Nightmare On Providence Street review by Blind Witness

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.9 (10 votes)
Blind Witness: Nightmare On Providence Street

Sound — 9
Blind Witness has created a balls to the wall, heavy as hell sound, unrivaled by any other band I have ever listened to. The energy is constantly flowing throughout each song and keeps you interested. Instrument wise, they have some serious talent. The drummer hammers his kit with seemingly inhuman speed, just listen to the end of all alone for an astounding gravity blast, while the guitar players widdle away. Although many of the guitar parts fall into the same scale and key as each other, there all very catchy and memorable, particularly in songs like all alone, baby one more notch and the title track. I remember listening to their first album, silences are words, and thinking wow these guys are pretty solid, and now that I have heard this album, all I can say is wow, they have given their sound an overhaul and then some.

Lyrics — 8
Lyrics seem to revolve around partying, being smashed out of your face (Baby One More Notch), and things like one night stands (Lovely Flesh). The lyrics suit the music well, keeping the whole high energy party feel while still sounding like metal metal metal. The vocalist has an impressive roar to say the least. He pulls off gut wrenching lows and insane highs that still keep lyrics fairly distinguishable. As for breakdowns, I know that for every fan of the breakdown, there is atleast 5 people who think they are overdone and stupid. Yes, Blind Witness does have a breakdown (or 3) in every song, BUT, they pull it off soooooooooo well. The breakdowns actually make you feel an emotional reaction, make you want to get up and go crazy.

Overall Impression — 9
This is honestly one of the most stand out metalcore/deathcore albums I have ever heard. It is without a doubt up there with albums like Constellations (August Burns Red), Horizons (Parkway Drive) and Controller (Misery Signals). As for most impressive songs, I would say All Alone, Baby One More Notch, These Countless Sleepless Nights, and Have You Ever Been Lucky? are the must hear tracks on the album. Not that the other tracks aren't good, those tracks just standout the most to me. I love the new, more bad ass sound, the guitar playing, the breakdowns, the drums, everything. Can't say that I hate anything about it. If it were stolen or lost I would find the person who stole it and smash my keyboard off their face.

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    ****in hell yeah man. great to see a fellow Blind Witness fan. montreal has some good shit. great review
    its a good CD, but its typical metalcore that essentially grows on you. im not a huge metalcore fan but these guys do have skill and have managed to stand out compared to other bands. while they may not be overly complex or technical, they have a chemistry that some bands lack today. while i wouldn't say their the heaviest sound, they do have deathcore elements in their music. great cd, good live show, but nothing amazing imho.
    i don't see how they could sing about partying and being totally piled cuz when i saw these guys 4 years ago the show was a dive so me and my buddies and almost everyone else at the show (like 10 people) drank and got high with kincade and blind witness were too cool to stay...having said that this is a awesome cd, they're like a totally different band now