Rebels review by Black Veil Brides

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  • Released: Dec 12, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.4 (97 votes)
Black Veil Brides: Rebels

Sound — 9
The Black Veil Brides have a new EP out called "Rebels" and it really rocks. It features all the heavy riffing and glamness that makes BVB so much fun. In addition, there's a Zakk Wylde solo on this album, which is more than enough reason to listen to anything. The guitar work is fun as always and some of the part are really impressive. The bass from Ashley is heavier than on previous efforts, which gives BVB a darker sound. The drums are fairly solid too and feature some nice fills. The vocals are especially good on this record and feature plenty of sing a long choruses. Yet the guitar duo of Jinxx and Jake truly takes this band to the next level. Jinxx has some rhythm parts on this record that show that even though he can be an obnoxious douche his guitar playing more than compensates for it. His guitar work is headbanging and fun and pays a big tribute to his glam roots. Jake's solos on this record are excellent, the shredding on "Coffin" is excellent and shows a lot of skill. His lead part on "Rebel Yell" is also very well done and gives the song a great BVB flavor. The Wylde solo on Unholy is excellent and very pentatonic. All in all the guitar work on this record is very solid. The bass work of Ashley Purdy is very solid on this record. She apparently got the right to turn the bass up because the bass lines on "Rebels" are loud and proud. In particular the chugging bass line on "Unholy" gives a great rhythm to the music. On other songs like "Coffins" Purdy sits back a little but her bass is still heavy and succeeds in making the music heavier than on previous releases. The drum work is excellent and features a bunch of fills. Christian Coma never fails to pump out the good stuff and this record proves no exception.

Lyrics — 9
The vocals from Biersack are rather different on "Rebels". While he retains his normal style things seem a lot heavier with him. There is a lot more growling on this EP than on "Set The World On Fire". Something has happened in the BVB camp to make Biersack much more aggressive and evil sounding. Personally I find the new type of vocals to be fairly pleasing and showing some variety from the Brides which is always nice. The lyrics are typical of this band, they talk mostly about lost love and angsty anger at the world. They're fun to listen too but honestly not great.

Overall Impression — 8
In conclusion, the latest effort from the Black Veil Brides is fun and shows a lot of skill. The guitar parts are great and the solos are awesome as ever. The bass is heavier than ever and gives the band a darker sound. The drum work is some of the best in the genre and leaves the ears happy. Biersack's vocals are a lot more evil sounding and are starting to show some maturity. In brief, this record is a great one and shows a lot of progress on the part of the band.

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    I think black veil brides sound and also look amazing and haters are just jealous. BVB inspire so many people with their music and just because some people dont like them doesnt give them the right to label them so just remember alot of other people support black veil brides.
    To the unregistered person who wrote the recent review, Ashley Purdy is a GUY. HE did a great job on the record. That is a huge error on your part.
    ltd v100
    im a big fna of bvb been a fan since they came out n what they are doing now is getting bigger and bigger , and most of it is because of all the hate, you "haters" are actually bringing them more attention n some what of a bigger fan base so i thank you
    I am honestly not afraid to say I like this band A LOT. I used to hate them with a passion but that's cuz I judged their looks not their music. I mean once you get passed their looks songs like The Legacy, Perfect Weapon, and Rebel Love Song are pretty legit rock songs. They aren't the all lol...but they are deffinetly a pretty legit band and I'm becoming more and more into them. I mean be honest if Tool, Metallica, Trivium...or any other respected metal band...dressed like this we'd be typing three paragraph long hate comment about their latest video or making Facebook hate pages about them too. So honestly judge the music by the MUSIC not the clothes. ANYWAYS i have yet to give this EP a listen but judging by the first reveiw it sounds like they're progressing.
    BVB need to be more influenced by 80's thrash not glam metal, Thrash is a lot better and appeals to more of the metalheads
    ltd v100 wrote: im a big fna of bvb been a fan since they came out n what they are doing now is getting bigger and bigger , and most of it is because of all the hate, you "haters" are actually bringing them more attention n some what of a bigger fan base so i thank you
    i'm a big fan to but the've sort of lost it, if the became more heavier they would have more fans and they'd probably be very big
    Ladmia wrote: Weedbone wrote: Ladmia wrote: Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Dee Snyder, and Sebastian Bach have all come out in support of Black Veil Brides. You can have your own opinion, and I can have mine. However, you may want to check who the big name guys are into before you throw their names in it. Check out Alice Cooper's acceptance of the Kerrang Icon Award:
    Also, what's wrong with a person realizing there is something missing in the music scene now, and capitalizing on it? If a band isn't out to become known worldwide, then what are they doing? Everyone has their own opinion about music, and that's what makes each genre unique. Best comment here by far. To all of you who are saying that they sound just like other bands, have you even listened through Set The World On Fire, their 2nd album? There's thrash, metalcore, glam, and even some pop rock elements in the songs. Almost all the bands/artists that make it, seems to have something in common. They listen to different musical genres instead of labeling everything as "crap" or "shit". There's a reason they are where they are, instead of roaming the internet writing ironic comments about how various artist suck. When ****ing Alice Cooper aknowledges Black Veil Brides, you should ****ing trust him! Thank you .
    THey need more thrash influence and need to be heavier. i like them but they need to be heavier