Only Revolutions," "Opposites") will still enjoy the sound of "Ellipsis." The production value is just as high; many of these songs could easily have appeared on "Opposites" ("Animal Style," "Herex," "Howl," "People") and "Only Revolutions" ("Wolves of Winter," "On a Bang," "Don't, Won't, Can't," "In the Name of the Wee Man"). // 7

Lyrics: "With a friend as good as you, who needs enemies?" - "Friends and Enemies"

"I would never break your heart / I would only re-arrange / All the other working parts / will stay in place" - "Re-Arrange"

"Now you know better / Why can't you fucking do better?" - "On a Bang"

"You don't, you won't, you can't and you never will / you would, you could, you should but you never do" - "Don't, Won't, Can't"

Lyrics like the above prove that Simon Neil is a clever lyricist. In combination with the punchy and emotion-packed choruses that often house these lines, Biffy Clyro proves that they are one of the most original alternative rock bands out there.

On the downside however, Simon Neil is also often guilty of writing "cringe-worthy" lyrics. On "Ellipsis," an example of this comes from the song "Medicine," with the lyrics: "Why can't this be love? / Tell me why can't this be love? / ... I shouldn't waste my time having you around ... / So Swallow your problems," etc. Another example comes from "Small Wishes" with the lyrics: "The lizard shit / and held it under our nostrils." Enough said! // 7

Overall Impression: Overall, "Ellipsis" feels like a slightly "pop-ier" version of "Opposites." Because of this, it is a great follow up to "Opposites," stepping in a new direction and sounding fresh. Though it is definitely not the best Biffy Clyro album.

On another note, Ben Johnston's overall effort on the drums on this album is slightly disappointing. I have always enjoyed his unique beats and how he makes them fit with Simon Neil's rhythmically unique riffs. There is definitely not as much of this on "Ellipsis." Though to be fair, I was unhappy with the instrumental effort overall, not just with the drums. If you want some cool drums, "Wolves of Winter" along with the two bonus tracks are decent drum tracks.

"Ellipsis" does not have much in common with Biffy's first three albums so I will not compare it to them. Though, I can say that I prefer "Ellipsis" over "Puzzle." If I lost this album, "Only Revolutions," and "Opposites" and could only buy back two of the three, I would buy back "Only Revolutions" and "Opposites."

Songs to check out? "Wolves of Winter," "Animal Style," "Flammable," "On a Bang," "Don't, Won't, Can't," and "In the Name of the Wee Man." // 7

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