Tales From The Twilight World review by Blind Guardian

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1990
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.5 (12 votes)
Blind Guardian: Tales From The Twilight World

Sound — 10
Although Blind Guardian emerged towards the end of the eighties and this record came out in the early nineties, it is still a fabulous work of art. A lot of early nineties stuff make me want ot barf but power metal from that era is still interesting. BG follow in the stpes of Tolkien once again using fantastic imagery along with the aptly titled song Lord of the Rings to follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest authors ever to have lived. Traveler in Time opens up the record with a big E5 chord and builds up into a gigantic song which sets the course of the entire record. I may be drawing from the old cliche but this album spells epic and writes it over and over again. Even thought there are only nine tracks (ten if you have the re-release), Tales From the Twilight World will fall way short of failing to impress.

Lyrics — 10
Hansi Kursch... dang that guy is incredible and a very versatile vocalist. Once again the band has Kai Hansen as a guest musician and vocalist because the band worships that man. Tolkien more, though. 01.Traveler in Time: perhaps the best BG opening track but Into the Storm off Nightfall might be better. Still a good driving rocker with a surprisingly simplistic chorus. 02.Welcome to Dying: I don't know why but this track reminded me very much of Helloween. While a very good follow-up track, it still isn't the best on the record. 03.Wierd Dreams: one of the infamous BG transfer songs. BG uses these way too much but this one is at least long enough that it can be deemed a song (unlike the eleven in Nightfall). 04.Lord of the Rings: very catchy tune about the LotR story with a very nice chorus and a cleverly place switch into 12/8 time towards the end. It could be a little longer though. 05.Goodbye My Friends: easily second best on the album. Amazing track with a lot of arrangemental experimentation. This would be a great song to see live. 9/10 06.Lost in the Twilight Hall: holy shit. Oh my frickin' god. It has been years since I have heard a song this good. Is it even legal for a song to be as good as this? It souldn't be!! It might give someone a fatal eargasm. This song has the best lyrics and has a very intersting meaning. Something about a person jumping through mirrors into other dimensions and not being able to find their way to the right one. Damn... best BG song that will ever exist. 07.Tommyknockers: the drumming is what gives this song most of it's edge. Without the Omen making all that noise this song wouldn't work because it is all rhythm. Great tune though. 08.Altair 4: named after the planet in the Forbidden Planet movie. This is a very very short song but it has a really cool set of effect on the clean guitars in the intro. 09.The Last Candle: Blind Guardian do as they usually do and finish an album with a heavy song. This is a very ominous track and has a somehow creepy ending. 10.Run For the Night: I don't have this song on my CD.

Overall Impression — 10
Arrgh! Whenever I listen to Tales From the Twilight World it makes me want to go on an adventure and get lost. People complain about power metal's topics but there is virtue in them. Also people bitch about BG's production quality but part of what makes the band so good is their quasi-rustic sound. All around thoug BG have really done themselves in here. How can they produce anything better? The whole record is good and has the best song within the las decade. It will impress all who listen to it and even for those who claim to hate power metal will be able to indulge themselves with this astounding effort from Blind Guardian.

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    Great band, and I'm not a big Power-Metal fan! The album is full with great melodies, awesome riffs, and good lyrics.