Face The Promise review by Bob Seger

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  • Released: Sep 12, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (21 votes)
Bob Seger: Face The Promise

Sound — 9
With that we get this 12 song album of fresh material. The sound is great in surround sound. Unfortunately this album was not released on dual-disc however there is an alternate version you can buy at best buy that comes with a "Making Of Feature" with classic live performances as well. This is typical Seger: keyboards, acoustic guitars, electric blues leads, saxophones and the throaty-soul voice of Seger himself.

Lyrics — 10
Bob Seger has always been known as a singer/songwriter ever since his break through album "Night Moves". He, like Bruce Springsteen knows how to write lyrics that relate to the common working man. His ability to deliver stories that all of us experience is exceptional. As far as the lyrics on Face the Promise are concerned, they are contemplative and often reminiscent of his rollicking days in the '70s/early-'80s that made songs like "Horizontal Bop" and "Katmandu" great grooves. The delivery of the softer, more intimate pieces are more convicted now that Seger has aged and lived the life of 10 men. He's looking back on his youth and finding himself somewhere in the mix. All of the songs were written by Bob Seger except "Real Mean Bottle" which was written by country music legend Vince Gill. This track also features a duet with avid fan Kid Rock which makes for an interesting track.

Overall Impression — 10
Unlike other Seger albums, Face The Promise has a rougher edge to it. The guitar melodies are much more grittier. As a musician Mr. Seger has also come full circle with himself as a man at his age. In the twilight of his life, he's come to terms with life and this album is the final solution. Tracks such as "Wait for Me" and "No Matter Who You Are" make his maturity and wisdom clear. As tracks like "Face the Promise" and "Are You" display the soul, raspy voice, blues grit that made him famous and a Detroit legend in the '70s. If you are familiar with Bob Seger's work and like some or most of it I'd suggest you pick this album up. Give it a few spins, fortunately, as in most cases with classic rock stars making new albums, this one doesn't take multiple listens to appreciate or decide which song you like. There is really only one song on here that I didn't think held up with the rest of the album and that was "Simplicity". Even at that, it still wasn't a bad album.

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    Great review, I liked the album a lot too, I loved how he rocked out a little more, this is the way to go out, not like It's a Mystery which was 11 years ago. I didn't expect anyone from this site to review this album. Good job.
    this album is amazing, That is the only word for it amazing. it has great songs, riffs, solos, and lyrics. it lives up to all of my expectations and more
    Good review. This is definitely a fantastic Seger album. I hope he makes many more great albums.
    "Twilight of his life"? You make the man sound as though he were ready for the grave!
    I hate that thing "twilight of his life" I think Bob Seger is one of the best he seemed Underated...