Puzzle review by Biffy Clyro

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  • Released: Jun 4, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (267 votes)
Biffy Clyro: Puzzle

Sound — 10
The latest Biffy Clyro album entitled Puzzle is about the current state of mind the band was in, mainly the lead singer Simon Neil. After suffering a lot of losses and frantic touring they finally sat down for more than a year to write what has turned out to be one of the epic masterpieces of 2007. Produced by themselves and the famous GGGarth they have formed full circle starting on frantic orchestral strings and ending on a somber acoustic piece. The official 2nd single for the album 'Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies' is the perfect choice for an opener. With it's lower tuning and catchy chorus it reels the viewer in for the entire five minute journey leaving them champing at the bit. One of the most original pieces of the album I believe is A Whole Child Ago. It is very poppy which may already have heads turned but it certainly is catchy and grows on you over time. Currently my third favourite on the album. There is another challenger on the album being 9/15ths which certainly pushes the previous biffy barriar and provides a succulent weird time signature that is a little bit repetitive in parts but certainly does not take away from the song. Starts on a clean haunting guitar piece and then goes into a frantic rock epic that reminds you strongely of the oompa loompas. Love Has A Diameter with it's "I'm watching the radio but it's the television looking at me" chorus is one of the albums softer songs with an amazing build up during the song leading to more melody and what I can see as an anthemic sing a long at all live shows. "The Conversation Is..." first verse reminded me of a poppier funeral for a friend song that actually sounds good. It has been talked about by the band that they use an irregular tuning for this song that is still unknown and not revealed. I think this song really shines on the 2nd chorus/prechorus when the interlude kicks in just before 2 minutes. Overall it's more radio friendly than their previous outings but as many believe this spells the end for any artistic band, I believe this is only the beginning for manic scottish trio.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics on this album appear to have been more thought out that previous albums and possibly are seen as 50:50 with the music. Some lyrics really hit to the bone without even listening to the music and a perfect example would be the opening two lines of 'Machines' (which I am nearly certain is about a very dark time in the lead singers life a few years ago when a family member passed away). 'I would dig a thousand holes to lay next to you/I would dig a thousand more if I needed to.' A few of the albums lyrics are typical biffy lyrics that I will never understand but it does not take away from the sing a long value.

Overall Impression — 10
After listening to this album track by track I felt satisfied and wanting more, feeling a rush from music I have not experience in quite awhile. Every song is something new which is something I love about an album. Even though I have been a big fan of this band for awhile I quite like this progression they have taken such as Silverchairs jump to Diorama (may not be the best example but the only one that came to mind). Having listened to it now around 10 times (1st track until the last) I am now looking for another album to even try to remove this from my favourite album of the year and possibly decade. Overall this deserves 10 out of 10. it's obvious that when the band decided to break the one album per year trend they were spending all that time making the perfect album to define them at this stage of their lives. The stand out tracks in my view are Whos Got A Match, Machines, As Dust Dances, Love Has A Diameter. So now that you have read this I hope you check this album out as it will be one that will be talked about in ten years from now.

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    I don't care for BC but the chorus for the first single they released of this was pretty catchy.
    no mention of folding stars? Simon's mother Eleanor passed away, thats what folding stars is about, possibly machines aswell. awesome album!
    ive seen em live 2 times n still not got there Cd. i must get this
    I'm really unimpressed with what I've heard so far, though I suppose I'm too in love with Vertigo Of Bliss, which might cloud my judgement.