Enema of the State review by Blink-182

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  • Released: Sep 27, 1999
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.9 (180 votes)
Blink-182: Enema of the State

Sound — 10
I bought this album because of "Aliens Exist." My friend showed a video of it to me and really got me into blink-182. I love the potty humor they have and I love Blink! This album is one of those where every song is fun to listen to. Some are better then others but they are all pretty good. Tom is an okay guitarist, but he's not great. I think thats okay for a pop-punk band though. Mark is about the same, not great but good. Travis is one of the BEST drummers ever! Scott was alright but Travis kills him by a long shot. Here's how I think about each and every song on the album: 01.Dumpweed: one of my all time favorates! It's so epic at the end when Tom starts the guitar riff. I love this song. 10/10 02.Dont Leave Me: It's okay but could be better. I do like the bass solo though, not something you see too much in pop-punk.7/10 03.Aliens Exist: a classic for me! I love this song. But after hearing it a bazzilian times, it get's a little old. But never-the-less, It's sill good.10/10 04.Going Away to College: I like this song a lot too. Mark's voice sounds good here. It's all around pretty good. I like the bridge a lot.9/10 05.What's My Age Again?: my Anthem! I love this song in every way possible! Mark is awesome and I love the slow-pretty part! 10/10 06.Destonary Gary: I hated this song at first but then it grew on me and now I love it! Tom's Voice is really good here! 9/10 07.Adam's Song: the other side to blink. Sad but still an amazing song. I loved the piano during the bridge.8/10 08.All the Small Things: everyone knows this song! It's increadably simple but good at the same time.8/10 09.The Party Song: this song isn't so great. I liked the "da-nana" part but everything else is annoying. 6/10 10.Mutt: this song is sooooo over looked! I love the bass part in the chorus riff and Travis is a beast, rolling with one hand on the high-hat in the bass-intro.10/10 11.Wendy Clear: another good one. I liked the harmonized bridge. Mark, again, sounds really good here.9/10 12.Anthem: this song is really cool exept it sped up during the 2nd verse which I thought was stupid. But the bass solo during the bridge is pretty cool. A great finale to the album.9/10

Lyrics — 10
Mark and Tom. Not much else to say. Not as much potty-humor in this as "TOYAJ" and "Dude ranch" but thats okay. I think that they both are pretty good at writing lyrics. It's punk so most of the songs will be about girls. But thats alrght also. They both have gotten a lot better at singing. Mark is louder and less flat and Tom is... well Tom? But, he sounds better on this album for some reson...? Over all they did exelent!

Overall Impression — 10
None of the blink-182 albums are all the same which is cool. Each one is different from the next. I really liked the sound on this one. Good songs are; Dumpweed, Aliens Exist, What's My Age Again?, Destionary Gary, Mutt, Wendy Clear and Anthem. If you like blink or want to cheak them out, then I think that this is the one to get. If I was lost I would buy another!

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    Zyph73 wrote: Smeegy wrote:Actually all the music in this genre is easy to play. Anyway this album is only good because the songs are catchy even though its plagiarism and inept guitar playing all bundled into a tiny little package in the hopes of making money off you. Wow, way to totally miss all points. So what if the guitar work isn't hard, does it have to be? Sorry if the idea of punk music doesn't work for you. And why wouldn't they want to make money, I mean this is their profession. If you are doing a job, wouldn't you want to be paid for your work? Go back to your elitist corner and pretend you're smart.
    lol. Amen!!
    mallen i am wrote: i find it funny when the guy says that he thinks the drummer is the only reason blink got anywhere haha, i was just thinking that he seems not to know that this was the first album that he drummed on.
    Most of the people who gave it bad ratings had nothing remotely intellectual to say about. Just mindless and juvenile insults.