Blink-182 review by Blink-182

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  • Released: Nov 18, 2003
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (200 votes)
Blink-182: Blink-182

Sound — 9
Blink 182's last album was also in my humble opinion was their best. They ventured away from there comfort zone of poppy catchy three minute songs and ventured into something different. A darker sound, which they put a lot of time and effort in. Travis Barker (drums) did some of his best drumming ever and Mark Hoppus (bass/vocals) and Tom Delonge (guitar/vocals) also were solid in this album. The Lyrics were much improved also. Here is a rundown of all 14 songs on the album. 01. Feelin This - Blink's first single, a catchy guitar riff repeted over and over. It sort of reminds you of a song someone would play before a sporting event to get pumped up. When you listen to it for the first time your like "Wait this is Blink 182?" It's much different from the songs of Enema Of The State or Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. Catchy song you can bop your head to. 02. Obvious - a dark guitar riff leads this one off. The lyrics are obviously about a cheating girlfriend. A dark song off the album, not that memorable but it helps set the tone of the album. 03. I Miss You - one of the best songs on the record right here. Now if this were say the year 2000 you would probably laugh if someone told you this was a Blink 182 song. It's slow, doesn't get fast and has some great lyrics. A nice sounding piano helps the song flow along. I Miss You is a great song and is one of Blink's biggest hits. 04. Violence - this is one of my favorite songs off the record, it's starts with Barker giving a "heart beat" beat on the drums then Delonge strumming a simple string bending riff and the song exploads and then gets quiet for the verses. It has a very catchy dark chorus, it sticks in your head and you walk around singing it. 05. Stockholm Syndrome - a heavy guitar and bass and a constant pounding on the snare hit the song off after a piano prelude with a woman talking. The song is about paranoia and Delonge's voice mixed in With Hoppus' sounds good, but it's not really a memorable track. It sort of mixed inbetween Violence and Down the next track on the record. Delonge begins with a simple strumming of one chord then Hoppus and Barker come in. Some really good drums on this song, it's another one of my favorites off the album. It has good lyrics that match the flow of the song and has Delonge singing the verses and pre chorus' and Hoppus singing the one word chorus of "Down". Good song, great drumming song. 07. The Fallen Interlude - a drum solo type song as a follow up to Down, very cool. 08. Go - a hard short fast old style Blink punk song about a broken home. It will definitally get your attention after the Fallen Interlude. It wasn't really placed well, they should have put it somewhere else in the album. 09. Asthenia - a cool spacy sounding song that starts out with a NASA transmission, I really like this one. It all flows good and you can really picture what Delonge is saying in your head. Great song. 10. Always - for a lot of people this is their favorite song off the album. But I really don't like it that much, it's probably my least favorite. Delonge gets away from the dirty distortion guitar and goes cleanish for this one. It sounds very '80's. I didn't like it much though. 11. Easy Target - starts out with a sort of drum roll on the snare then a tough guitar riff jumps in. It's a prelude to the softer "All Of This" cool song but with out all of this it wouldent be that memorable. It really wroks when it flows right into all of this. 12. All Of This - Rob Smith of the Cure comes in and helps out singing most of the vocals with Delonge chiming in every now and then. A soft easy song a parent wouldent like listining to. Nice and smooth, that's the way to describe it smooth. 13. Heres Your Letter - this is only song Hoppus takes on by himself without Delonge sining as well. It has some pretty good bass and good verses. Other then that it's an average song. Nothing really special and it's pretty forgetable. 14. I'm Lost Without You - now if Blink 182 names a song "I'm Lost Without You" it has to be a joke song right? I mean they wouldent write a slow sappy song! It must be a follow up to Toypaj's I Wanna F--k A Dog In The Ass. The dog probably ran away, and he wants it back. But no, it is a slow sapyy song. It is very repetitive and not really that great. The best part is the drum solo at the end. It sort of seems that it could be an Angels And Airwaves song.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are good. That's what they are good, they don't suck. They don't toatly kick ass. They're good, just plain good. They're not generic and go with the feel of the song and the music. Oh and they totaly blow away all of the lyrics from previous albums. The lyrics ar solid.

Overall Impression — 9
I think this is a very solid ablum. I'm gonna sum it up with three last points. Awesome drumming, I can't say enough to how good the drumming is in this album. It starts with drums and ends with drums. All the somgs sound different, every song has a different feel. A different guitar sound or bass sound. A different set up of the verses and chorus'. Different tempos, it's not all the same. No "Fillers". I could not find one filler track. On previous albums there was a "Online Songs" a "Boring" or a "Don't Leave Me". It looked like a lot of work went into every song. So that's it, If I lost this album I would definitally get another. Also if you don't like Blink 182 but have never heard this album, give it a try trust me it's way different and is really solid.

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    omg wat a wanna be, ya it is thier eighth and no they are not gothic("you suck I suck we all suck and life sucks so I guess we should just live with it" ) no way man...mark is way more skilled, voice wise atleast. and ya it may not be thier best album but if u liked blink u would like this album. lmfao all the small things...wrong album and like blinks worst song.