History For Sale review by Blue October

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  • Released: Jul 1, 2003
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.7 (16 votes)
Blue October: History For Sale

Overall Impression — 10
This is the third album to come out of this Houston band and to tell you the truth; it is by far their best yet. I have seen this band live three times and each time they shock me. You're probably thinking right about now Blue what? However, don't fret; you will be caught up in no time. So go buy the CD now fu*kers. You can get it from their website. And my movie plug of the week goes out to Equilibrium. Kick ass movie, nuff said. Read Scott Keith's rant of the movie here. Keith sums up the movie very well. Anyway, let me start with some past history and why this album is so good. First of all, there is not one bad song on this album. Every song is great and just full of so much emotion that you just want to weep like a little bitch. Well maybe not but you get my drift. The story behind this band is focused on lead singer Justin Furstenfeld. Legend has it that he was engaged to be married. Things were going smooth until the bitch screwed his best friend James (who is the focus of a disturbing song on the first album). Well after some time in an institution, Justin got out, found his friend, and bet the ever living shit out of the cunt. If that story doesn't make you shiver then you are a cold heartless wench. Anywho, now that we are caught up lets start reviewing. Ugly Side is the first song on the album. The title pretty much sums up what this song is about. With a very catchy chorus and C.B kicking ass on guitar like always leads to a pretty slow and enjoyable opening song. It is slow most of the way through but does get a little harder guitar in the chorus. 3.5/5 Clumsy Card House is next and just so happens to be my favorite on the CD. It starts with arguably the best mandolin playing I have ever heard. Not that I have heard a lot of mandolin playing but you get the point. The song might seem a little sappy to some of you (ass holes) but the lyrics and the semi fast pace keeps you wanting more by the time it is done. 5/5 Razorblade is next and we finally get to see a darker side of Justin. And while you're praying hands were up/There's no forgiveness for you! You sick fuck!, You wounded them for life./You were a preacher and suppose to be above men. If this doesn't tell you what the song is like then I don't know what can. This is definitely the heaviest song on the album and also one of the best. 4.5/5 Calling You is next and is also the band's first single off of the album. It gets a great deal of radio play here in Dallas. It starts off slow but really picks up by the end. I can't say it is a bad choice for a single but I think the band could have done better in picking a single. One that doesn't sound so poppy. I went to see them last Friday and there were 10 year olds running around everywhere with their parents. Now, this is a bad idea on many levels. First of all, well at least in my opinion, the music is not meant to be classified as pop. When I hear a pop singer say they want to rip out someone's entrails (the song James from the first album) then I will believe it. Not to mention fuck being thrown around several times. It kind of reminds me South Park the Movie when I was growing up. Violence and nudity are ok, as long as they don't use any nasty language. But what do I know. Fucking kids. I sound like I am 50. Fuck it. 4/5 Chameleon Boy is next. The song is dedicated to Brandon Ball (friend of the band) who overdosed on I believe heroine (I might be wrong). The song is very slow and poignant but not one of my favorites. 3/5 Sexual Powertrip is second heaviest song on the album and another of my favorites. Great drums and guitars throughout. Justin uses a voice echoer in this song which sounds great. Can you show me how to treat someone?/ I don't recall ever learning how./ Because I keep fucking up./ I keep fucking up. This lyric sums up what the CD is like. Most of the songs on the album are about Justin's ex-fiance. 5/5 A Quiet Mind is next. Once again, a mandolin is used in the background of this song. This is a slow but a great one. This is a very moving song and one of many that will water your eyes. Not much else to say. 4.5/5 3 Weeks, She Sleeps is really too short to really review. Lasting almost 2 minutes, this song doesn't really give you a good feel for what the band is like. However, it does have some of the best flute playing I have ever heard. The background music is almost nonexistent through most of the song but picks up some toward the end of the song. 4/5 The album picks right back up with Inner Glow. With great guitars all around, this song truly puts you in a good mood. The lyrics are fun as well. Here's a preview. Shove it under old/new/ Or call it rock, or pop, or Bach, or fuck/God damn where did I go wrong? 5/5 Somebody is next and happens to be very chilling. This is one of the songs that will give you goose bumps, especially when you hear it live. I am tired of quoting lyrics so just buy the CD and listen to the song. 4.5/5 Come in Closer is next with guest vocals by one of the hottest women I have ever laid eyes on, Zayra. Once again you are probably scratching your head wondering who this person is. Well she is an artist under the same label as the band and she tours with them frequently. She has a great voice and I believe will soon be going places. 5/5 And finally Amazing. This is without a doubt the deepest song on the album. This song focuses on Justin's ex more then any other song. When I first heard this song live I knew I was going to buy this CD. It has that kind of effect on you. It does not stimulate your buying impulses if that's what you think but it does grab you and does not let go. The lyrics are amazing in this song. 5/5

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