Black Stone Cherry Review

artist: Black Stone Cherry date: 07/28/2006 category: compact discs
Black Stone Cherry: Black Stone Cherry
Release Date: Jul 18, 2006
Genres: Southern Rock, Hard Rock, Post-Grunge
Label: Roadrunner
Number Of Tracks: 13
The debut album from youthful Kentucky rockers Black Stone Cherry meanders comfortably somewhere between metal and Southern rock.
 Sound: 9.3
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 6
Black Stone Cherry Reviewed by: snwpaint32, on july 28, 2006
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Sound: Being a fan of southern rock (such as Lynyrd Skynyrd), Black Stone Cherry is a breath of fresh air for those looking for "the classic" rock equation (big guitar, loud bass and drums, and a simple sound) First listening to BSC, you might suspect this is going to be another predictable try at trying to hard rock but not quite Metal, well to put it simply. This is a beautiful album. The simple guitar riffs with the classic Cry Baby solos, the loud drums, the occasional quick bass riff, and a singer that you can tell has a classic rock/southern rock feel. Being a hard rock band out of Kentucky and being signed onto Roadrunner might be a little intimidating at first and may give some listeners second thoughts about purchasing this album, however their performance is nothing less than spectacular. // 9

Lyrics: The Lyrics in this album are thought out as is any bands when they want to make a big impression on the listener. Black Stone Cherry's lyrics are simple with a sort of catchy tune. Lead vocalist Chris Robertson has the typical hard rock voice with occasional yell; however what makes him unique is his resemblance to famous southern singers such as Ronnie Van Zant. No joke, this guy has talent and knows how to make a lasting impression on his listeners. // 8

Overall Impression: If you are looking for someone new on the block that is really going to leave a big impression on your musical focus, and especially something so simple. Black Stone Cherry's debut album is perfect. They are (in my opinion) good enough to play with the big dogs, and this album shows they want to kick ass, and boy do they ever. So, if you are looking for just a good hard/heavy rock album that you can bang you're too and if you like the simple southern rock, this is a must have. However, if you are into a more metal scene, I would suggest you pick this up or go to website and listen to their sound. In conclusion, Black Stone Cherry is a fresh of breath air for those who are just looking to rock out, nothing to complicated, and easy to listen and even just playing along with. Give them a chance, cause I feel that these southern rockers are going to take names, kick ass, and blow up the rock scene. // 1

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overall: 9.7
Black Stone Cherry Reviewed by: Boooonnngggggg9, on december 19, 2006
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Sound: The sound in this album blew me away. When I first heard there free web songs, Lonely Train, Rain Wizard, and Crosstown Woman. I thought wow I wanna get this album so badly. When I did, I was not disapionted at all! every song rocks. You know that feeling you get when you get free songs then the album comes out, and it's not so great. BSC didn't let me down. Very southern sound, The guitar, drums, bass, constantly going with very happy feel songs, even the song Tired of the Rain was happy feeling even if it had some depression in it. Every song sounds different, this album is 0 repitive. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are simple metaphor. similie thing. You undertsand them very well. There straight forward but not boring. The singer is amazing. very southern voice. The order the songs are in are perfect. This album is just amazing. // 10

Overall Impression: Every song is awesome. If I had to choose one bad one out of all the great ones it would be violator girl, but I love that song. No fillers. Best debut album in long time. I'm a 100% metal fan and I love this album, and this album doesnt't have metal just hard southern rock. This album isn't a disapiontment it's worth $100, but Luckily it's only $20 or under. Very recommended if your into old BLS, Brand new sin, Alter Bridge, bands like that. Even if you don't like those bands you would probably love this band too. My only rpoblem is that they don't have 'Big City Lights' on the album, it's a really good song. If you want to listen to it go to there site, roadrunners or there myspace, it's worth a listen. If your reading this grab money from your wallet and go buy this album now. // 10

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overall: 9.7
Black Stone Cherry Reviewed by: SkynyrdNation, on june 30, 2010
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Sound: The reason this album reeks of that 70's southern hard rock with songs like rollin' on and Tired of the Rain. The band are of course the sons and relations of The Kentucky Headhunters and you can tell that the parents have been obvserving Black Stone Cherry's down tuned southern inspired riffs and solo's very closely. Black Stone Cherry are not here to mess about from the first track Rain Wizard you are hit in the face and its freakin' awesome. Heavy complex drumming from John Fred Young hits you dead set between the eyes and as soon as Chris Robertson shouts the heaven's "HERE COMES THE RAIN!" you know your about to be thundered. C# riffs with a southern flavour sprinkled on. Lovely. // 10

Lyrics: I do believe that Black Stone Cherry's legendary parents may have rubbed off here. Chris Robertson sings the words he's written like his life depends on it. The brilliant thing is, the lyrics stick in your head like a big axe. The chorus's are strong, beefy and lyricaly brilliant. They make use of using strong words that will stick in your head. These are stadium songs with stadium lyrics that you want to scream to the heaven's at Donington Park and Wembley Stadium. Its genius. // 9

Overall Impression: Every song on this album is a screemer. Absolutley awesome. Apart from one song which I just felt diden't need to be there. The album up to that point is a Harley Davidson speeding down route 66 which then suddenly hits a bump in the road and bursts a tyre. Why cover a Yardbirds song? Shapes of things just does not fit on this album. Despite this Rain Wizard (the opening track) is a killer song, a set opener, the sort of song that tells your audience this is what we do and we aint gunna' mess about doing it. The other two singles Lonely Train and Hell and High Water prove the musicianship of the band and how clever these four boys from Edmonton, Kentucky really are. If your a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan, You will love this album. If your a Blackfoot fan you will love this album. If you are a Metallica fan you will love this album. If you are a Aerosmith fan you will love this album. Its Heavy Southern Rock and I freakin' love it. // 10

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