Blind Melon review by Blind Melon

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  • Released: Sep 22, 1992
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (55 votes)
Blind Melon: Blind Melon

Sound — 10
Wow. Can't believe there haven't been any prior reviews posted for this album as it is not only the best of Blind Melon's catalog, but definitely one of the greatest albums I've ever had the pleasure to listen to. From the opening riffs to the closing swirls of musical grandeur, Blind Melon crosses boundaries and wows the audience with its amazing use of double lead guitars, which I feel is the best aspect of the album and the band, very underrated bass playing, and, of course, the distinct, powerful, and memorable vocals of Shannon Hoon. I would describe the band's overall sound on this album as a varying combination of rock, hard rock, psychedelic, folk, jam, and maybe even some funk and metal as well. And, like I said before, the amazingly talented guitar playing adds a truly distinct dynamic that is really just have to listen to it to understand what I mean. Now I'll give a song by song breakdown: 01.Soak The Sin: a really hard rockin song with a badass riff, very reminiscent of Led Zepellin, but at the same time has a really good rhythm and a lot of cool changes. 02.Tones Of Home: stylistically similar to Soak the Sin, but perhaps a little less hard rock and a little more of the jam and funk aspect here. And please keep in mind I use the work funk very loosely, mostly to describe the great rhythm and percussive sounds of a lot of the guitar work. 03.I Wonder: starts off with a nice acoustic kind of intro and builds into a cool song with some psychedelia as well as more hard rock components. 04.Paper Scratcher: one of my two favorites on the album. An absolutely stunning intro/verse riff with so much coordination between the two guitars. The chorus is very mellow and the guitar solos are really noteworthy. 05.Dear Ol' Dad: another one that starts off quiet/slow and builds up to part psychedelic and part hard rock with some really intense, grabbing riffs. 06.Change: a lot of people love this song, but its probably my least favorite on the album. Its an acoustic, ballad-type number that I just find a little boring. Its still really good with some solid vocals and is rather catchy, but its just not anything to write home about in my opinion. 07.No Rain: the song that Blind Melon is most known for. A really catchy song with some nice acoustic melodies going on in the background. Chances are if you've never even heard of this band you've still heard this song. 08.Deserted: starts off with a psychedelic feel and eventually gets loud and hard with some elements of jamming and funk as well. 09.Sleepyhouse: one of the quieter (relatively speaking) songs on the album. Has some sitar (or something similar) in the beginning with really good vocals and, as always, great instrumentation. 10.Holyman: has a lot of cool riffs, once again exceptional vocals, and a very standout bass line as well. 11.Seed To A Tree: my other favorite song on the album. Badass guitar work with a cornucopia of crunching, percussive, and melodic wah-wah-laden guitar and interesting lyrics. The guitar solo is perhaps the best on the album. 12.Drive: a slower, laid-back tune with Grateful Dead style jamming in it as well as some great lyrics. 13.Time: great way to end the album. Exemplifies all of the genres that Blind Melon encompasses. Folky/rock in the beginning, hard rock portions, and an outro that is another Grateful Dead or Allman Brothers Band-esque venture.

Lyrics — 10
Shannon Hoon's singing is quite distinct and quite good. His voice melds seamlessly with the music and functions perfectly within all of the different sounds of the album. The lyrics are, for the most part, really interesting and extremely well-written. My personal favorites as far as lyrics go are Holyman, Tones of Home, Seed to a Tree, and Paper Scratcher, and, though I don't love the song overall, Change. The lyrics in Paper Scratcher actually go really well with the proceeding guitar solo too...check it out, that part's pretty awesome.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is really like nothing I've ever listened to before. I love that there are SO many different genres represented here and they all blend into one amazing sound that can only be described as Blind Melon. This is definitely the album to start with if you are new to Blind Melon as Soup and Nico can be a bit less accessible and are darker, though very, very good too. Try focusing on each instrument separately as you listen and you will be astonished at how all of the parts fit together and at the intricacies of each. Run, don't walk, to the record store and get this masterpiece... You're already 16 years too late if you haven't.

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    amazing dude! even if its not their best album, its the best to lend to a first-time-blind-melon tough, the other ones (nico and soup) are pretty cool too, but i think someone who has never listened to blind melon will not like it as much as we do.
    They are an amazing band, and this is a wonderful album. Good review *not one hit wonders if you ask me. Three great albums
    great nineties band, found this in me bro's room spent hours figuring out soak the sin, tones of homes, and my favorite, deserted. Heroin took some of the craziest and most awesome songwriters from us. Shannon Hoon, Andy Wood, Layne Staley. Shannons lyrics are beautiful.
    Amazing Album, the only one they released that I liked better was "Nico" i think that was their Masterpiece. RIP SHANNON HOON
    Hey, I just wanted to clear something up. I didn't intend to come off harshly with my description of Change. I do enjoy the song and certainly understand its significance and worth. I was just saying that, in my humble opinion, its probably my least favorite song on an album that I would absolutely rank in my top 5 albums of all its definitely still up there ! And I did give it its props in the lyrics section. Anyway, I just wanted to clear that up...MELON ON!
    Not only was this a fantastic debut album, it also performed pretty well on the charts (primarily because of No Rain). Even so it could've made an ever bigger impact if it hadn't been for those fantastic Seattle bands on which everyone seemed to be focussing at the time. Sadly talent alone doesn't necessarily make you succesful: there's a lot of luck involved and timing seems to be essential. I mean -> Change is a beautiful song. Had it been released as a single for the 2nd or 3d album then I'm sure more people would've caught up with Blind Melon, instead of labelling them as one hit wonders. They deserve way more than that...
    agree 100%. I thought the comment on change was harsh. It is much more than just a "ballad". One of the most meaningful songs I've ever heard. Sad but always leaves me smiling. And yeah, its sad that the new sing er is fired. I hated the thought of someone replacing Shannon Hoon at first but Travis turned out to be a pretty darn good replacement. I wonder what the 'future' of the band is like, if it has any.
    A Poe
    I strongly disagree with your opinion on change. Change is one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard in that its simple, catchy, and every soul on earth can relate to it. The lyrics are phenomenal and deep. This is one of the first cds i remember listening to in my youth and even looking at the cover brings me back. I was very sad to hear about them losing Travis Warren ( The new singer). I thought that he was a perfect fit. Does anyone else agree or what?
    I agree, I hate that people think they are one hit wonders, like I put the album on in my car and people are like who is this? I reply Blind Melon, they say they have never heard of them so I put on No Rain and they're like oh I know this song, Its a great song. Its sad. But I disagree with the fact that this is their best album. I love Nico, its so raw and powerful and just incredible, it's like a mix between soup and blind melon, so good. More people should listen to blind melon and know the power and the impact that shannon hoon had on music.
    This is an AMAZING album. It's a shame they're always pegged as one hit wonders, and no one even gives them a second listen.