Only Revolutions Review

artist: Biffy Clyro date: 11/09/2010 category: compact discs
Biffy Clyro: Only Revolutions
Released: Nov 6, 2009
Genre: Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock
Label: Roadrunner
Number Of Tracks: 12
The album is named after the novel Only Revolutions by Mark Z. Danielewski.
 Sound: 9.4
 Lyrics: 8.4
 Overall Impression: 9.4
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overall: 8
Only Revolutions Reviewed by: kmurra76, on november 09, 2009
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Sound: Just picked up my advanced copy of Only Revolutions by Biffy Clyro. The sound on this album is much the same as the album which immediately preceeded it, that would be 2007's Puzzle. Biffy have played it safe and done nothing that will anger their current fans, however they have not done much-other than the powerful lead single 'That Golden Rule'-to bring in the new ones. Continuing in the image of 'Puzzle'; 'Revolutions' is a much more polished affair than anything that preceeded 'Puzzle'. The guitar playing should serve to please any fans of the genre and provide many hours of fun attempting to learn. The rythym section is as steady and solid as you would expect and Simon neil's vocals continue to improve with time. The sound at times is much more dramatic such as the closing of 'That Golden Rule' or closer Whorses but as previously stated their is not much more of a stray from the norm. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are at times innovative and emotional, occasionally humorous and rarely dull. I feel I must point out that people however should expect as amny heart-wrenching personal lyrics as previous albums. This is overall a much lighter and fluffier affair than some of their previous efforts. The lyrics fit's in perfectly with the music most of the time, however whenever I listen to 'The Captain' I'm left feeling it would have been much more appropriate over some epic muse style riffage but maybe that's just me! // 7

Overall Impression: Overall revolutions is a typically great piece of work from the Scottish Trio. Rarely a dull moment on this album other than the fourth track God and Satan which could be used as a cure for sleep deprivation, however I think this album will be pleasing to both long serving Biffy fans and newer comers. I see Revolutions sprouting four or five singles and should definetly be a chart topper. Mon the biffy! // 8

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overall: 9.7
Only Revolutions Reviewed by: thedefrockednun, on november 17, 2009
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Sound: The first song I heard from this album was of course Mountains. Upon hearing it for a first time had the same reaction as my entire family and many others, "nothing special". I listened to it another few times and quickly fell in love with it, as did my family and the same goes for That Golden Rule. It seems to me that the Scottish trio has found the "perfect sound" to satisfy both the old generation as well as the new one. This album has a bit of everything. One can hear some inspiration from Vertigo of Bliss as well as from Puzzle. Simon's vocals are better than ever and he proves it to us in songs such as Mountains, Bubbles or Many of Horror. The three Scots have really outdone themselves, the instruments fit perfectly together, they all mix together to create a truly "epic" sound. The best songs (in my opinion) are Mountains, The Captain, That Golden Rule, Bubbles, Many of Horror and Born On a Horse. The other songs are also great. It is probably the first album that I have ever listened to from which I like every single song. Finally I want to talk about Biffy's "chill factor". The brilliant vocals, catchy choruses and outstanding riffs are the source of the band's "chill factor". Whenever I listen to Mountains or Bubbles, I get goosebumps and a feeling of cold rushes down my back and arms. The more I listen to the album, the more I love it, if I were to write this very review tomorrow, it would be so sycophantic that ut wuldn't be published. // 10

Lyrics: This album is very interesting lyric-wise. As I mentioned earlier on, the first song I heard was Mountains and until today, I still do not understand the lyrics. I'm not sure whether they are to philosophical and poetic for me or whether they just make no sense. To be honest though, it doesn't matter to me what "I wrote a note to the jungle and they wrote me back that I was never crowned, king of the jungle so, there's an end to my horizon" means, it fits the song perfectly. In this album, the lyrics may have less meaning however they contribute to the melody. If one were to change the lyrics, the whole song would be different. The lyrics in this album's songs have much more melodic value than poetic value if you know what I mean. Many people are saying that the lyrics of Only Revolutions' songs are weak, however I must say that I disagree. The lyrics have become an instrument, they shape the song and I do not think that they are replaceable. Simon has proven that he is indeed one of the best singers in the Rock/Indie industry right now. He sings absolutely brilliantly. I cannot really tell you what it is but there is something about the vocals in this album (as in all Biffy albums) that put me into a trance. Another amazing thing are the backup vocals that make everything sound practically miraculous. As I said, some lyrics are a bit simplistic but in most cases, I wouldn't change a thing. The vocals are just unbelievable. // 9

Overall Impression: This is the second time that I am writing this review because my c froze last time, that is how much I love this album! First let me say, that I love Biffy Clyro to death, I never thought that I could love a band as much as I love(d) Iron Maiden but Biffy Clyro have done it! Even though there are no insane guitar solos or things of that sort, they do not cease to amaze me, they work brilliantly together as a band. The first thing I saw when I acquired the album was the cover. It is a brilliant album cover, beautiful art work I must say, the idea is very good and I spent quite a while staring at the cover. The music is just brilliant, I have an immense feeling of joy when I hear the Bubbles chorus, it is indescribable, just fantastic. Everything in this album is great! As opposed to quite a few Biffy Clyro fans, I really love all of their stuff including Vertigo of Bliss and Puzzle. So far though, I think that Only Revolutions could be their best album yet! // 10

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overall: 9.7
Only Revolutions Reviewed by: Lonely-Enigma, on november 13, 2009
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Sound: I've been a fan of Biffy Clyro ever since my eldest brother brought home both Blackened Sky and The Vertigo Of Bliss when I was around 11 maybe 12. I have to say both of the albums blew my mind although I have never been much of a fan of Simon's screaming. They almost instantly became my favourite band. I was disappointed with Infinity Land and remains to this day my least favourite Biffy album with Puzzle not far behind. Only Revolutions is Biffy Clyro back-tracking and writing the best record since Vertigo, they have very nearly regained their epic original style. When I first heard the song Mountains (unknown that it would be on the album) I wasn't too impressed, I didn't hear anything that stood out from the song, but as I heard it more I began to love every second, the piano intro is truly beautiful and Simon's voice is perfect. Again the same thing happened when I first heard That Golden Rule, I wasn't impressed and had a bad feeling about the upcoming album, but as I listened to it again I heard much more, it was so original and unique, I began to love it, especially the build up/second half of the song, I can't help myself but to bob my head and sing to the excellent choice of time signatures which Biffy seem to have a perfect ear for. The same thing Happened with The Captain but again I love it now. So many people have begun to hate Biffy Clyro for becoming famous but they seriously deserve it and more. I personally pre-ordered one of 2000 limited edition Only Revolutions boxsets and the day it came I was shaking with excitment, partly because I wasn't expecting it to come until the album was actually released. I put the 12" vinyl into my record player and cranked up the volume. Perfect, the riffs are excellent and so very much Biffy Clyro. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are almost perfect, the vocals on Bubbles, God And Satan, Booooom, Blast And Ruin, Many Of Horror and Know Your Quarry are breathtaking with Bubbles almost bringing me to tears and sending shivers down my spine every time I listen to it. Simon's lyrical fassion has certainly progressed and changed since Blackened Sky but I absolutely love it all the same. Ben and James' Singing is still perfect and every word they sing fits perfectly with the music. The only thing I would object to about the lyrics is the verses of Cloud Of Stink, Simon sings far too high for his own good and brings the song down just a little bit but the song is still epic although being my least favourite of the album. The trio's voices are a perfect compliment to each other and their music. // 9

Overall Impression: I love this album, it is everything I needed to hear from Biffy as they're my favourite band by far and since owning the new album I have nothing else on my MP3 player except from their entire repertoire. Every album, and almost every B-side, if only I had them all. MY favourite songs on this album are by far Bubbles, That Golden Rule, Many Of Horror and Know Your Quarry. For anyone that started with Puzzle take a listen to this album and love every second, it is their original style with new songs and better recording. Possibly my second favourite Biffy album so far behind Vertigo of Bliss. I love Simon's voice and passion for his music, it fits perfectly and he almost never writes anything he can't quite handle. If I ever lost this album or it was stolen I would actually cry, The boxset means too much to me and would be irriplaceable. I would by this album a hundred times over, it's pure genius. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Only Revolutions Reviewed by: JorgeM93, on may 14, 2010
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Sound: This was my first Biffy Clyro CD, so I can't compare it to anything before, like I see in most reviews... To me the sound is just brutal, and even though lots of people classified as Indie, I go to a more Alternative ground. "The captain" brings a good start to the record, although is probably one of the weakest tracks, in my opinion... "The golden Rule", on the other hand, starts with an energy that's gonna spread along the record, with amazing drums, cool riff and the strings at the end make a perfect combination... Then "Bubbles" proceeds with a slow start, but epic ending, and probably the best guitar in the whole album! "God and Satan" are a good balad, but not memorable, and "Born on a horse" is the best song in the CD, in my opinion! Very "danable", with a good bass line and very criative drums... The album then loses a little steam with "Mountains" and "Shock shock", good fillers but nothing special if you evaluate them individually... Then there are 3 songs that build the momentum for the last memorable moment of the disc, "Know your quarry", with its organ line and impressive vocals is a really nice addition to the CD, that ends with "Whorses", a classical "ending theme", that makes you want to listen to the album again, over and over again... Referring now to the music itself, the guitar riffs are well explored, often with catchy rhythms that can make you whistle alongside... The bass is nothing spectacular, but gets the job done as it complements the lack of a rhythmic guitar most of the time, and the drums are oftenly unusual (in a good way), showing criativity... Finally, the vocals are really impressive, if you consider he's a vocalist/guitar player, and they really help you immerse in the song, even though the Scottish accent is often present and can ruin things a little. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics in "Only revolutions" are often confusing and hard to interpretate, but they show a great emotion within, complemented by the already mentioned awesome vocals. Lyrics like "The captain", or mainly "Mountains" may seem a little forced, with its predictable rhymes, but then there are songs like "God and Satan", or "Know your quarry" (to me, the highlight of the album in lyrics) that show a lot of meaning if we listen to them carefully, and oftenly show a little ironic side, even "Grungy", if you will, like on God and Satan's "I talk to God as much as I talk to Satan cuz I want to hear both sides, dies that make me cynnical? There are no miracles, and this is no miraculous life"... // 8

Overall Impression: Only Revolutions is definitively a mark on Biffy Clyro's carreer, in a good way, as its a CD that grows on you, after many hearings, you still haven't got enough of it... It's filled with epic moments, that help covering some minor flaws... It's gonna be hard for its successor to beat it, musically... Really recommend "Bubbles", "Born on a horse", "Boom, blast and ruin" and "Know your quarry", and think you can ignore "The captain", "Mountains", and "Shock shock"... // 9

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overall: 9.3
Only Revolutions Reviewed by: MattyD96, on november 09, 2010
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Sound: It Seems that after 2007's Puzzle, Biffy Clyro have taken a more mainstream approach to their music, however this hasn't taken it's toll on their sound. The first song on the album is The Captain which is a great opening track, with a 20 second build up of what appears to be stomping or clapping it then breaks in to the riff with violins added in, which Biffy have chosen to use on numerous songs such as The Captain, That Golden Rule and previous songs like Living is a Problem... overall the sound of the album is Great and might sound poppy at some points but that's just them trying to break mainstream. // 9

Lyrics: As with Any Biffy Clyro album, some of Lyrics Don't quite make sense, Such as Born On A Horse where some lyrics are: you could be my acid queen until the end of time you can have it all you're stuck in the middle reason one and all, I was born on a horse that's all I Don't quite understand what simon is talking about but the lyrics don't matter as much as the melody as the voice, which he pulls off flawlessly. The lyrics at times shown aggression with songs like cloud of stink, but can also ooze serenity like the philosophical God & Satan. // 9

Overall Impression: My Overall impression is that Only Revolutions an amazing album and I would definitly buy it again if I had to. I think most people will agree that Biffy Clyro have not disappointed it's fan base and have proably gained some more with this pop-rock effort. // 10

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