Silent Alarm review by Bloc Party

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  • Released: Mar 14, 2005
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 4
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 5.3 Decent
  • Users' score: 8.7 (124 votes)
Bloc Party: Silent Alarm

Sound — 6
"It's generic, uninspiring, NME-endorsed indie Rock'N'Roll for me!" (as The Killers never said). The sound is just generic, boring NME-hype band, trendy indie-disco fodder. Most of the album is filler. If you want their good tracks, hunt down the 'Bloc Party EP' (from Australlia or Japan - theres 2 different 1s in Japan - The Banquet/Staying Fat 1 is better, marginally. The She's Hearing Voices 1 is Ok). Also, Roland, the singer. Sorry, I mean 'Kele' (as he is now known) is trying harder and harder to sound like Robert Smith (of The Cure fame) - stop! Go and buy Ok Computer by Radiohead and hunt down a copy of At Home He's A Tourist by Gang Of Four. Or maybe you like to listen to generic, uninspiring, NME-endorsed indie Rock'N'Roll. More fool you.

Lyrics — 4
The lyrics are awful! Its just "GW Bush is a bad man", "Oil is evil" - just complete B--llocks! Its just another example of a band trying to 'do' politics - and failing miserably. Its 1 really excrutiatingly cliched slogan after another. Go and buy a copy of the Holy Bible (Manic Street Preachers) reissue - for some genuine angst. Bloc Party try (and fail, again) to capture a bit of everything thats good about certain 'cult' bands - such as Joy Division's haunting lyrics, The Cure's vocals, GO4's wirey, jagged guitars, the angst of every '70s (or even '90s for that matter) punk band - to create an uber-cool super-indie band in an NME-friendly package. Apparently they're shy anti-heroes. What a load of B. S. Would Jonny Greenwood, Thom Yorke, et al churn out a bunch of songs this dull. Radiohead gambled with their careers on a number of occassions, and in my opinion, it paid off (despite the criticisms from certain areas of the weekly music/lifestyle press - come off it - you know who I'm talking about). The lyrics and well the music is general is just unchallenging, dull and yawn - sorry, just drifting off to sleep thinking about it.

Overall Impression — 6
They're all dressed by Topman/River Island, all those evil fashionable places, which they should be punished for anyway, trying to make out that they're some kind of anti-hereos/geeks, set to take over the world and revolutionise the music industry as we know it. They're signed to Witchita ferchistsakes! - Witchita = V2 = Virgin = EMI. They're even trying to make out that they have some kind of "indie" credability! They're on a subsidiary. They're hiding the fact that they're signed to a major incase it puts people off. How sad.

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