Lunch. Drunk. Love. review by Bowling for Soup

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  • Released: Sep 10, 2013
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 6.5 (62 votes)
Bowling for Soup: Lunch. Drunk. Love.

Sound — 6
American punk rock group Bowling For Soup are now looking to make a comeback with their first new studio album in over two years. The band first introduced themselves back in 1994 with the release of their self-titled debut, but mostly thanks to the album being released under the band's own record label and limited to only 3,000 copies it failed to bring the name "Bowling For Soup" into the mainstream. It was the same case with the band's second studio album, "Cell Mates," and soon the group decided to partner with a small record label by the name of FFROE: however met the same amount of success. It wouldn't be until 2002 that Bowling For Soup would receive any amount of substantial recognition, albeit the recognition they did receive for their sixth studio album, "Drunk Enough to Dance," was very noticeable. The album's only single, "Girl All the Bad Boys Want," earned Bowling For Soup a Grammy nomination, and from there the band only moved upward. The band earned multiple opportunities to write the theme songs for such television shows and major motion pictures as "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius," "Sky High" and "Summerland." Bowling For Soup earned another Grammy nomination in 2004 for their single "1985," and later would receive major mainstream airplay for such songs as "High School Never Ends" and "S-S-S-Saturday." Now the pop punk group are making their return to the music world with their new studio album, titled "Lunch. Drunk. Love.", which has Bowling For Soup delivering a collection of new compositions which are comprised of all the same elements as their earlier outings. Such songs as "Real" are built around complimentary synthesizer playing, distortion soaked guitar chords and colorful vocal melodies, which remains true to the style previously showcased on Bowling For Soup's more successful singles. In particular, the chord progressions and lyrics are very repetitive and redundant, and fail to capture the listener's attention for very long.

Lyrics — 5
Lead vocalist Jaret Reddick gives a very familiar performance throughout "Lunch. Drunk. Love." Jaret doesn't take any chances when it comes to his lyrical delivery on the new album; he instead stays true to the same style showcased on the group's previous releases. While his singing style remains just as intact as it first did nineteen years ago, Jaret's lyrical performance is incredibly lacking. In such songs as "From the Rooftops," Jaret can be heard repeating the same set of lyrics for three minutes, such as "Follow your heart/ F--k everybody else/ Follow your heart/ F--k everybody else." When you have an album that is heavily comprised of repetitive lyrics, guitar riffs and synthesizer work, it makes for an incredibly dull listening experience.

Overall Impression — 6
With their new studio album, Bowling For Soup give a performance that fails to capture the listener's attention. "Lunch. Drunk. Love." is comprised of thirteen different compositions, which all somehow manage to sound the same, thanks to repeating lyrical content and uncreative guitar work. Despite the numerous negative sides to this album, "Lunch. Drunk. Love." does have some better qualities. The production is spot on, and is of the same quality that you would expect from a mainstream pop punk group. And lead vocalist Jaret Reddick sounds just as good, if not better, than he did when the band first started out. Unfortunately, the lack of creativity in the musical side of this album outweighs it's few positives, and in the end we have an album that fails to live up to it's expectations.

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    you know you shouldnt take this reviewer serious when he calls Bowling for Soup Punk rock, to later call them pop-punk
    You can dislike the album all you want, but don't make claims about how the seemingly objective audience or listener will feel when you're talking about yourself. Take ownership of your feelings and I think it will make for a review that's easier to read.
    The second I was done reading this review I was a little mad so I jumped on youtube and listened to the whole thing front to back, and might i add it was amazing. It deserves way more than a 6.1. BFS has always been and awesome band and has been putting out quality work. Just because a song repeats the same lyrics and/or chord progression doesnt mean it deseves a bad rating. I would like to see who ever wrote this review make a 40 minute album and see how bad it is. I absolutlly loved all of the songs on the album and I will go back and listen to them agian and agian. To any of you guys reading this i will greatlly appreciate it if you will make tabs for the song on this album. -Alex Zalesny(15)
    Absolutely awful review. The person who wrote this is actually on the UG Team? I hope they're not getting paid.
    I love this album and I reckon so will ALL BFS fans! They make their music for the fans so who cares what anybody else thinks!
    Why does Right About Know sound like every Andrew W.K song ever made?