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  • Released: Nov 18, 2003
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (200 votes)
Blink-182: Blink-182

Sound — 8
Overall I think this album is when they started to stray from their original sound I liked it a lot - I just didn't like all the different experimental sounds. Here's my opinions on each of the songs 1. "Feeling This": very good song. One of my favorites on the record. Only part I didn't really like is the part with tom screaming after the second chorus. 2. "Obvious": good follow up for "Feeling This". Not as strong of a song though. I liked the heavier guitar riff however. 3. "I Miss You": definitely of the defining tracks on the album. Very good acoustic song and I personally can't stand acoustics very sad and deep meaning. 4. "Violence": not a bad song however could definitely use more instrumentals in the verses because the snapping and maracas are annoying. 5. "Stockholm Syndrome": best song on album! Should be on greatest hits without a doubt. I love the distortion used on the guitars and I love playing this song with my band. 6. "Down": kinda overrated. Still a good song just it could have been better. Very sober and serious song unlike most of Blink's other songs. 7. "The Fallen Interlude": personally I hate this song. They could have done a way better filler song. 8. "Go": way better filler then previous track. Could have been longer though. 9. "Asthenia": another song that should be on the Greatest Hits. A song a lot of people can relate to. 10. "Always": very good but sad song. Very good bass line and drums sound wicked good. Barker really went out of his comfort zone on this one. 11. "Easy Target": an ok song. Could have been better and longer. Has a really good chorus. 12. "All Of This": another average song. I'm not a huge acoustic fan so its hard for me to like it plus I don't like the other guys voice too much. 13. "Here's Your Letter": the third song that should be on the Greatest Hits. Has awesome lyrics and a really good guitar riff. 14. "I'm Lost Without You": this song means a ton to me. It's me and my girlfriends relationship song. I can't think of a better song for it. Guitar distortion is definitely a different sound for blink but it definitely fits them more than well. The drum solo for an outro makes a case for Travis to be the greatest drummer of all time.

Lyrics — 8
Lyrics were deeper that most other albums. They also were much more mature was a good and bad thing. Immature blink is what they're always going to be what they're best known for. But it also shows they can mature. Tom and mark both have very good voices on it. I also like how they use distortion on vocals on the songs "Violence" and "Stockholm Syndrome". One of they're better albums lyrically and the tones of their voices. I wish they had mixed it up and added a few humorous songs like they did on "Enema Of The State" and "Take Off Your Pants And Jacket".

Overall Impression — 8
Very good. Not my favorite album by them but still an amazing album. It could have had more immature songs. I also dislike all the experimental crap but I love the songs. "Stockholm Syndrome" is one of Blink's best over all songs. "I'm Lost Without You" will always have a place in my heart. "I Miss You" is the first Blink-182 bass line I learned and I love to play it. "Feeling This" is one of the songs that really got me into Blink. "Here's Your Letter" and "Asthenia" deserve more credit then what they get. Both have deep meanings and most people can relate to them. Overall a very good album.

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