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artist: Bon Jovi date: 05/03/2007 category: compact discs
Bon Jovi: Bounce
Released: Oct 8, 2002
Genre: Rock
Tones: Melancholy, Earnest, Theatrical, Rowdy, Confident, Rousing, Passionate, Energetic
Styles: Hard Rock, Pop/Rock, Pop-Metal
Number Of Tracks: 12
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8.4
 Overall Impression: 8.7
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overall: 8.7
Bounce Reviewed by: walkon123123, on june 18, 2004
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Sound: The sound of this album is very different from other Bon Jovi efforts. The guitar is alot heavier with some pretty catchy hooks, which I think is a good really good thing, showing that after 20 years they're still showing originality. // 10

Lyrics: Not always the strongest part of a Bon Jovi album, but generally quite good here. Some 9/11 inspired lyrics for Undivided give it more emotional depth, as well as Everyday and the title track Bounce. Watch out for Right side of wrong though, with lyrics that make you cringe! // 8

Overall Impression: As a big fan who owns nearly all the albums, I have to say this is probably my 2nd favourite. Favourite tracks are Undivided, Everyday, Hook me up and Bounce. Fantastic album! // 8

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overall: 8.7
Bounce Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 24, 2004
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Sound: I find that the sound is a beautiful usage of melody and ryme and I find that the song "Wrong Side Of Right" should be a clasic for all the years to come. Also the song Bounce has a very exciting and aggresive beat to it. And last, I find that the song "Joey" is so inspiration. // 8

Lyrics: I love the lyrics of this cd and the first time I finished listening to this CD, I came to this website and found the chords to all the songs that I could find. The only song I was dissapointed in was the song "Wrong Side Of Right." I think that there should be a different singer for this song. Also I am a bit confused about when the singer states "We Ain't Jimmy Cagney." Not only is it out of ryme it's out of beat! But, all the other songs are perfect so I give this another 4 out of 5. // 8

Overall Impression: This does not compare to any other cd's of Bon Jovi. I would say that this is the best set over-all. Still, I havent heard "ten million Bon Jovi fan's can be wrong" but, I still love "Bounce". The most impressing song on this cd is "Everyday." I love this song because the band really put effort into it, also it is a very happy and jumpy song. I love this cd because it made me feel alive, and also without this cd I would of never found this web-site. I have to say that there is nothing I hate about this cd, it's great! If this cd was stolen or lost, I would definitly buy it again. But, me being myself, If I lost this cd or if it was stolen, I would be very angry! // 10

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overall: 8
Bounce Reviewed by: rob_acoustic, on july 26, 2005
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Sound: Bounce opens up with a very heartfelt song called "Undivided" which really propells the album's meaning. The sound is really moving and loud in a lot of songs. It's either a rocker or a mellow ballad with a sweeping chorus that takes you off your feet. Either way, it's Bon Jovi and with guitar and keyboards from Samboara and Bryan you can't deny a melody that deserves more then what it gets. Bouncing back from something is the album's story or focus and reliving something to know what it means also is what I take out of it. The sounds really leave a classical feeling to it, like you could play this record to sleep to, or to wake up. It fits, as well as Bon Jovi and their underrated album "Bounce." // 8

Lyrics: "You Had Me From Hello" captures what it is to fall in love all over again and again. "At the mirror you fix your hair and put your makeup on, you're insecure about what clothes to wear, I can't see nothing wrong" Jon openes up the song with. The acoustic guitar gives it a candle lit type of feel to it. I think so anyways. Jon's singing has never failed me and I don't think it could. He has range. Complete range. The music is right on key on this album. The writing has a lot of collaborations in it. It's not so bad to get help is it? great writing. // 8

Overall Impression: This album has been thrashed again and again and I'm still stranded out on a highway by myself thinking why at times. "Everyday," "Missunderstood," "All About Lovin' You," "You Had Me From Hello," "Hook Me Up" are all standout tracks. The album titled song "Bounce" is pure fire power with attitude. This album is probably one of Bon Jovi's best "complete" albums. Not the best but all to the end, it shapes up well. Just like a diamond. // 8

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overall: 9.3
Bounce Reviewed by: fox69, on november 19, 2005
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Sound: I haven't gotten into Bon Jovi a lot since I'm only 15 right now, but this was a very impressive album to me. I like the guitars and the solos in a lot of the songs and I like how they can rock out or slow it down. Sounds pretty good and it doesn't get old. // 9

Lyrics: Jon sings about a couple o different things in this album. he sings about a mentallyretarded boy in "Joey," about putting aside differences in "Undivided," and about living your own life in "Everyday." Jon has an awsome singing voice and I can't get enough of how well he melds with the rest of the band. // 10

Overall Impression: This album actually sounds a lot like their previous disc "Crush." I like "Crush" a bit more but this was definetely worth buying. The best songs are "Undivided," "Everyday," "Joey," "Wrong Side Of Right," "Hook Me Up" and "Bounce." I think that the band plays well together and I hope they keep playin for a long time. I bet there new album "Have A Nice Day" is a gooder too, have to get it. // 9

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overall: 9.7
Bounce Reviewed by: JimBonJovi, on may 03, 2007
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Sound: Bon Jovi's 8th studio album, "Bounce" punched through after the 9/11 attacks and the result? A heavier back to basics Bon Jovi. From the opening track "Undivided", came Jon's growling vocals, a bombast of Richie's layered guitars, David's sampling and various sounds, Tico's booming drums and Hugh's thumping bass lines. It only begins there, afterwards the first single "Everyday" provides a sampling of Richie's talkbox via Pro Tools and Luke Ebbin's production. "Everyday" is a unique heavier Bon Jovi single, just the way most if not all fans enjoy from their jersey band. "The Distance" provides monstrous riffs, simple? Yes, Effective? Yes. Richie does not dissapoint here. The very sound of that 1958 Flying V Korina Richie played throughout "Bounce" is imminent on almost every track, Joey, Hook Me Up(A great hard rock/metal tune), Love me back to Life, and finally the title track Bounce, again all of which contain a crunch or two. Bounce's cover plainly showcases what's to come, the VLA's, Lightning, and some clothing style. Nothing compares to Bounce's sound so far from the boys from New Jersey, something that comes close would be 1992's "Keep The Faith", but that's another story. // 10

Lyrics: Jon and Richie provide some detailed story telling here. The 9/11 inspired tune "Undivided" contains simple yet catchy lyrics, but nothing too special. Tunes such as "Joey" and "Right Side Of Wrong" emmit a welcoming flavour which brings you in and sits you down like a child back in your elementary school days. Right Side Of Wrong is almost a Dry County from Keep The Faith, containing a whistful solo via Richie. Every song has the corresponding vocals, Leading is Jon and Backing is Richie, and when they both mix there's no stopping the harmonious singing and lyrics which follow. Brilliant all around, and being memorable helps too. // 9

Overall Impression: Bon Jovi's "Bounce" truely shaped and furthermore developed my life as a whole after my Grandmother's passing on. It was my introduction to Bon Jovi and always will be the greatest album from the guys and in General. Bon Jovi fans may not enjoy the Heavy songs as they may be too "Heavy" but Bon Jovi was and always will be a Hard Rock Band, and must contain those crunching riffs in order to comply. Some songs on Have A Nice Day you could compare to Bounce and say "Yes, there's that same guitar crunch, heavyness but possibly turned down a bit, or overproduced. Luke Ebbin did an excellent job although when it comes down to it Jon, Richie, Dave, Tico and Hugh make it all happen. // 10

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overall: 10
Bounce Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 24, 2004
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Sound: The music was pretty cool. It was very remeniscent of their previous release, "Crush". There are lots of cool guitar riffs and solos, even though, once again, not all of them are that complicated. I still liked it though. Richie Sambora's a badass. // 10

Lyrics: Some of the lyrics take a different turn off of Bon Jovi's usual romantic style. Several of the songs focus on the events of September 11, encircling the suffering, pain, but strength of the American people on that day. These songs were written and performed very well. // 10

Overall Impression: This is not my favorite Bon Jovi album, but it's definitely up there near the top spot, which oddly enough is still vacant. My favorite songs were, Undivided, Everyday, The Distance, All About Loving You, Bounce, and Open All Night. I'd get it again if I lost or someone stole it. It's not a flawless record, but very close to being so. Bon Jovi rules! // 10

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overall: 6.7
Bounce Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 06, 2004
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Sound: I had long felt that Bon Jovi was a singles band, so I took this album out of the library to see for myself if this was true. My fears were put to rest as, yes, they are. Being in the pop-metal vein, they obviously have very good production. The sound is good, in that, the production is clear. However, the band hardly touches on multiple music styles; they stay in a few limited mindsets in their lyrics and composition. So, even though they have very good production, any pop artist like Briney Spears could do this, and so I have to give them a mediocre rating. There's no innovation at all when they try. // 8

Lyrics: Bon Jovi lyrics are what I am least impressed with. They just aren't good at hitting the variety of lyrical styles that rock is so accomplished in. Their songs fall into a few catagories, such as sappy romantic, "You Can't Tell Me What To Do," and the "Common Man" songs. It gets uninteresting quite fast. Also, I have to touch up on the singing. Jon Bon Jovi is not a very good singer. On "Living On A Prayer" (not on this album) for instance, he almost screams to hit some of the high parts. Also, there are practically no backing vocals at all here. I am disenchanted with the singing. // 6

Overall Impression: Bon Jovi does not stand up well when you go past the songs you hear on the radio and actually take a look at what's on their album. They are not very talented or virtuoso (learn to play guitar and see what a great job Richie has) and don't bring anything interesting to the table. Something I find ridiculous, is on "Bounce," which is supposed to be the title track - it's an utter rehash of "It's My Life," thus showing my point of their limited lyrical variety. The line "I don't give a fu fu fu..." is so stupid. They want to appear edgy, but don't want to offend their girl fans. Stop saying "Well, this isn't their best. 5/5/5". Go listen to the band Boston, who are like Bon Jovi except with more skill, vocal harmonies, and variety of lyrics. Or, check out Van Halen, who are actually the band that Jon Bon Jovi tried to replicate when BJ was founded. // 6

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