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artist: Bon Jovi date: 06/06/2016 category: compact discs
Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi
Release Date: Jan 21, 1984
Genre: Hard Rock, Glam Metal
Label: Mercury
Number Of Tracks: 9
It may not be the most noteworthy of debuts, but Bon Jovi has a contagious sense of energy and an endearing romanticism that mark it as a classic in its own right.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 7.7
 Overall Impression: 9.3
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overall: 8.3
Bon Jovi Reviewed by: captain_crash, on february 09, 2006
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Sound: This CD is very '80s. To me that isnt a bad thing but it may put some people off. I once lent this to a friend and he hated it because of that very reason. Much like black and white films, some people cannot stand the synth keyboard sounds and guitar playing typical of the era. If you have no problem with 80's music then this is a truly great cd, well produced and played. Tico Torres (drummer) particually stands out for his excellent playing. // 9

Lyrics: One thing you may notice when you first listen to this cd is that Jon Bon Jovi's voice can go really high. Particually notable in the latter sections of the first track, Runaway. This is really a guy that can sing well and is practically flawless on this record. This effort is alot more raw than the follow up titled 7800 Fahrenheit containing many tracks penned before the line up had even been set. Also notable is the fact this cd conatins the only track on any studio album not to conatin a writting credit for Jon Bon Jovi. Track 3 (She Don't Know Me) was included at the request of the record company as part of the bands contract. Some lyrics do appear to have been used again in subsiquent albums (see Shot Through The Heart). // 7

Overall Impression: I love this ablbum, to me it delivers everything a debut album should do, and more. It's upbeat (see last track, Get Ready), energetic and well written. Unusually for Bon Jovi there are no "power ballads," but they're not missed for adding them would affect the fast pace of the album. It is a shame Bon Jovi don't play many of these songs at shows any more, they would sound ace live. // 9

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overall: 9
Bon Jovi Reviewed by: Silas Thompson, on june 11, 2007
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Sound: Hard keyboard riff, fast guitar solos, and cool drums solos. This album has it all. It started when the demo for runaway was accepted by Polygram. They told Jon he could either be a solo artist or higher a band to play with. He chose the band. It is totally a hair Metal album. The sound is focused on mainly Jon and Richie. Tico has his moments with fast drum solos that lead into a chorus. // 8

Lyrics: Jon lyrics are upbeat and his voice is stronger than it is on Bounce and Have A Nice Day. His skill was mainly going from his normal singing voice to high pitch like in Runaway. He also displays that on Slippery when Wet but not as much. The guitar fits into Jon's tone when he's singing. // 9

Overall Impression: It is different than others albums but in a good way. The way his voice was is so different than it is now. I like it because it shows how they started and when you hear Have A Nice Day you see how much there music has changed. I like it because it was harder than the other albums they put out. If I lost it I'd look and buy it again. The best songs on the album are Roulette, Runaway, Burning For Love, Get Ready, and Breakout. I suggest buying it. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Bon Jovi Reviewed by: jwinn731, on june 06, 2016
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Sound: The songs and band themselves sound a lot more energetic than they do on "Slippery When Wet" or "New Jersey." Songs like "Runaway," "Shot Through the Heart," "Burning for Love," and "Get Ready" seem a lot faster, at times heavier, and definitely more energetic than the later albums. Jon Bon Jovi hits some high notes he rarely did even in the later '80s here, such as the end of "Runaway." David Bryan also seems to be more prominent than he was later on, with most songs being more keyboard or synthesizer focused. Ritchie Sambora gets some good solos too, as usual, and Tico Torres still keeps a strong presence. This album also feels more consistent in sound than the other efforts, as there's a lot less ballads like on "SWW" or weird acoustic songs like on "New Jersey." It's much more straight forward hard rock. // 10

Lyrics: Bon Jovi may have been known for catchy songs and choruses, but the lyrics themselves are sort of generic. Since this was their first album, it's slightly more generic than usual. Despite this, the lyrics are still memorable, and fit the instruments really well. Jon Bon Jovi is a great singer, which may have helped these lyrics stick out more. The lyrics get better in other albums, but this is certainly a good starting point. It also seems more love focused than the other albums, even for glam metal. // 7

Overall Impression: This album will probably always be overshadowed by "Slippery When Wet," "New Jersey," and maybe even "Crush," but it's worth checking out if you liked the other albums. If you liked those albums, definitely check this one out, as all of the tracks (except maybe "Love Lies," but that's certainly better than the rest of Bon Jovi's weaker songs) are definitely worth a listen. There isn't much to dislike about it, as it's a pretty solid debut. At the very least check out "Runaway," and if you like that, buy the rest. It's worth the money. // 9

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