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artist: Bon Jovi date: 07/02/2014 category: compact discs
Bon Jovi: What About Now
Released: Mar 8, 2013
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Island
Number Of Tracks: 12
Bon Jovi do approximately nothing with 50 minutes of recorded music on "What About Now".
 Sound: 6.5
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 4
What About Now Featured review by: UG Team, on march 12, 2013
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Sound: Dear friends and commercial partners,

The day is finally here! Bon Jovi are back! We've built our brand all over the globe over the past 30 years and in that time we've delivered nothing but the finest solutions and most efficient service to our clients. This year the living legends return with "What About Now", 12 tracks of booming stadium rock to suit any need.

It doesn't matter what you're advertising. It could be a Hollywood rom-com, a theme park opening or just a half-price sale on pine wood flooring; if you need it to seem like a really big deal, Jon's got the song for you. Enquire today!

Bon Jovi really do love a good fairytale. Their new album "What About Now" is overblown, overdramatic stadium flatulence from start to finish but it would be unfair to overly criticise something so fit for purpose. Unless Hollywood studios have started looking for a different sound or their audience has suddenly stopped aging, this album will do perfectly well.

The formula is familiar but a little different from their last few. The country twist of "Lost Highway" is left to the past but so, unfortunately, is the (relative) heaviness of "The Circle" and "Have A Nice Day", which will be a disappointment to the many who may have thought it was the start of a new era for a band who had lost their harder rock edge. Every other song is a ballad of sorts, and while the hooks are strong on "Because We Can" and "Beautiful World", the incredibly talented lead player Richie Sambora is mostly confined to basic arpeggios and occasional, throwaway licks. For all the high drama the absolute peak of adrenaline comes with an open hi-hat and hard downstroke and nothing more on "That's What The Water Made Me". That's genuinely it if you're looking for anything to get your blood pumping. // 4

Lyrics: As for lyrics, let's put it this way. If the cheesy tunes fill you with inspiration, then there's a chance the cheesy words will strike a chord too. Be warned though, these are real classic cases, abound with the clichs of a songwriter who's run out of things to sing about. There's genuinely a "baby, baby, baby" on "That's What The Water Made Me". Reading the booklet is half after-school special and half adolescent Tumblr page, all done via the pen of an experienced rockstar. As long as you hold strong, be yourself and eventually fall in love with a beautiful girl, you should get by without these lyrics. // 4

Overall Impression: This is worryingly middle-of-the-road. What Bon Jovi do have that most bands don't is the ability to wring a tune out of even the most questionable stylistic choice, and while "What About Now" is far too safe to be considered a disaster, their hook-writing instinct does carry them through this almost on its own. Only enough for a few of the discerning fans who may still be loyal to this tired old hit machine.

// 4

- Duncan Geddes (c) 2013

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overall: 9.7
What About Now Reviewed by: katherinefranic, on july 02, 2014
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Sound: I love their sound on this album, it's so unique, and they just keeps getting better, There is no voice even comparable to Jon's and of course Richie's voice and unique playing styles and "playing faces." The quality of Bon Jovi's music is always over the top amazing, from 1984 self-titled to "What About Now" it's astonishing. What is also astonishing is that each band member has a different skill other than music in their lives, and they incorporate those into the band and it makes it what Bon Jovi is. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics make you think of things you never thought would make such an impact on lives. I love the passion, as well as compassion in each song. You can tell they live it. There are points in life when you just feel like crap. But Bon Jovi songs seem to have a way to fix that... It's indescribable. It's about passion, love, good times, bad times, the easy times and the hard times. You can hear and feel every emotion on this album. There aren't many artists that I have heard that can do that. If you see it differently that's fine, but this is how I personally feel about it. // 10

Overall Impression: This is a very impressive album, no matter what anyone else thinks, this album in many ways is a lot different from the original Bon Jovi stuff, but it shows they can pull off new styles! If you stay the same, you dull out. Just like a knife. If you buy a new knife and keep using it and using it for cutting food over and over without sharpening it, it dulls out, but once you sharpen it, it's new again. I love everything about this album, from it's unique sound, to the interactive app album cover, and the time put into making it! If it ever gt stolen or lost, you are damn right I'd go out and buy it again! And some more for friends and family! // 10

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