Billy Talent III review by Billy Talent

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  • Released: Jul 17, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (65 votes)
Billy Talent: Billy Talent III

Sound — 9
After the Underground punk sound of the original Billy Talent album and the much more varied and soft release of Billy Talent II, we are handed a surreal mixture of the two. This faced pasted, emotional hard rock album has a lot of guts. Their's a lot of time and work put into this set of songs, The guitar riffs are impressive and well written (Devil on My Shoulder, Sudden Movements)Ian D'sa has made an extensive amount of great solos for this album (Rusted From the Rain, Saint Veronika) The Drums by Aaron Solonuwick are absoulutely amazing, they're at their best in 'Saint Veronika' however 'Rusted from the Rain' teaches us that something doesn't have to be complicated to be good. The bass is even more present in this album than the previous two (which strikes me as awesome, being a bassist) they even incorporated a bass solo into the first track of the album (Devil on my Shoulder), The whole album has a strong and classic feel to it, which separates it apart from its counterparts.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics on this album are written well and with detail, whereas sometimes the lyrics can give the obvious topic away ( Saint Veronika, White Sparrows ) the lyrics are obscure or well written enough to keep it not too obvious to a casual lister. The best song for lyrics is a cross between 'Pocketful of Dreams', 'Rusted From the Rain' and 'Devil on my Shoulder'. The lyrics are in-your-face yet beautiful, incorporating imagery with intellect.

Overall Impression — 10
This is certainly an extremely good album, it's better than their first one but still lacks the charm of their second. The songs are a lot more depressing than the others with topics like Divorce, Death of a loved one, War and Suicide, but they are still extremely entertaining and great to listen to. The whole album has a powerful sound and really gets into your head after a few listens. My personal favourites are 'Rusted from the Rain' and 'Saint Veronika'.

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    This album was great I still cant put it down. I like the direction they were going in on this while still staying consistent with their own sound. The song Rusted in the Rain feels like their first positive song since their days as Pezz! Not only in the message given but also in that bassline between the chorus and verses. Ive been looking for a song like this from the group for awhile. I watched the music video and it almost made me cry lol. I would have to agree the songs are harder to relate to but they leave a more diversified theme between each song than rage. I would honestly have to be disappointed if this album turned out to be a continuation of their first. After all these years they can still kick out a 110 percent!
    i liked thier first album but i couldnt stand thier second one. this album was great and really made me become a billy talent fan again
    poopsmith wrote: I've gotta admit that being a huge fan of thier first two albums; this one was a bit dissapointing. I definetely enjoyed rocking out to the guitar solos and really enjoyed learning the basslines and guitar riffs, the softer radio-friendly sound isn't working for me. I definetely think that say "When I Was a Little Girl" and "Burn the Evidence" were better closing tracks than "Definition of Destiny". All in all this wasn't a bad album with it's great harmonies and ear catching lyrics in songs like "White Sparrows". It was pretty good.
    When I Was a Little Girl wasnt a closing song from any of their albums, it was a mid-album song from their Pezz days (Watoosh!) the closer on their first album was Voices of Violence