Live From London [DVD] review by Bon Jovi

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  • Released: Nov 15, 2004
  • Sound: 9
  • Content: 3
  • Production Quality: 5
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.5 (26 votes)
Bon Jovi: Live From London [DVD]

Sound — 9
Following the huge success of the '80s many thought Bon Jovi would fall into obscurity. The band however had different plans and enjoyed similar accomplishments in the '90s. Filmed at Wembley Stadium on June 25th 1995 in front of over 72,000 fans this prformance proves the previous statement. The band treat the crowd to an energetic performance moving from hit to album tracks from "These Days" with ease. It is true that Jon Bon Jovi's voice copes better with some songs than others; he performs Always with passion and emotion, but equally struggles with the more up tempo Bad Medicine. Richie Sambora on the otherhand ploays with freedom and pinache; you find yourself waiting exitedly for the next solo.

Content — 3
This is were the DVD falls flat on its face. For a band who were clearly on form during this gig, it is hard to see why there is only 11 live tracks on this disc when the concert was clearly longer. Later Bon Jovi DVDs have been packed with extras. This has none apart from the song These Days played over a montage of the gig and backstage. A shame.

Production Quality — 5
The production quality is fairly standard; 17 cameras, shot in letterbox widescreen, with 2.0 stereo. The colour is slightly on the sharpe side, and sometimes the camera whizzes around to much from band member and crowd; when it does slow down it shares out camera time fairly among musicians and crowd (obviously Jon Bon Jovi has the most exsposure).

Overall Impression — 7
To sum up, this DVD is a good showcase of Bon Jovi's talents, with an exellent performance. But the disc is let down by the extras and length. This seems lazy. I would suggest this as a good introduction to Bon Jovi in the live setting. Other Bon Jovi live DVDs have the content but lack the fire, so you are left treading a line in between, and therefore have to buy both. I think it is time for Bon Jovi to make a definitive visual release.

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    It's a damn good show. It does indeed have no extras and the quality is sub-par for a DVD, but remember originally this was just a video release, now converted to DVD format. It's worth getting anyway, if only for Sambora's solos. This DVD definitely contains some of his best (live) playing, the extra solo on the end of Always and the extended break on Lay Your Hands On Me are truly superb. It's a shame they cut out his solo performance from the show, as apparently that was even better.
    I love "Always" in this version. Jon sings with a great passion, and Richie's second guitar solo is the best.