Dancer And The Moon review by Blackmore's Night

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  • Released: Jun 11, 2013
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6.3 Neat
  • Users' score: 5.8 (26 votes)
Blackmore's Night: Dancer And The Moon

Sound — 6
Anyone who calls themselves a classic rock fan has to be at least somewhat familiar with the name Ritchie Blackmore. The musician has played a significant role as the riff master behind some of rock and roll's most iconic anthems and groups, ranging from Deep Purple, to his breakaway project Rainbow. In both groups, Ritchie's guitar playing was always a consistent factor that would make a song great. Between his use of elaborate chord progressions and winding guitar solos showcased throughout such timeless tracks as "Man on the Silver Mountain" and "Space Truckin'," Ritchie became an instant rock icon.

So when Ritchie Blackmore decided to take on a completely different musical approach in the late '90s, with a new band called Blackmore's Night which focused on celtic and folk style of music, it was a move no one saw coming. Musicians should be allowed to go out on their own, feel free to embrace different styles and genres and give their own unique take on such a sound. Unfortunately when you are a guitarist of the likes of Ritchie Blackmore, who is renowned for his iconic electric guitar riffs and rock classics, it's easy to be met with scrutiny from your fanbase if you move outside of the style you're best known for.

Since the group's formation, Blackmore's Night has gone on to release a total of now nine studio albums, and up to this point all of which showed the group strengthfully embracing this new musical style. With their new album, titled "Dancer and the Moon," the majority of the material remains consistent to the direction previously revisited time and time again over the years, but this time showcasing a few tracks that allow Ritchie to sort of unleash some dominative licks. Throughout such new compositions as "Minstrels in the Hall" and "I Think It's Going to Rain Today," Blackmore's Night fail to cross any expansive territory, and simply offer some vanilla sounding instrumental work.

For the first time in too long, Ritchie Blackmore takes the opportunity to deliver a new song that actually sounds like something you'd expect to hear from him in 2013. The track, "The Moon Is Shining (Somewhere Over the Sea)," is energetically rampaging with powerful electric guitar licks, and for a split second you might even feel as though you're listening to a classic Rainbow outtake. Unfortunately, this song is a brief bright moment is soon lost in the band's own cover of an actual Rainbow classic, "Temple of the King." The entire vibe captured on the original rendition has been completely abandoned, and instead gypsy-style group chanting and tambourine playing.

Lyrics — 7
Throughout this entire new album, lead vocalist Candice Night does a standout job at maintaining the celtic vibe throughout all thirteen new offerings. Her voice ties all of the mandolin playing and renaissance drums together, and helps each piece work together nicely. When musically the at-home listener feels as though they are once again going through the motions with "Dancer and the Moon," it's her vocal delivery that saves the track.

Overall Impression — 6
With "Dancer and the Moon," Blackmore's Night deliver another batch of songs that fails to bring anything new to the table and ultimately leaves this listener greatly disappointed. Musically this new outing isn't horrible, but after nine studio albums of the same style again and again with little to no experimentation and expansion it just grows old quickly. After listening to the lead single, "The Moon Is Shining," I had high hopes for this album, as it showed the group finally moving into a new direction, and combining some of those classic elements that made Ritchie's earlier outings such highly hailed rock anthems with some renaissance influence. But unfortunately the rest of the album fails to deliver, and after sixteen years of the same old tiresome performance, you come to expect something a little bit more engaging and creative than what we have with "Dancer and the Moon."

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    Blackmore's Night, coming to a Renaissance Faire near you. BTW, the smoked turkey legs at these faires are unbelievably delicious!
    Richie Blackmore has paid his dues, he's a legend and can do whatever the hell he wants!
    Indeed,I get tired of the whiners. Ritchie is in his mid 60's and have never played better,I don't think anyone here can say the same.
    Blackmore is so whipped by his wife, this is disgusting..
    dude... he was into folk like this since the beginning. he's just doing what he likes to do. has nothing to do with being whipped. he pumped out so many classics and awesome riffs, maybe he wants to relax and 'retire' just being chill with folky goodness.
    What, you didn't know? Meh, it took me a while to find out, too - apparently, you're less of a man if you like folk. At least that's the general impression I get from the general population of this site.
    This is pretty sad. It's barely rock, definitely not folk. Sounds more like adult contemporary with a bluesy guitar solo. It reminds me more of Celine Dion than Deep Purple.
    With all due respect, it IS NOT meant to sound like Deep Purple! It seems that many people here don't get this. Blackmore's Night has been around for well over a decade, and I know that a large proportion of UGers are rock/metal bred, but I would think rock guitarists who know much about rock would at least know that Ritchie Blackmore began this renaissance music back in the 90's, and has seemingly banned rock altogether. OK, that is the end of my rant!
    I LOVE Blackmore's night. if you want the classics listen to his dozens of other albums and don't bitch that he likes playing folk.
    You make a valid point, but this IS a record by one of rock music's pioneers and the project IS called Blackmore's Night so can you blame people (UG users in particular) for having certain expectations upon hearing the name and being slightly disappointed about the outcome? That being said, this project has been around for fifteen years or something, so if you're really a fan you should know what to expect by now. It's like buying the newest Robert Plant Record, then complaining it doesn't sound like Zeppelin...
    Me also,The whiners that Ritchie won't play Rainbow /Purple classic music should listen to BN's music carefully,Its intense and very difficult to play. Ritchie has the skill that few others in the world will ever have,So quit crying about what he is doing now he deserves it and loves it and that is all that matters,To the haters Go listen to your Megadeath CD's and leave real musicians like RB alone.
    I would have agreed until bringing up the point about "Megadeath". Although their music leaves a lot to be desired, their early albums are extremely technical and difficult to play. But you've obviously never really listened to them because you don't even know how to spell their band name right. Try to refrain from ignorant statements, because your comment was right on until the last sentence.
    Definitely not their best work, but I quite enjoyed the album. Not really sure why there is so much complaining that it doesn't sound like Deep Purple (never mind his extensive discography with other bands and as a session musician), given how long this project has been around.
    Rex Inclitus
    He was never into rock period, he stated it all throughout his career, he did it to make money. He was always a classically influenced player, pay attention to his technique early in his career, always going for Baroque as they say.
    To the Reviewer,You asked "Does Richie Blackmore finally deliver the standout guitar driven album fans have been desperately waiting for.Well Yes he has music wise,This genre of music is more difficult to play than most of today's so called Rock music. So change or die.
    It's funny because everyone is whining and bitching that Blackmore isn't making hard rock anymore. Grow up. He's doing what he wants to do as an artist. If I'm gonna listen to Blackmore's Night I'd rather hear straight-up medieval folk music like on the first albums. If I want to hear Blackmore do rock/metal, I'll go listen to the Deep Purple and Rainbow albums he put out.
    To the greatest guitar player ever in this world Im greatful for listening to hear every single note you play! A nice new album as usual...Still I have that dream since 1967 that never has come true...A Ritchie Blackmore Instrumental Album. God Bless You!/Lasse
    funny, springstien, zeplin, most groups music sounds the same after 2 records, b.n. is in a nitch all its own. and I as a fan of b.n. can say I like the music they play , yeah some are slow and realy flavored w/ tone of renaissance, but the rockers rock, ie: crystal ball, keeper of the flame, all for one, guess it dos'nt mater anymore. I am in a blackmore's night tribute band, and I can tell you after learning 37 songs. there is no lack of talent in ritches writing skills, and I would almost say his guitar playing is better then ever, any good lead player can blow out awesome leads , but throw in the off color notes, crazy scale connections, time changes, and the most difficult slide work, and Ritchie still stands on the top of great guitar players. throw out your judgemental hypocritical ears and realy listen to the emotion and technical work that makes up blackmore's night music. I KNOW MY SPELLING IS BAD. chris Crystal Ball
    The Blackmore fans that were surprised that he took the path he did- over 10 years ago- definitely didn't get the hint from his intro to 16th Century Greensleeves. After hearing the bluntness of the riff after his floral introduction, you can't blame him for changing tack considering his ability! haha