These Days Review

artist: Bon Jovi date: 07/17/2007 category: compact discs
Bon Jovi: These Days
Released: 1995
Label: Mercury
Genre: Rock
Styles: Hair Metal, Hard Rock, Pop/Rock, Album Rock, Pop-Metal, Arena Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
With These Days, Bon Jovi firmly established themselves as an adult contemporary act.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 9.3
These Days Reviewed by: rob_acoustic, on july 22, 2005
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Sound: "These Days" gives you a nice solid and perfect paced album all the way through. The abnd uses acoustic guitars done by the master himself, Richie Sambora who is sickly underrated and distorted guitar and clean electric with some nice effects at times also. The album came after the '84-'94 Greatest hits album "Crossroads" and it sets the tone right off with the song "Hey God." Bon Jovi makes a record that is what "Adult Comtemparary" is. This record is for mature listeners as they're are no fun happy songs or anything fun about it. It's really a dark album with tones and feelings that translate into "Hey help me please, I'm at the end of my life." This album's sound is one of a kind and perfect. My personal favorite. // 8

Lyrics: Jon Bon Jovi's lyrical skills have been deemed "cheesy." On this album there's nothing cheesy about even cheese. Jon along with Sambora and Desmond Child write some beautiful songs. He sings "Misery likes company, I like the way that sounds, I've been trying to find the meaning so that I can write it down" on "My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms." In "Letting You Go" Jon sings the most emotional lyrics known to me. This song is the best heartfelt song "lyrically" I've ever read. It is Bon Jovi's best lyrical song. The singing, come on, it's Jon. // 10

Overall Impression: With the top 40 hit "This Ain't A Love Song" and other great songs this album is a must for Bon Jovi fans. You hear Bon Jovi and you think "Shot through the heart" and all that. These Days captures mature music from a band that can sing, play and tour very well. Bon Jovi's best album is clearly These Days. It is also the album you don't hear about by a great band because it isn't a Slippery When Wet or a New Jersey album little promotion. // 10

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overall: 9
These Days Reviewed by: 6StringCraig, on july 17, 2007
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Sound: Bon Jovi's sound on this album is typically as tight and together as what you would expect on a studio album from such a superb experienced act. Very layered with differnt guitars, both acoustic and clean electric, light brown distortion and full on heavy screeching lead. Doesn't have some of the fun jamming songs on it that I consider tracks like Little Bit of Soul and Love For Sale to be from the last two studio albums but it doesn't lack without them. There is a ballad in the form of This Ain't A Love Song, but hey it is aptly named, and is strangely powerful. Richie is sublime on this album, he is the most underrated guitarist that far surpasses what he gets credit for. Whilst he can technically shred it is not his style, listen to Damned if you want to hear him solo fast with a wah pedal. But also appreciate the other aspect of his playing on the song, the funky intro riff, the odd notes that are bent during the verses, all contributing to the collage of sounds that Sambora uses. The thing that seperates Sambora from the others is his ability to play with emotion, try listening to the whole of My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms loudly and not feel the emotion in his playing during the outro solo, and the way he breaks it down again. Being Bon Jovi there is a good use of keyboards, maybe less on this album other than the title track These Days and the high standard of drumming. // 9

Lyrics: Vocals are very Jon strong, and with good reason he is superb on this album, not as crazy as the older stuff and not as soft as the newer stuff. Actually quite a heartfelt feel to them, not at all cheesy as people typically consider Bon Jovi. The choice of the lyrics is quite criticising of the world/life, not in a depressive way, nor in a psychotic death metal way, just in an angry get it out of your system way. Songs like Hey God, My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms and Something to Believe In, the choice of words and the powerful way they are sung hit a chord with me. Whilst I love the older stuff I listen to it as slightly cheesy rock, and whilst I enjoy Crush, I listen to it as pop rock, These Days however, I can really get into lyrically and associate with more. // 9

Overall Impression: The most impressive songs on the album are Hey God, This Ain't A Love Song, These Days, Damned, My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms and Something To Believe In. Out of them all My Guitar Lies Bleeding is a masterpiece, starting of dark and moody, gently building up through the first two verse/choruses until it breaks into a heavy catchy interlude as Richie picks upto the solo. Only to die down again for the final verse before it all comes back in for the last chorus, heavy, with lead licks backing it that turn into a searing lead outro solo. Most albums I own I select certain songs to listen to, with this one I listen to the whole thing no trouble. I would replace it if it were broken, this is my second copy anyway. Backed up this time. // 9

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