His Last Walk review by Blessthefall

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  • Released: Apr 10, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (113 votes)
Blessthefall: His Last Walk

Sound — 9
I was first introduced to this band by my cousin, and first off I wanna say I don't listen to much hardcore bands because the all sound the same. Bur when I heard these guys, it sounded unique and different from other bands. The vocalist has a soft singing voice but then a good solid scream; it's kind of hard to believe that he's the same guy that sings and screams. BlessTheFall is a Christian band, so of course there is no cursing on the album. The album itself has a religious feel to it, but it doesnt't overwhelm you with their beliefs. Overall, the sound is good with only a few minor flaws here and there.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics on the album are amazing, to say the least. Although you probably wont understand a lot of them, they have a deep meaning in most of the songs. For example, their song "Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad" is about a girl that got raped, and "Higinia" is about the vocalists grandma. Some people will think, wow that's kinda lame, but you just have to listen to it and the songs will stick to you. There is a few references to God in a couple of songs, but the only song that is focused on that aspect is the last song, "His Last Walk".

Overall Impression — 9
This CD is Blessthefalls first LP, and it is a great start, with the amazing lyrics to the good guitar riffs. The songs that stick out to me are the 2 singles, Higinia and Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad. Both of them have deep lyrical meaning and the riffs are just great. Besides those, my 2 favorite tracks are Black Rose Dying and Wait for Tomorrow. Both have the best guitar riffs IMO and just stand above the rest. Although I have said a lot of good things about the album, there are some bad. The guitar riffs in 1 or 2 songs sound kind of, off, compared to the rest of the album. If this album got stolen/lost, yes I would grab another copy because they're a great band, and great people (I met them at Warped Tour '07 San Diego).

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    They come from my state. IMO, they're just another trendy scene band playing "hardcore" with a Christian tag on it. Nothing special.
    Yeah! finally! someone is telling the world! how bless the fall is great! i've seen them at wans warped tour montreal!...and! the are jsute amazing! that was from far one on the best show i've ever seen they are so great!...
    man its about time im on this site everyday to read reviews and have been waiting for it to come up i met craig lead singer and matt the drummer and his wife lindsay they are all awesome people and i would like to meet eric jared and mike but this album seriously rocks i would have to say my favorite songs are Hignia black rose dying and rise up both versions but all the songs have there own effect on me but all i know is i seriously love this band and there album and cant wait to see them again and there and cant wait for there next album to come out
    I heard from a lot of people that the band said they do not consider themselves a Christian band =X Eitehr way they are really good and I like them a lot.
    I thought people were going to talk crap about Bless The Falls cause people would think its a scene band .. good review good band
    I'm glad someone finally reviewed this, I love the band, I went to warped tour this year just to see them. Good show, regardless of me not agreeing with the strong Christian influences.
    Hmm... I might do a review on this albulm when I get a chance, I thought there already was one. Great band, been listening to them for a long time, since they first came on the scene (I live in AZ, where they're from).
    sweetdreams wrote: man these guys r great!! i saw them at warped tour 07 in buffalo NY. and then meet the guitarist and bassest later in the park. they r great musicians and great guys.
    I saw them in buffalo too. I couldn't really hear them clearly from where I was. Maybe it's just me, but the sound on the hurley stage was awful. I would have fired the sound guy.
    man these guys r great!! i saw them at warped tour 07 in buffalo NY. and then meet the guitarist and bassest later in the park. they r great musicians and great guys.
    Thanks for commenting my review. I apologize for some of the minor spelling mistakes
    haha yeah! i thought there was already a review for this album? whatever, blessthefall are an awesome band, wish i lived in america so i could see them in the warped tour!!
    Side note, my favorite songs are Black Rose Dying and Guys Like you and Message to the Unknown I came up with a riff the other day that sounds like the main one in Wait for Tommorrow I wish I could use it.