Infinity Land Review

artist: Biffy Clyro date: 09/17/2007 category: compact discs
Biffy Clyro: Infinity Land
Released: Oct 4, 2004
Genre: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 13
Mixes fractured stop-start riffing with classical and folk influences and surreal lyrical themes, whilst being simultaneously heavier and more melodic than anything they have done before.
 Sound: 8.8
 Lyrics: 8.8
 Overall Impression: 8.8
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overall: 9
Infinity Land Reviewed by: frusciante_50, on september 17, 2007
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Sound: This album is a massive step forward from their previous two efforts (which I still enjoy listening to from time to time). Blackened Sky, and Vertigo of Bliss. Vertigo of Bliss especially followed the Nirvana formula "quiet verse loud chorus" and this got quite tedious. I only found myself really enjoying 'Joy.Discovery.Invention' 'Justboy' and '57.' This album takes these style songs but moves them forward in a way that only Biffy can (crazy dynamics and time signature changes). Simon also utilises heavy distortion on this record, but it is more effective and scarce than the other albums. // 9

Lyrics: These lyrics are some of the best that I have ever heard. The lyrics on especially the first record were fairly generic, but frontman Simon Neil really manages to put a lot of emotion across (almost definetly spurred on by the death of his mother) and the lyrics range from beautiful imagery, to bizarre similes and situations. Simon Neil only really sings his heart out on "The Atrocity," a song that still moves me after 3 years of listening to it, but his skills as a singer are undeniable. James and Ben Johnston also add backing vocals, but you need to see them live to appreciate who is singing which parts. // 9

Overall Impression: Biffy have succesfully taken their earlier influences (Nirvana, Weezer, Fugazi) and moulded their own sound, that a Biffy fan will always recognise. Most impressive songs are "Glitter and Trauma" "Some Kind Of Wizard" and "There's No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake." I love all but one of the tracks. "Only one word comes to mind" bores me to tears. I don't mind quieter songs, but I think that this one should not have been included as there are stronger B-sides. If this album were lost/stolen, I would rush out and buy it again. One of my favourite albums, and head and shoulders above their previous records. // 9

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overall: 6.7
Infinity Land Reviewed by: talman71, on april 15, 2005
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Sound: I ordered Infinity land in after reading a good review in Kerrang without ever hearing them before. They are a grungey, punk sort fo rock band. It's hard to explain as it's a very different and individual style. kind of like Nirvana (in the pop-rock sort of perspective, and maybe also lyrically) crossed with maybe At The Drive In. Very different, for me anyway. At first I wasn't sure but it really grew on me and now I think it's pretty good, although I don't like it when the lead singer screams, I don't believe he has a very good rock scream and it sometimes seems like a waste of talent because he has an amazing voice. Not bad. 3.5 but you can't put that so I'll put 3 I guess. // 6

Lyrics: The lyrics are fairly good with soem very deep meanings. Lyrically this is where the album stands out, the lyrics are pretty good. The singer has an amazing voice and as said above should use it more often, not the best rock scream. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall, for an order in album form a band I'd never heard I think it's a bit of a score. It's always good to have something very different stored away and I've found myself listening to nit a fair bit lately. I like so many different styles of music from Nirvana and Pearl Jam, to The Beatles and Oasis all the way to Slipkntot and Stone Sour with every rock band in between I spose. Overall it's a fairly good buy and if you want something different to break away form your regular style, give it a good listen a fair few times and you will find its well worth having. Once again I wanna put 3.5 because it's better than average, but it's not quite a 4, so I have to put 3. // 6

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overall: 10
Infinity Land Reviewed by: dogmeat, on april 18, 2005
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Sound: I think this review may be slightly biased because I'm in love with Biffy, but here goes anyway. You can't really catagorise Biffy, because they have their own sound, but 'screamo, post-hardcore, heavy metal-rock' will do. The Glaswegian trio (consisting of guitarist, bassist and drummer) use lots of little riffs, complex chords and time-signature changes to create catchy and emotional songs. Infinity Land is more co-ordinated and convential than their previous 2 albums (although some songs still sound like 5 melted together) and it is as Simon (lead singer/guitarist) put it: "A lot more pop than our previous work." This will be the result of 6 odd years of almost non-stop gigging and getting to really know the fans. It doesn't however (thankfully), lose the classic dark edge that their previous work has always had. The album was inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer, the notorious cannibal and serial killer and it features plenty of lyrical references (although not direct), more screaming and foreboding, heavy guitar sequences that add to create an emotional master-piece of each song. Although it does deal with death and somber emotions, it also has some very uplifting tracks (such as the phenomenal 'My Recovery Injection' which features a fantastic bass intro) and never manages to be distasteful or vulgar as many bands do. Biffy also experiment aplenty, with a dance intro (Glitter And Trauma), a male choir song (There's No Such Man As Crasp), a wander into death-metal land (The Kids Of Kibble And The Fist Of Light) and a soft, tender piano intro (The Atrocity). Plenty of tracks there too, and one for every mood and moment. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are very cryptic and poetic and really lift the music above anything else in their genre. Coupled with the rest of the song, Si's voice adds emotion and power to the song able to create wildly different feelings. Definitely not the usual boring and unoriginal rock-vocals. The screaming may not be to everyone's taste, and may take some getting used to, but once you've familiarised yourself with it, it becomes an integral part of the song. The other band members provide backing vocals and are (suprisingly) all equally skilled. This adds to the superb streak of quality that runs through this album. // 10

Overall Impression: Needless to say, any Biffy fan will love this. It features a whole lot of explorations of new territory, which keeps it interesting and is whirled in with enough old touches to give it a warm, fuzzy, familiar feeling. Not for everyone, but worth giving a chance, this could be the start of a new love-affair with an unforgettable band. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Infinity Land Reviewed by: WenDrknessFalls, on april 19, 2005
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Sound: A Touch Of Class here in what is Biffy's best album in my opinion to date. The sound on the CD is amazing, Simon's screaming is just brilliant, I don't know what the last guy was talking about, they're anything but punk. Some of their stuff can get pretty hardcore but these guys could pull off any type of music really. // 10

Lyrics: Very intense lyrics. Great sense of emotion from all three band members whilst singing. All equally as good as eachother. Again, these guys do several types of singing on the CD, from choir too screaming. // 8

Overall Impression: I don't think Biffy can really be compared to any other band in their style, it is really their own. But its brilliant, every music fan should give them a chance. Favourite song on this album is "Some Kind Of Wizard" or "There's No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake," really catchy tunes, amazing riffs on guitar and bass, drums are excellent too. // 10

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