666 Live review by Billy Talent

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  • Released: Jan 22, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 6.9 (63 votes)
Billy Talent: 666 Live

Sound — 8
Quite often you hear from different bands that the best audience they had on concerts was in the UK and Germany. No wonder those turned out to be their best shows. This is one of those cases -- choosing shows for their live DVD, Billy Talent chose three biggest European concerts in London, Nrburgring and Dsseldorf. The CD that comes along with 666 Live DVD consists of the entire Dsseldorf concert. The album is very predictable and includes most of the band's hits like Try Honesty, The Ex, Devil in a Midnight Mass and of course Red Flag during which the crowd is just going mad. You'd wish for some covers or a teaser song from the next album on top of that, but not this time. Each song on the album carries a different story and a different melody. Though it all fades away a bit on a live record, it still varies the album. Especially in those tracks where frontman Ben Kowalewicz comments the track. His speech about George Bush in the beginning of Worker Bees fills a seemingly foolish song with a meaning. Feels like not a single punk-rock band can avoid this subject nowadays! Prisoners of Today has quite a long and annoying guitar intro. Not to mention the guitars sound too obviously off through all of it. Try Honesty is a beautiful ballad that only gains from the live sound. It could've been even better if not the Kowalewicz's nasal singing. Though the sound of the recording doesn't give you a feeling you've just been to the show, it is comparably good and you can feel the enthusiasm the guys are performing with.

Lyrics — 7
The album has both the tracks from the debut album and from the sophomore, so you can compare the progress in songwriting skills. While I don't see a dramatic change in the melodies and song structures, I should admit the lyrics became a bit better. At lease now they should be ashamed to sing lines like You can steal my body but you can't steal my soul / Cause this is how it is and this is how it goes. Even though this is a live record and you would suppose the vocalist to sound horrible (esp. listening to a CD when you're not distracted to his jumps on stage), vocalist Ben Kowalewicz is doing his job pretty well. His voice does break sometimes and he's not always hitting the right note, but the energy he's doing it with sure covers all the lacks. Still I have to mention this -- his singing in Line and Sinker reminds me of a little nasty dog barking...

Overall Impression — 7
The guys did their best on a concert. Hard to say who enjoyed the show more -- the audience or the band. Kowalewicz keeps repeating Danke schon! almost in every track. The band is performing with such an intense and passion which you can only hear from young musicians that are exited just from the fact there are more than 50,000 people watching them. This is something for the fans to keep up the interest and to fill the gap before the third album the guys are now working on. If you're not a member of a fan club, this would hardly get you interested.

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