His Last Walk review by Blessthefall

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  • Released: Apr 10, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (113 votes)
Blessthefall: His Last Walk

Sound — 8
You know right off the bat when the CD starts that you're into some screaming, intense guitar, drums, and overall a load of noises that you probably won't expect from a Christian rock band. The tracks run through with screams, breakdowns, typical hardcore standard. The only track I really see that sticks out is "With Eyes Wide Shut". It really stands out, not for being better but just for being random. It seems mroe hip-hoppy than anything, very little to no guitar, and little to no screams. I tend to skip that song on my iPod myself. Overall, while not being entirely innovative, the bands sound is impressive and enjoable, especially for a first album.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are powerful, and somehow manage to only have a real impression of "godly" if you look into it. "Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad" is about rape and "Higinia" (probably the most mis-pronounced song on the album) is about singer Craig's grandmother. Overal, toher than perhaps the last song or two, there really isn't a very huge direct reference to god (though there are refeerences). Craig's vocals are powerful and impressive. He has a strong clean voice punctuated by the screams of himself and the bass player, who does the lower screams. The switching between them puts emphasis where there needs to be emphasis, breaks the cleans at the right time, etc.

Overall Impression — 9
The album is a work that, if you like bands like Escape The Fate, Drop Dead Gorgeous, From First To Last, The Used, or Underoath, you will most likely enjoy. You can see the work put into the album, especially on songs like "guys like you make us look bad", "pray" (pray being a much softer and more powerful song than the rest), and "black rose dying" (seen as a demo on their EP). The only real issue with the album is "with eyes wide shut", being the only song on the album I don't enjoy. If I had lost it, I wouldn't need to buy it again as it's on my coputer but if I didn't have that abckup I would definitely buy it again. I can't wait to see what they do next as a band.

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    Too bad craig left, the bassist was left w/ the vox.. but still, love them both.. higinia, black rose dying and rise up are the best!!!
    ETF and BTF are both one of my fav bands so I expect the new ETF and New BTF to have great and awesome shit same for ronnie radkes band they all deserve a brighter future.
    Niki (guitar)
    Saw them yesterday at Extreme Thing with their new singer. Better than Craig. Love this album, too :]
    nice reviews from the both of yall, and idc what anyone says, Blessthefall is the future of alternative/metal rock for the future. the thing that cracks me up most is when you listen to their songs and see them at concerts, they act differntly on stage from when you meet them in person. i saw them in Plano, TX and Dallas. God bless them for their future success and their upcoming new album everyone's awaiting for. XD Malik AK
    dude great ablum fav songs higinia could tell a love and black rose dying. although if u go to buzznet .com u can hear their new song "to hell and back" with their new lead singer Baou Bokan formerly of take the crown. also dont b dissin etf cause their twice as good as they were. w/ ronnie they were good on the cd but live he couldnt sing worth crap craig is good in and out of the studio. also go on youtube and search for another new song by btf. i think its called "got to rock" but im not sure.
    Amazing band. I cant believe that Craig went from doing this great stuff to doing the really rather weak Escape the Fate stuff, who now have a sound eerily similar to that new Atreyu CD. And The Flood has some weak lyrics. But BTF was amazing, I really hope they can find another amazing vocalist.
    EllttEll wrote: Black Rose Dying is without a doubt the best song on the album
    I could not agree more. Blessthefall at first, seem like your typical Post-Hardcore band with Metalcore influences. But the lyrics are heartaching. Amazing. Alesana and Underoath fans will NOT be dissapointed.
    i listen to alot fo christian music, underoath, rja, the almost,the wedding, but i gotta say, this band has 2 be my fav. hands down
    awsome band but only like 2 of thier songs guys like you make us look bad higinia
    I love these guys. Theyre my favorite band and theyre just all around awesome, from the powerful lyrics to the great guitar riffs. Cant wait for their next album
    i absolutly love this band, i saw them when i went to see silverstein when they came to lesta and then 2 days later at nottingham, and tbh i enjoyed BTF alot more than i did silverstein... i met Eric (the lead guitarist) and Jared (the bassist) and there both generally great guys, unfortunatly, i never got to hear criag sing because he left half way through the tour, i cant wait for the new album! great review btw
    anyone else but me have the 10:34 version of the song His Last Walk, and lol hard at the last 3 and a half minutes?