Folklore And Superstition [Special Edition] review by Black Stone Cherry

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (14 votes)
Black Stone Cherry: Folklore And Superstition [Special Edition]

Sound — 8
NOTE: Although there is the album "Folklore and Superstition," a special edition of the album was released in 2009 which had a bonus CD with 10 extra tracks on it, and because this CD is of a reasonable length I decided to do separate review on it (look on "Folklore and Superstition" review to get a review of the normal 13 track album as I haven't reviewed it here-this is just about the 10 extra tracks that come with the special edition).

The Kentucky rockers have shown that they are more than capable of creating lots of tracks that will have you rocking out. Although a band that is still relatively unknown, only starting growing properly in popularity (as of 2009), Black Stone Cherry continue to play their brand of hard rock and this bonus CD certainly wont do any harm to their reputation as good song writers. Although these songs will be new to most people, some of the songs are off previous EPs-but there are some previously unheard songs on here as well. The soloing is some of the best the band has done too.

As far as overall sound goes, the tracks are like a cross between the sound of the first album and second album-however this to be expected as the songs were written in-between the release of the two albums and the result is better than the actual albums at some points.

Lyrics — 9
As far as lyrics go, they are not particularly stand-out, being in the style you'd expect of the genre, adressing subjects such as having a good time, relationships, and just general kickin ass! But in comparison to the first two BSC albums they are more cleverly written and memorable. These are aided by some good vocal line & as a result some of the songs are more catchy.

Here is a list of the individual songs:

01.Yeah Man: of all the songs on here this one sounds the most like a reject off of the second album, but it is still good.Although at first a after the intial listens it seems boring and repetitive due to unimaginative lyrics, after a while you realise how catchy it is, and as a guitarist you start to appreciate the cool riffing in the bridge. 6/10

02. Big City Lights: originally from the 'Hell And High Water EP'-one of the two EPs released between albums-this was released as a single-which is when I originally heard it-i was really annoyed at the time because I couldn't get a copy of the single-but no problems, it was on here. Awesome song-one that could definitely have replaced most of the songs on the their first two albums. Sound-wise, it's like a more matured version of the sound from first album. A song that manages to mix ballady verses with cool rocky chorus 10/10!

03. We Are The Kings: also originally from the 'Hell And High Water EP' -This song sounds like something off of the first album. This one has a cool riff in the verse and not bad soloing at the end. The vocals are sung in a way reminiscent of 'Backwoods Gold' off of the first album. Could have easily replaced a couple of tracks on the first album. 8/10

04. Bulldozer: another previuosly unheard song.A solid rocker with riffs to keep any guitarist happy. Not a particularly outstanding song but far from bad as despite not having such a rememberable chorus, its worth listening to simply for the killer solo and hearing vocalist Chris Robertson snarl "and thats why they call me.....BULLDOZER!" 8/10

05. Cowboys: sounds more second album than first.Catchy chorus and another solo that is pretty cool. 7/10

06. Drinkin' Chamgpagne: one word describes this song-OUTSTANDING.Originally from the 'Rain Wizard EP.'Definetly one of their best songs IMO.Same style of song as 'Bitter end' off of the second album-a ballad mixed with a hard rock song-its works really well. The chorus is catchy, the lyrics are soulful and the riffs and solo kicks lots of ass. 10/10!

07. Peace Is Free (Acoustic): this is an acoustic version of a song off of the second album. It works quite well but I wouldn't really say I like it any more/less than the original. 7/10

08. Hell And High Water (Acoustic): this is an acoustic version of a track on the first album. IMO-it doesn't really sound that great-the vocals that are recorded don't sound as good, the riffs and solos sound a bit twangy and messy on acoustic, and the song in general sounds lacking in depth without the the normal instruemnt set up the band has (two guitars, bass, drums). 2/10

09. Lonely Train (Acoustic): of all the tracks that are acoustic versions of songss off of the first album this one works the best-still suffers from some of the problems as 'H&HW (Acoustic)- eg, missing depth, riffs sounding a bit rubbish on a dropped C# tuned acoustic guitar 6/10

10. Maybe Someday (Acoustic): this is another acoustic version of a track on the first album.just doesn't quite work.same problems a 'H&HW (Acoustic) 2/10

Overall Impression — 10
O.k-so overall this is a good selection of songs, and although some of the acoustic songs don't quite cut it as good songs, it was still interesting to hear them. I WOULD buy this album again, and I would recommend it as well, if simply for the two songs Big City Lights and Drinkin' Champagne but there other good ones that BSC fans will definitely enjoy. Also-consider the fact that you are buying this CD ALONG WITH Folklore & Superstition, so it is definitely worth the small amount of money extra compared with the standard F&S album.

Well worth buying-whether you are new to BSC or not.

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    Sounds cool. I should say that Yeah Man is featured on Live at the Astoria so it's older than the second album. Also man I saw a video on youtube of them playing Lonely Train acoustic in someone's backyard and it was awesome, but I guess if this is a studio version it'll probably lack the energy, but if you haven't seen that you should probably look it up. It might change your perspective on that track.
    soz sol-sob-on-pcp bout the mistake bout tuning-got confused with rain wizard.