Destination Anywhere Review

artist: Bon Jovi date: 12/03/2004 category: compact discs
Bon Jovi: Destination Anywhere
Released: Jun 17, 1997
Genre: Rock
Styles: Hard Rock, Pop/Rock
Number Of Tracks: 14
This Jon Bon Jovi's first official solo album finds the hard rocker attempting to simultaneously make his signature sound more mature and more contemporary.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 6
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overall: 8
Destination Anywhere Reviewed by: cradleoffilth, on december 03, 2004
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Sound: I just love this album. You can have it in three editions: the normal one, in a hard paper box or a double cd with live songs on it. I have only the two special one's. Richie Sambora plays the guitar like a little boy who is seriously concentrated when he is making a drawing. I don't think there are much better guitar players as Richie Sambora. Also Tico Torres has a good drumming style. It's terrible that my CD's were damaged when we moved to another house, but thank God that this CD wasn't in that box. // 10

Lyrics: Inside all of the Bon Jovi lyrics is a story. Most of his lyrics are about relationships, personalitys, etc. 'Ugly' is a very beautiful song and the text is in very good harmony with the song. What I hate is 'Cha-la-la-la' lyrics like in 'Midnight In Chelsea'. I just love Jon Bon Jovi's voice sound. Since I was 4 years old I listen to him and I never heard a better voice like his one. On his first album he had another voice sound than on 'This Left Feels Right', but it has always been good! // 8

Overall Impression: This record is one of the best one's of this artist, but I also like 'Bounce', 'Cross Road', 'These Days' and 'Slippery When Wet'. The other albums are also very good, but not so good as these. My favorite songs of the album are: 'Queen Of New Orleans', 'Ugly', 'Destination Anywhere' and 'Naked'. I hope I will not lose this album, but I have to editions. When they're both lost, then I will search new or second hand one's. // 6

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