A Weekend in the City review by Bloc Party

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  • Released: Nov 19, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (150 votes)
Bloc Party: A Weekend in the City

Sound — 9
Bloc Party definetly has a certain sound to them. They have a brit-rock mixed with electronic sound. The majority of the songs on this album a very catchy. This is one of the few albums that you can listen all the way through without getting bored. The only song that I don't completely like might have to be I Still Remember, which is prolly going to seem wierd considering that it is this CD main hit. I also recommend getting their other CD, Silent Alarm.

Lyrics — 10
I love this singer! He has a great British accent and most of these lyrics are just completely original and havee never been done before. 01. Song For Clay (Dissapear Here) - this song starts out kinda slow and boring, but after about a minute it gets better. 02. Hunting For Witches - actually this might be my favorite song on the album! it's very catchy and has a cool little guitar riff. 03. Waiting For The 7.18 - this is a really cool song that sounds terriffic during the bridge and the chorus. 04. The Prayer - this song, now that I am listening to it again, is kind of cheezy. 05. Uniform - this song is a great one! Once again it is very catchy and just a song that's fun to chill to. 06. On - this is probably my 2nd favorite song on this album, it's fun has energy to it and it's the next anthem. 07. Where Is Home - a cool song with a great chorus and another fun chill song for times that your mad or stressed. 08. Kreuzberg - might be the slowest song on the album but very relaxing. 09. I Still Remember - I personally do not like this, kinda reminds me of U2, but most people do so I guess I'll give it this rating. 10. Sunday - kind of a plain song actually. 11. SRXT - a slower song but very catchy and the last two minutes are great! 12. Cain Said To Abel - right when you think all of the more energetic songs are done this one comes on, this song is again, catchy, and a great ending to the CD.

Overall Impression — 9
This CD is awesome but I still thought that their other one was much better and more of their own style. Still, this album still sticks out from others and is all together catchy and one you can listen to over and over again. If this was stolen I would definetly buy it again. If I would suggest any song it would be Hunting For Witches.

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    I love this album, it blew me away the first time I heard it and has done everytime since. It hasn't left my CD player since I bought it hehe. I'm seeing them on 20th April, can't wait to hear how these songs sound live.
    k*CMYK wrote: To the first guy, it's Bloc Party, no Block, ffs.
    Yeah, you'd imagine since he bought the CD he would know what the band name was.
    The best part of this cd whould have to be the lyrics. They have at least influenced my songwriting alot. The guitars are crazy as always and so are the drums. The bass was a little disappointing though. But it just goes into the sound of them. One thing I whould recommend to everyone is to listen through the entire album while reading the lyrics on http://www.blocparty.com/lyrics.php I got the chills so many times. At least during "Song For Clay (Disappear Here)" Excellent job Bloc Party!
    it definitely takes some getting used to from their old stuff, but i did end up liking the new cd
    hmm I dont know ive heard this Cd is pretty terrible. concidering i was a huge fan of the old one, im not sure if ill like this. why must every band change there act when there becoming popular. like MCR for example. anyways is ther anyone with a negative comment. cause Bloc Party being compared to U2 and Radiohead is a bit weird.
    They are a great live band and I especially enjoyed the songs they played from this very album. They've improved as a band but I wouldn't say this is any worse or any better than Silent Alarm. Those songs are classic, these are exciting.
    very good cd...a little different from the first but i ended up liking it...good job bloc party
    Brilliant album! Shame alot of the best songs were left off as B Sides and stuff. I agree it's as good as Silent Alarm some songs betetr some songs worse.My least favorite is On, they should have but England , We Were Lovers and Vision of Heaven on there. Ah well still brilliant
    ive heard of these guys. never listened though... mebbee i should...
    Can't say i agree with half the stuff said in the UG review, but i will agree it's a brilliant album, and like the guy above me said, BLOC party! no k! Two words i'd never use to describe Silent Alarm, are "silly and happy", god knows where that came from but both are brilliant albums from a great band, and i highly recommend anyone that has the chance, to go and see them live, as live it's completely different to the cd, and 10 times better, one of the best live bands i've ever seen.