Akuma No Uta review by Boris

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (8 votes)
Boris: Akuma No Uta

Sound — 10
Boris are a Japanese trio who are mainly rooted in the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Genres, but are also renowned for genre hopping in between albums. Their songs range from Drone metal to Sabbath inspired Stoner/Doom metal to speedy Motorhead style Hard Rock, post rock, ambient/electronic influenced rock and occasionally a bit of punk. Akuma no Uta (translated as 'Evil Song') mainly focuses on the Drone metal Hard rock styles but also gives you a small taste of the main styles of music this band makes. The tracklisting is as follows: 01. Introduction - 9:44 02. Ibitsu - 3:22 03. Furi - 3:20 04. Naki Kyoku - 12:14 05. Ano Onna no Onryou - 6:29 06. Akuma no Uta - 4:01 Introduction may seem a rather odd choice for an opening track on your first listen of this album, but as you make your way through the album, it begins to make sense as to why it was out there. The song is basically 9 minutes and 44 seconds of pure drone metal, devoid of any vocals and percussion. It is rather apocalyptic in nature, but gives off a sense of hope as well. It might be hard to like his song at first, but it's definitely a grower. Ibitsu and Furi are the complete opposites of Introduction. Ibitsu sounds like a pumped up version of Motorhead, has some absolutely killer riffage and an incredible solo. Furi sounds like one of Kyuss's fast songs, as in it still has that stoner feel at a high speed. Naki Kyoku starts off with two clean guitars playing lovely melody together and then kicks off into a classic rock inspired track. It sounds a little like Led Zeppelin. Being the longest track on the album, it does feel like it's dragging on a bit towards the end of the song. Ano Onna no Onryou is similar to Ibitsu and Furi but isn't as memorable. The weakest song on the album in my opinion, but it still isn't that bad. Akuma no Uta is a fantastic Stoner/Doom instrumental. The opening riff is exactly the same as the one in Introduction, but the addition of the other instruments change the context in which it is heard. It starts of painfully slow, as all good Doom metal is, and about halfway through the pace picks up into a more Kyuss/Sleep influenced riff and that's when the kick-ass begins. This is arguably one of the best Stoner/Doom instrumentals ever.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics are somewhat difficult to comment on, as they are sung in Japanese, but a translation is provided with the album. The translation of the lyrics don't make a lot of sense. Each individual sentence makes sense on it's own, but compiled into verses, it's hard to see any connection between them. The lyrics for Ano Onna no Onryou seem to be about using women as a metaphor for pain and danger, but that's the only song where the lyrics make any kind of sense. Takeshi is the bassist and vocalist for this band, and while his vocals are good, they aren't that versatile, and they kind of sound the same in some of the songs.

Overall Impression — 9
The most impressive songs would have to be Akuma no Uta and Ibitsu, but every song on this album has it's moments. This album would be better if it had a couple more songs because it is a tad short at 38 minutes. I would never let this album be stolen or lost, I treasure it too much. This album overall is really quite good. It gives you a bit of a taste of the kinds of music that this band specialises in, but it doesn't cover everything that they do, so if you really want to get into this band, you will probably have to check out their other releases as well.

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    Boris are simply awesome. Shame on all of you for commenting on Black Veil Brides instead.
    This album is awesome, but I'll bet WBAT will come along and say that it's not. WBAT is wrong. Boy do I love the title track.
    Well **** me sideways, bloody smileys won't work. Anyway, good review. Disagreed with a few bits here and there, but that doesn't stop it from being a rather well-written affair, compared to most of the other reviews I've seen on this site... good to see someone not giving the usual 10/10/10 treatment to an album they like.
    Akuma no uta means "devil's song". Get it right, sheesh. BORIS rules, Naki Kyoku is epic... good review despite the fact I disagree a little ... :/
    LoveMyGodinLG wrote: Akuma no uta means "devil's song". Get it right, sheesh. BORIS rules, Naki Kyoku is epic... good review despite the fact I disagree a little ... :/
    But the album notes say Evil Song, so blame the guys at southern lords who translated it.