Take Them On, On Your Own Review

artist: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club date: 05/01/2006 category: compact discs
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Take Them On, On Your Own
Released: Sep 2, 2003
Genre: Rock
Tones: Stylish, Brash, Rollicking, Fiery, Energetic, Slick
Styles: Post-Grunge, Post-Rock/Experimental
Number Of Tracks: 12
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Take Them On, On Your Own Reviewed by: dead_kennedy, on january 14, 2004
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Sound: The second offering from this amazing band sounds like a mix of a gloomy day and chillin with good friends. Very indie/grunge/rock n roll but also a influence of blues put in the album. Defintely quite rare sound. B.R.M.C once again have used the instruments to the full on this superb album with thumping drums and catchy, groovy basslines and sonic guitar sounds. It really is a gift that the bass and guitar mix so well and that the drums provide a decent backing for more of the rocking tracks such as "Six Barrel Shotgun". The whole album has a variety of sounds going from the catchy "Were all in love" to the groovy chilled sound to "Stop" then going to a bluesy low sound of "a shade of blue" to even an acoustic track "And I'm aching". // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics really show a unique side to B.R.M.C going to moody depressing to uplifting, upbeat lines. Going to quite manic, cool lines like "you lose your tongue but you know you'll never need it, hush your head I don't wanna remind you, you held my hand when I couldn't take the pressure, save yourself 'cause I need some simulation baby" show fast lyrics to good, fast behind it. Another song which I stands out lyric wise is the grieving, lone feel of "And I'm aching" with lines such as "I can't wait for long I'm sorry, all I have left has left me gone. I can't stay for long I'm sorry, all that's left has kept me strong" suit the acoustic track perfectly. // 10

Overall Impression: This is a impressive album and stands out from the last self titled album pushing it to more expermintal areas of music and a lot of reflective lyrics. This band is something quite unique to other indie rock bands out there today and can't really compare it unless maybe a sound like Pink Floyd (so you know it's good). I love the whole sound of the album going from rocking guitar riffs and groovy basslines to some mellow slower tracks and then to gloomy songs of sorrow. There is nothing I do not like about this album, honest. I would definitely go buy this album again if it was stolen. This a truly a magnificent album in all aspects and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a likeness to rocking, dark, mellow albums all put into one. // 10

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overall: 9.7
Take Them On, On Your Own Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 01, 2006
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Sound: This album shows BRMC at their finest so far. They fuse together distorted, catchy bass riffs with slide guitar, power chords, lead fills and pounding drums which carry the songs through from begginning to end. Some of the riffs on this album are simply genius, listen to 'Six Barrell Shotgun' or 'Going Under', they're so catchy and fit together so well with the backing bass guitar and bluesy licks. Some songs just make you want to pick up a guitar and learn them all the way through so you could be as cool as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, which has to be impossible. // 10

Lyrics: BRMC has two singers which either have their own songs they sing or they can take it in turn to sing on one track. The use of backing vocals on this album really helps the laid back sound of the lead vocals and the lyrics. A particular part of this album which sticks in my head is the "I'm looking for something to shout" part of 'We're all in love', which shows the vocals flow beautifully along with the music, its part of why I love this album. "I don't think you care to know, but you've taken out my heart and soul" is my favourite lyric on this album which can be found on the last track "Heart + Soul". It shows how deep and laid back this album is but at the same time has the raw energy and passion to back it up. // 9

Overall Impression: This is one of my favourite albums, it stands so far out from other alternative or indie rock bands out there today, it can hardly be compared against them. 'Take Them On, On Your Own' is definately an improvement on their debut 'BRMC', which was also good but it did not display the quality aspects that there are on this album. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are so laid back and cool and that really shows in this album, I highly recommned it, go get it. // 10

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