We Stitch These Wounds review by Black Veil Brides

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  • Released: Jul 20, 2010
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.6 (216 votes)
Black Veil Brides: We Stitch These Wounds

Sound — 9
Black Veil Brides. I was HIGHLY anticipating this album for a LONG time. I've been listening to them since they were all guys in the band and I have always liked them. Not they're biggest fan but did enjoy so when this album came out I couldnt wait to really hear Jake Pitts and Jinxx on the record. Once I got my hands on the record and listned to it all though I can say, OMG. THIS IS GREAT! This record proves that the band isnt just Andy Sixx. Jake and Jinxx are clearly the standouts of the album and I am proud to say that.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics have a good meaning and a good message to them. Simply said, Never Give In. Andy's is great because of the deepness. It really adds to the bands sound and dark image. His screams/growls are pretty good also. I would like to hear more of them in the future.

Overall Impression — 10
Stand out songs, Beautiful Remains, Children Surrender, We Stitch These Wounds and The Morticians Daughter just to name a few. Its kind of hard to compare them to other bands but thats a good thing. I really do love the guitars on the album. They are just amazing. Please do yourself a favor and go pick up this album.

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    Adam124 wrote: deathofarev wrote: Pingis_Or_Death : reaper_x wrote: Listened to their song "knives and pens" a while ago. Didn't like it. Just listened to "Perfect weapon". Didn't really like that either. Something about his voice that bugs me. Meh. HIS? Is that a dude in the pic? Seriously? ever heard of make-up...dummy personally i love the album, and before i get flamed with "emo" comments no **** off i ain't an emo. an ok andy sixx's voice isn't perfect it ain't crap. and besides this is the debut album. from here things could get better, an hopefully NOT worse. but we will see, and to the ignorant tossers who gave it a 1 **** you your a bunch of wankers, **** **** ****ing you. *dons flame shield* can people stop slagging bands off? evidently not Why so serious? Anyway, they are a terrible band. When I first seen them, I thought the drummer was the only boy, then I realised it was a girl. The music is bland at best. Some of the guitar work is incredibly generic but that doesn't matter. Every little scene kid will latch onto to these guys and basically worship them. It's sickening.
    hahahhahahahahahaa i was thinking the same thing bro holy shit its sickening, all the fanboys r like defending this shit so many like the ****? lol cnt we have tht with a band thts actually rly good? guys r defending the worst possible band ever
    i like this band, scratch that i love them and im a metalhead. im not "emo" so ppl shut up and comment on ur own music
    and andy six has a great voice. its unique. everyone expects him to sing high. but he has a low voice that resemmbles HIM's villie Valo. aka one of the best voices in music
    I don't reckon this band is that bad. I mean they are not trying to be generic because most new metalcore bands nowadays are just breakdown bands and i cant listen to an album by those bands because it gets so boring but Black Veil Brides are a little bit different and maybe you reckon the guitars sound like A7X but thats justs because the guitarist is influenced by Synyster Gates. The image is a bit over the top but they can do that if they want to and it doesnt matter if you call them emo and shit because emo is still a genre of music and they play emo combined with Metalcore so why does it matter so much if they look emo or play emo sounding stuff?
    DifferentWorld wrote: Knives and Pens = Unholy Confessions without the tightness and polish. Also, they don't have a bass player, which, as a bass player, bothers me.
    i just listened to knives and pens and i thought the exact same thing.....way to rip off one of my favorite songs.....
    You know I enjoyed the album and I don't really listen to this kind of music. I mostly listen to Murderdolls, The Faceless, August Burns Red, Children Of Bodom, Amon Amarth, Necropeghist, Baroness, and 2Cents. But I can see what people are talking about on both sides though. I can understand the generic thing but I also understand what people who like them are saying.
    im proud to say that ive heard about 3 or 4 of there songs and they are already my 2nd fav band.(BFMV come first)
    i think its funny that about 80% (just guessing) is not argumenting seriously. i would wish that they that dont like this band, or hate it would give a good reason why instead of just saying that the band sucks/is emo/pure copying others. i think this band is awesome, love the riffs, especially the intro to we stitch these wounds, but i agree that the new version of knives and pens isnt any good. and a special message to all haters without arguments or constructive critisicms...go f*** yourself, and start giving out reasons
    SuperSeether wrote: This interview inspired me to write a poem Roses are red Voilets are blue And Black Veil Brides suck THE END
    this made lol so hard xD i also chuckled at the sight of the amount of typing bvb-forever234 did just to defend her precious crappy band x]
    gosh, the fangirls are all like "the lyrics are all about sticking up for yourself, being yourself", therefore its awesome. i guess that makes hannah montana the best lyrics writer in the world? or jonas brother? it doesnt matter what you write about, its about how you write it. go listen to elliott smith to know how original lyrics should be written
    emopoiken wrote: i think its funny that about 80% (just guessing) is not argumenting seriously. i would wish that they that dont like this band, or hate it would give a good reason why instead of just saying that the band sucks/is emo/pure copying others. i think this band is awesome, love the riffs, especially the intro to we stitch these wounds, but i agree that the new version of knives and pens isnt any good. and a special message to all haters without arguments or constructive critisicms...go f*** yourself, and start giving out reasons
    You're obviously illiterate. People have been giving reasons. The music sucks because: 1.) The Genre - It's oveflowing with too many bands who write the crappy music with different crappy lyrics, and this band is no different 2.) The Music - Their music doesn't have any special feel to it, nor do they even have a bass player. You can't call yourself classical metal if you don't even have a flipping bass. 3.) The Band - They're guys who wear more makeup per each of them than about 3 or four women. They CLEARLY care about being famous, 'looking cool' and being a 'rock star' more than actually producing music. P.S. I've got nothing against the 'emo' genre (do what you want, it's your life to live), but I don't listen to it, it's just not my style. This post was just me being angry at that idiot up there for not actually paying attention to ANY of the afore posts and just complaining that someone doesn't like his 'favorite band'
    I listened to this band for the first time yesterday. Yeah, I know I'm a year late. They didn't blow me away but I didn't hate it. I found this CD to be enjoyable at times and boring at others, mostly boring at others but it did have a few good points. I mean, it's not the worst thing I've ever heard, but certainly not the best. As far as Andy's voice goes, I kind of like it and it's the biggest highlight of the album for me. He reminds me of the singer from Machinae Supremacy. Everything else feels generic and boring even though the guitarist and drummer are pretty capable. I listen to a wide variety of music, but several of my favorite bands ever are Incubus, Between the Buried and Me, the Fall of Troy, and Coheed and Cambria just to name a few. Believe me, the LAST thing I'd do is compare Black Veil Brides to ANY of those bands. Anyway, long story short, I think that this band does have potential and that for the most part it was unrealized with this album. I hope that more comes out of the second album, but that's just hoping. They have a lot to fix about their sound and some holes to fill. Well. That's all I have to say about that. I guess I'll go get ready to get flamed for having a different opinion about this band.
    I personally find bvb to be an amazing band. And they tend to get the most hates out of the bands (blessthefAll, and MCR are the other ones up there) that I'm into. Ppl who just listen to it without thinking of the emotions they put into it are just ignorant. Some call it.whining about how theory life sucks, but what none of.you haters realize is sometimes its not what is said, but how it.is said. And the last.thing I must rant about to all u haters is THIS BAND AMONG MANY OTHERS LIKE THEM SAVE LIVES coz they don't sing (or rap specifically) about getting laid, stoned, rich, and incarcerated. Bvb comes from the heart, not the wallet, pipe, or genitals. People can relate to it. We stitch these wounds speaks to me louder, and more.clear than any counselor ever will. So all you bitter little.pricks who take the time to comment on a band they don't even understand can blast your lil Wayne, and pretend to be awesome, but real music comes from places ppl like u don't even know.exist
    ok black veil brides r a good band for what they have become so far they worked hard to get where they r now and of course their first cd isnt going to be the greatest personally i hate this kind of music but its good and with the makeup its shock rock many of bands done it and there the first band to do this in this decade there new cd is coming out on june and there new single is ok and his voice is different, so rght there u kno there trying and they r trying to be a better band, and they will grow out of the makeup they all do for instance look and manson now, so i give them a 9 for trying so hard and not giving a **** of wat people think. peace.
    This comment section has just made my evening. Cheers guys. Anyway, BVB sound to me like a band who just haven't found their sound yet, hence the 'they ripped off so and so' business. Its probably more like experimenting with styles than bared faced plagiarism. The whole image is a grotesque marketing plan- by dressing like that, rolling off spiel like that etc., you're either gonna wet your lil' emo pants or hate on them for days, which in turn fuels the maybe fans into die hard defenders of the band. Its not pretty, almost certainly manufactured but damned effective. His voice only sounds good to me on the morticians daughter- perhaps they should go acoustic?
    The 80s guitar reruns are all right but they sure need a singer.Andy Sux Jinxx is about on his last hurrah isn't he 30?