Cheshire Cat review by Blink-182

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  • Released: Nov 6, 2000
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 5.3 Decent
  • Users' score: 8.6 (63 votes)
Blink-182: Cheshire Cat

Sound — 6
Please bear with me through the critisism. This was blink's first "real" album so I understand the lack of expiriance but after a while it get's kind of rediculious. Belive me when I say I'm a huge blink fan. I have all of their albums(including their live one) but I have to say this is their worst. I can see why people like it though. A few of the songs are cetchy and sometimes almost epic sounding. But, only a few. Tom's guitar riffs are one of the "up's" to this album. This one was the final blink CD I bought and untill Blink-182, I always thought he sucked. But here he shows he can play very well. Even giving off some solos! Mark has always been a decent bass player, not the best but still pretty good. Scott is a horrible drummer. He has two beats and only three fills that he can do. I am glad Mark and Tom found Travis because I can only stad Scott's drumming for so long. Anyone who says he was right for blink-182 because he is more of a "punk" drummer is stupid. Sorry but, I wasn't aware being horrible made you a punk drummer. 01.Carousel: a pretty good song but I like the Buddha intro better when it was just Mark's solo. I do like Tom's vocals on here. And I like what this song is about. One of the bests. 02.M&M's: an okay song. Tom's shows he can play guitar very well here in the intro. And the lyrics are funny. If you listen to it too much though, it get's really annoying. 03.Fentoozler: my second favorate song on the album. At the begining, Scott had a catchy beat going along with the guitar but then went back to his main beat where he just hits the snare every beat really fast. Great lyrics and it even has a guitar solo! One in my top! 04.Touchdown Boy: remember we talked about the lack of expiriance? Well it starts showing here. The guitars don't match the lyrics and the lyrics are ones they wrote down in two seconds, you can tell because they just repeat most of them. Not a good one at all. 05.Strings: the lyrics are good and mean something important but again they were too lazy to think of anything else and make the song good. The music for it sucks. Another bad one. 06.Peggy Sue: I was so glad to here a good song after those last two. Even though the live version is better, this version is still really good. I love the bass solo but I like Travis' beat on the live album better. Still this is my third favorate on the album. 07.Sometimes: and we're back to the songs that are about 60 seconds long and only 0 seconds of them are worth listening to. Too fast and the lyrics suck. 08.Does My Breath Smell?: I like Tom's little poem at the begining. It always makes me laugh but, then I relized this song was like most of the other songs on here. Bad. 08.Cacophony: another one that sucks. Stupid and it doesn't make much of the album. Not even worth it. 09.TV: this is one of those songs where the lyrics were ment to be silly but some turn out to be smart. "I'm tought how to think on the evening news" Thats pretty true and very clever of make. The lalala's Mark sings are also sort of funny. The bass solo in the begining is good but then the music starts to suck so this turns out to be an ear sore. 10.Toast & Bannanas: my forth favorate off this album. It's a very well thought out song and you can tell that they really tried here. I will give Scott kudos on the fills here because it's the only talent he ever shows in this career. Great lyrics and a good tune. My pants are off right now. 11.Waisting Time: this is the best song off the album because everything Mark says here, I can relate to. This song is so amazing and it makes this album worth buying. If you are ever scared to ask a girl out and you have very strong feelings for her, this will become your anthem. I love this song!! Great lyrics and a great tune!! 12.Romeo & Rebecca: I don't really like this song. It's alright but not my tipe of tune. 13.Ben Wah Bals: this song shows that Scott thought he was just as funny as Mark and Tom and really he's just a total douche bag. I cannot stand the intro when he starts trying to be funny. Tom is but Scott? No. The song though is pretty decent but the beat is a little too fast and sloppy. But it gets better and is worth listening too. My 5th favorate. 14.Just About Done: again Scott thinks he's good and funny and isn't. And again Mark and Tom are just fooling around. pretty funny but a little too stupid. 15.Depends: wow! What a cloaser! Haha. Very funny! But Scott is not funny at the end. I just hate how he trys to be funny because he's really not.

Lyrics — 6
Let's face it, Tom and Mark can't sing. Even though, I do enjoy their voices for some reason. It was a horrible recording studio so their voices are fuzzed sometimes. As far as lyrics, some are good some are bad some are silly. It's blink and you take what you get. It get's annoying after a bit though.

Overall Impression — 4
This is Blink's worst album. Like I said, It's too immature for an official album. The skits in between songs are compleatly unessacery. Save for the live CD. Good songs are, Carousel, Ben Wah Balls and Toast & Bannanas. GREAT songs are Peggy Sue, Fentoozler and Waisting Time. If you are a hardcore blink fan, like me, get this album. If you just like blink or are just getting into them, buy a greatest hits or Enema of the State. Over all, a terrible album with only a few good songs. I was very disapointed.

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    wow, flapjack85 is retared. Scott doesn't even talk in this album. That's all mark and tom in the last three songs
    FlapJack85's review is that of a typical "new" blink fan who just likes enema and toypaj.. reading it was pretty funny in my opinion this is blinks greatest album and will always be my all time favorite.. the riffs are way to amazing to ignore.