At The Edge Of Time review by Blind Guardian

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  • Released: Jul 30, 2010
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (46 votes)
Blind Guardian: At The Edge Of Time

Sound — 8
This album takes the progressive sound of Blind Guardians newer material and merges it with their old, fast-paced thrash sound. The overall sound of this album is more serious and in some ways darker than the last album "A Twist In The Myth". This album is heavily characterized by the orchestral's which were real recordings rather than computer synthesized. The album begins with a great orchestral to open the song "Sacred Worlds". Right off the bat you hear that this album is going to be heavy. At The Edge Of Time is made up of brilliant songs; each song has its own important characteristic which makes it stand out. I am mostly impressed by how the chorus of each song is mind-blowing; especially the one in the song Wheel Of Time. The whole song itself sort of drags on and is mediocre, but the chorus really makes the song for me. The highlights of this album for me are Sacred Worlds, Valkyries, Control The Divine, War Of The Thrones, and A Voice In The Dark. Some aspects of Blind Guardians sound have changed such as the mixing of the progressive side with the thrash side, but aspects that haven't would be the unmistakable sound of Andre Olbrich's lead guitar, and Hansi Kursch's vocals.

Lyrics — 8
Hansi's vocals have always impressed me, and they continue to do so in this album. There isn't really too much to say about his vocals in this album, they're mostly the same, but since they've mixed the thrashier sound of Blind Guardian, Hansi's vocals also sometimes have the raspier thrash sound to them. Though his vocals are great, they didn't impress me as much as in "A Twist In The Myth". The lyrical theme of this album is based upon various writings such as Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series, and George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. No surprise here, Blind Guardians lyrics have always been based upon various works of fiction.

Overall Impression — 8
This album took me a few listens to really start to like it. First impression was pretty good, but second and third impression's were slightly disappointing. After getting to know the songs pretty well, I began to really enjoy this album. I definitely recommend it, it's a great listen and it's very promising. Blind Guardian have returned with another magnificent album which is bound to impress all dedicated Bard's.

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    theoldwizard wrote: I have to disagree with the guy above who said Opera was bad...Opera is one of my favorite all time albums!
    Battlefield!!!!! That's what minstrel sings Join in the horrible screams Take part in murderous deeds Renowned be the lion-hearted
    I love this album, i think Blind Guardian is a contiously growing band and maybe that's why some people like the old albums better than the new ones. Personally, I think they're all great in their own right, and the fact that BG is a bunch of kickass musicians makes every of their albums worth listening to, no matter what direction they take for each one. Only other thing i gotta say is that "Curse my Name" is an epic song, it's just such an epic ballad. My other favorites would be Sacred Worlds, Ride Into Obsession, Wheel of time and Valkyries.
    First impression: - Only a few parts stood out as I listened to this as background music - Songs felt longer than usual (and they are, after all) - Andre's leads sounded way too general (comparing to how they've evolved throughout BG career) - I was a bit surprised about the orchestrations compared to ANATO & ATITM - Gotta see how this thing grows on me. "Cry for tanelorn" is alredy ringing in my ears, damnit @krvolok - what do you think Nightfall... is about?
    krvolok wrote: The next big thing would be a concept album based on the Silmarillion,that I think would be abut 120 minutes in length.
    there was already one of those its called night fall on middle earth
    i just bought this album, and i am amazed how great it is, it seems to do what a night at the orchestra lacked (imo of course). the orchastra arrangement adds an extra dinamic which the earlier albums lacked. a 3 word review for this album would be "Pure F**king Epicness" easily up there with their best works. well done Blind Guardian!
    i think they are working on a orchestral based album on Lord of the Rings but yeah another concept album on the silmarillion would be AWESOME
    The next big thing would be a concept album based on the Silmarillion,that I think would be abut 120 minutes in length.
    Have heard the whole album and was very very pleased. i great effort with a very powerful sound. Some great tracks and a overall nice effort! One of their better albums imo. Good work BG!
    I disagree with the first review that says "Curse My Name" wasn't that special. It's one of the highlights of the album for me. And what's with people being so prissy about the non-"metal" parts? This is all very good music.
    There on the Battlefield he stands... Down on the Battlefield he's lost... And on the Battlefield it ends!!!!! Probably my favorite BG song ever.
    Sacred Worlds is the same song, they just added an orchestral intro and outro. I have heard a few songs on this album so far, and they have really impressed me (haven't got the album in the mail yet). It already sounds better than A Twist In the Myth. ATITM was not a bad album, it just felt lesser compared to the other works of BG. I have to disagree with the guy above who said Opera was bad...Opera is one of my favorite all time albums! Here is my order for BG, not including the new one: Nightfall Opera Imaginations Somewhere far Beyond
    I am going to guess that Sacred worlds is the rerecorded version of "Sacred", the song in the Sacred 2 game.
    Well, I listened to some of the songs... At least it's better than the two previous albums which were quite bad imo, but we have to face the fact that BG will never be as good as they were before. They can never reach the awesomeness of Tales From the Twilight World/Somewhere Far Beyond anymore
    Masterpiece of the year 2010. This is IMO either as good or better than Nightfall. All tracks are amazing with favs; Curse my name, Valkyries and Road of no release, least fav would be tanelorn (only song not 5 star for me) Oh and their cover of 'you're the voice' - Flawless Overall album 10/10 Keep it up Guardian!