Rebels review by Black Veil Brides

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  • Released: Dec 12, 2011
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 5.4 (97 votes)
Black Veil Brides: Rebels

Sound — 8
This EP's sound is pretty decent. The guitar work is great and I feel like even though Andy's voice continues to deepen he still makes it work. I'm more of a fan of BVB's first album more than their new but I believe this album brought that rock'n'roll feel people love. Its a pretty solid record and the covers on it are better than I expected. I'm actually impressed with the Rebel Yell cover. Andy's voice has the edge on it to really make it work. That being said his screams on this record are weak. they're no where close to any legit screaming but he gives his screams his own personal twist. Which I find pretty cool. Overall a good sounding EP.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics on the only new original on the EP "Coffin" are pretty cool. They add a great feeling of stress and anger to the record. The screaming in this song is different then you would usually hear. I'm not sure what to say about the other songs being that they are covers. But I feel they work well with the BVB style.

Overall Impression — 8
This EP isn't mind blowing and certainly isn't the groundbreaking album people think it is. I think its a good EP with a creative spin on the covers with a kick a-s new original. "Coffin" has an aggressive sound to it and I think its probably their best new song. I'm pretty happy with the EP and what BVB is doing currently. I don't think they're changing the metal scene in anyway whatsoever but they are definitely putting their two cents in. However I'm not too happy with their new sound. I wish they would go back to their original emo/gothic sound. I think if they would add a little Marilyn Manson feel to their music I think it would kick a-s. But overall this is a solid EP and I only recommend to people who enjoy BVB and some classic rock.

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    melissabvb wrote: I think black veil brides sound and also look amazing and haters are just jealous. BVB inspire so many people with their music and just because some people dont like them doesnt give them the right to label them so just remember alot of other people support black veil brides.
    It's a matter of opinion, and the opinion outside the BvB camp is that they're just not worth the acclaim and praise that washes at their feet. Any other band could do what they do and they'd sell records by the boatload, simply because BvB's fanbase will buy into anything that says "Hey! We're outsiders, and we sing about heartbreak and rebellion". And some of the comments that their "Real" fans come out with have about as much reason and research as a cup of cold sick, so it's a small wonder why people don't like BvB when the people who support them don't pay attention to what has gone before.
    Lol these comments made for a good read. Basically BVB have taken the look of early eighties wasp or shout at the devil motley crue, which looks great as an onstage image imo, and combined it with poor attempts at Avenged Sevenfold songs. I dont see what appeal they have, Avenged sevenfold do the same music but better and several eighties bands have already done the appearance. Personally I was quite excited when i first saw them, expecting Motley Crue style metal, unfortunately I was wrong. Also the singer is terrible, thats not opinion, its fact.
    Haters could check out this one---(8) Those times in life we learn to try, with one intention... Of learning how and when we'll die, but we can't listen. I wish to God I'd have known that I, I didn't stand a chance, of looking back and knowing why, a pain of circumstance... You're not alone, we'll brave this storm... So here's my song I wrote in time, when it was needed. Through pain of heart or loss of mind, you're burdens lifted. You aren't alone, just know that I, can't save our hearts tonight... You're not alone, we'll brave this storm, and face today you're not alone... You aren't alone, we'll brave this storm, and face today, you aren't alone... (8) Carolyn Or..... (8) *RAAAWR* Awake at night you focus, on everyone who's hurt you, and write a list of targets... your violence, lack of virtue... *LEAVE US ALONE! YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN! RAAAWR- GO! * We are breathing, while you're sleeping GO! And leave us alone. The lines cheated, our hearts beating GO! And now you're on your own. Here's to your perfect weapon, crack bones with blind aggression. Like birds who's wings are broken, you live without direction... *LEAVE US ALONE! YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN! * We are breathing, while you're sleeping GO! And leave us alone. The lines cheated, our hearts beating GO! And now you're on your own. GO! GO! GO! GO! And now you're on your own. GO! GO! And leave us alone. We are breathing, while you're sleeping, GO! And leave us alone. The lines cheated, our hearts beating, GO! And now you're on your own... (8) Perfect Weapon Or... (I could keep writing these lyrics out all day..) I never meant to be the one, who kept you from the dark. But now I know my wounds are sewn, because of who you are. I will take this burden on, and become the holy one, but remember I am human and I'm bound to sing this song... So hear my voice, remind you not to bleed, I am here, Saviour, will be there, when you are feeling alone, oh. A Saviour, for all that you do, so you live freely without, their harm... So here I write my lullaby, to all the lonely ones, remember as you learn to try, to be the one you love. So I can take this pen, and teach you how to live. What is left unsaid, the greatest gift I give... So hear my voice, remind you not to bleed, I am here, Saviour, will be there, when you are feeling alone, oh. A saviour for all that you do, so you live freely without, their harm... Saviour will be there, when you are feeling alone, oh. A Saviour, for all that you do, so you live freely without, their harm... When I hear your cries, praying for light, I will be there. When I hear your cries, praying for life, I will be there... *WHEN I HEAR YOUR, CRIES, PRAYING FOR LIFE* I will be there! *RAAAAAWR! I WILL FIGHT, FOR YOU!!! I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE!!! I WILL FIGHT, FOR YOU!!!!!* The amount of passion in these songs is unreal. Haters, please give them the benefit of the doubt. You may see my point from my previous comment. I said you should check out the lyrics.. Well I was nice enough to save you spending too much time searching for them and everything, and spent my time typing them out for you. So please read, check them out, see my point on how they help people despite the haters and make-up and stuff. It is 9 times out of 10 that the music is what has made all of the fan girls love BVB so much and they ARE hot-- sorry, but that makes them even more loveable! Lol! But I know I was having a very hard time and lyrics in songs help.. theirs are very inspiring and almost like a counselling of sorts. That is their intention as they have all said so in interviews and things. Lovers... Love them-- but crazy fan girls, please remember that bands are there to entertain MUSICALLY, not SEXUALLY and yes I admit.. They are SERIOUSLY hot guys, but it cannot br denied that as well as the haters playing a huge role in it, it is putting off new fans because of all of the screaming obsessed girls... Which will end up worse for them in the long run, because some other fans may lose interest because of it, and without new fans to take their place, they will be screwed. Please calm it before that tragic thought happens! *Sorry about my EXTREMELY long comments btw!!! :L xD
    Woah! Why do people hate so much on Black Veil Brides? I know it's just mine and millions of other people's opinions basically worldwide, but we all think they have talent. So if these "haters" don't like the fact that we like them or the band themselves, then they are obviously oblivious to the fact that BVB's whole message that they send across is to be yourself no matter what and fu** the haters. They don't care, and we're just standing up for a band who makes awsum music mkay? Earlier someone said that they are the equivelant to the alternative Justin Bieber because of fan girls. But it's not really the obsessive Andy Biersack lovers that are doing it to the band, it's all the haters who are saying that. There are cyber-conflicts about them EVERYWHERE. On Youtube videos, on blogs, on social networking sites. It's getting so bad that there are even hate t-shirts and haters paying money to hate on them at concerts. Just like the JB haters. What these haters need to realise is that the more they hate, the more publicity they are giving to BVB and the more they are making themselves look like fools by having such a boring life that they focus on what they hate, and not what they love or like. What depressing life! You should listen to some of BVB's lyrics actually! They might come in handy for haters who can only focus on things they don't like! BVB save people's lives everyday. Not because of the make-up, that's not what it's about. It's about people doing what they want, standing up for what they believe in. And then haters like you guys/girls come along and hurt people who are already hurt. We love their music, we love them, we love what they stand for and nothing will change our minds and nothing you lot say will change what they are. To be honest, how many millions of records have you sold, how many girls do you get chasing you, how many sold out tours have you performed at? Are you touring with Slash? Even if Slash didn't even like them himself- which by the way, how would you know? Did you ask him? Nope, didn't think so... But yeah, companies wouldn't want Slash to be performing with bands who were "rubbish" because it would make Slash's popularity (or Zakk Wylde or anyone else seriously famous who get involved with them) drop significantly which they wouldn't do- common sense?? So yeah, to the people who have some direction in their life, and focus on what they believe in and love- or to the people trying to do that, I love you and Never Give In, Never Back Down. To the pathetic low lifes that have nothing better to do than to hate on 5 guys that have done nothing personally to you, you are the ones that need to grow up, not the teenage girls who love them. I've said my peace. xD