Silences Are Words review by Blind Witness

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  • Released: Jan 25, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (7 votes)
Blind Witness: Silences Are Words

Sound — 10
First off, it's a shock for me to be the first reviewer of this CD. This band is absolutely amazing. Onto the review. So I had never heard of these guys until I bought the cd, it was on sale and it looked sweet. And I was very much satisfied after listening to it for the first time. The over-all sound of this CD is very well done, drums are crisp and wicked, guitaring is stunning, and bass of course is flawless. And the vocals are quite diverse and very well done. From melodic singing, to mild growling, to just plain old screamin. I'd say Blind Witness sounds like a combination of As I Lay Dying, Many Things Untold, Anterior, and a bit even like old-school Himsa. The album art is pretty cool, the whole blind people idea isn't used [I]that[/I] much so it works well. This band is Canadian so being a Canadian myself that makes this album even that much better.

Lyrics — 9
"The only way to keep me from watching you die is to stab myself in the eyes before I do that to you." My favourite line from the whole album right there. So I'd say the lyrics on this album are quite good. Singing from things about cocaine addiction, to girls cutting themselves, to killing people, to running away from life's problems. I really like how a fair amount of songs have both screaming and melodic singing all thrown into one. So lyrics and vocal wise, it's pretty much your average metal-core album. A lot of songs have very catchy lines that you'll be screamin along to after a listen or so. A few of my favourite lines would be "walking down the dark hallway, skies are sinking cocain, the citizens' routine," "For the first time, I raised up my head to the sky and I've clearly seen the sunshine comes through the heavens," and the one I listed above.

Overall Impression — 10
01.Bleeding Blades: the album starts out with a bang. This song is awesome. Great guitaring throughout. I really love how they go into the breakdown after about a minute twenty. The drummer for this band likes to use the Splash a fair amount during the breakdowns so it doesn't just sound like your average chug chug. 02.The Easiest Way: this song is an instant headbang double bass piece of greatness. If you call yourself a fan of metalcore, you will fucking love this song. I especially love the gun loading noise about halfway through, very original. "You'll never see the ground coming so fast. As I grin, your last word goes up in smoke." I love the vocals on this song. 03.Vaneas's Divinity: The Dark Chapter: this song is heavier than fuck. And I just love how the drummer uses the splash so much during the breakdown. And this is definitely a sing-a-long near the end "I'm Indestructible!" 04.One Soldier Battle: I love the guitaring in this song, when the main riff is harmonized you'll get goosebumps. When the breakdown comes around you'll be windmillin' to the max. Then we get into some melodic singing, fits quite well with the screaming in the background. And this song even has the closest thing to a guitar solo on the whole album. And honestly it sounds wicked. 05.This Is What My Heart Will Break Against: one of my favourites on the whole album by far. OH! The harmonization in this song is also excellent. I love when they like go back into the intro riff then right back into another verse. The chorus of this song kinda reminds me of a less intense version of a As Blood Runs Black song. I think there are something like three breakdowns in the entire song, so it's epic. And of course it ends off with some nice melodic piano and a bit of acoustic guitar to soften things out a bit. Fits perfectly with the song. 06.The Great Immunity: waboam, kick ass intro. The guitars on this song are probably the best on the album. And the drumming is air drum tastic. This is a rather short track compared to the others. "We are the union!" The lyrics on this song are pretty great, he's like talking about a battle of some kind, I'm not much of a writer so I can't quite find exactly what it is he is trying to say. 07.Alberta: you know they're Canadian when eh haha. This is like a song about a girl in Alberta (I'm guessing) who he thinks is freakin awesome and she doesn't like him as much? I dunno. More of a love/break-up song than anything though. Again some crazy guitar work on this song. Kind-of sounds like it could have been an IKTPQ song. But I know their lyrics wouldn't be this lovey haha. The breakdown type guitar harmony near the end is prime. They have little pauses and it just sounds great. 08.Vanea's Divinity: Silences Are Words: another one of my favourites. My god it's a good track. Longest song on the CD, and it never once gets boring. The chorus riff is so catchy it's crazy. Around 3:20 it gets intense, with a bit of keys, the climax of the song. Some more singing, until it fades out. This song I'd say has the most noticable bassline and it's pretty sweet. There is some very well done piano at the end of this song. 09.The Design: this is the song about cocaine addiction. You'll be yelling along to the chorus after the first listen. A bit of normal singing in there too to switch it up. A cool thing about this song, is there's like a slowdown part, then the song totally switches up. It's awesome. 10.Escape The Past: the beginning of this song sounds almost like a recycled riff from Bleeding Blades but then it gets into some originality. This is another almost break-up song. I especially like around 2:50 when it goes to like a bit of chordal guitar work, but at the same time it's heavy. Then boam back into a sweet breakdown to end the song. 11.Words & Meanings: the only instrumental of the album. Very nice and well done at that. Kind of reminds me of There Will Be No Violins When You Die by IKTPQ, but I'd say it's a nice track to finish off the album. Overall I love this album. Everytime I put it in my CD player I end up listening to it till the end and still wanting more. A must have for any metal-core fan. If someone were to steal this album from me, or if I was to lose it, I would go to the nearest record store and pick up another copy without question. This album will not disappoint.

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    Amazing album. I have all of Blind Witness' material and have seen them play about half a dozen times around Canada. Can't wait until their new album comes out in September
    They aren't from canada but from quebec.... I think they would kill you for saying that